Risky Proposition: How Should Owners Value Marques Colston For 2011?

There was a time, possibly as recently as 2010, where some people viewed Marques Colston among the elite fantasy wide receivers in the game.  However, while he’s been a good player, especially since he burst onto the scene in his rookie campaign out of Hofstra, has he ever truly been elite?  Let’s first look at his year-by-year breakdown:

  • 2006 – 70 receptions, 1,038 yards, 8 TD
  • 2007 – 98 receptions, 1,202 yards, 11 TD
  • 2008 – 47 receptions, 760 yards, 5 TD
  • 2009 – 70 receptions, 1,074 yards, 9 TD
  • 2010 – 84 receptions, 1,023 yards, 7 TD

Again, those are good numbers (outside of his one arguably elite year in 2007), but they are much more of WR2 status to me.  Sure, there had been upside, but your view of him had to change when this news broke (article is courtesy of Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-picayune, click here to view):

“Colston had a microfracture surgery to repair cartilage around his right kneecap – similar to the procedure he had performed on his left knee in 2009.

That year, Colston was back to 100 percent before the start of training camp, and he said he’s even further ahead of schedule this time.”

While he can sell it that he’s feeling good, the fact that he’s now had the same procedure, which is not a minor one, on both knees has got to be concerning (especially when you throw in that he also had surgery on his wrist this past offseason).  You have to be concerned that he’s going to be slowed by this injury, further depleting his fantasy appeal.

Is it possible that he truly is 100% recovered and can return to being a must use fantasy option right from the outset of the season?  It is possible, but I find it highly unlikely.  Plus, even if he is healthy, is anyone convinced that he may not suffer a relapse at some point in the year?

While it is a different sport, fantasy owners have seen both Grady Sizemore & Carlos Beltran return from microfracture surgery in 2011 and produce well (though, neither has shown the same stolen potential that they once did).  While that gives some hope for Colston, football is a much more physical game and, the fact that they lack the confidence (or ability) to steal a base like they once did is certainly noteworthy.

He was able to come back well from one surgery, but now with the procedure having been done on both knees, you just don’t know.  That doesn’t mean that I would shy away from drafting him, but I would do so as more of a WR3 at this point.  There’s just too much risk to trust him as anything more.

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  1. 9ers Fan says:

    I never have Colston on my teams. Like you mentioned he seems to be a bit over valued each year. Add the injuries with the ball spreading offense and QB, and you never really know what to expect week in and week out. I will pass. I do however think there may be some value with the Saints “2nd” and “3rd” WRs this year.

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