Week 2 Rankings: Top 15 Defenses

Let’s continue our Week 1 rankings by taking a look at the Top 15 Defenses for the week:

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Seattle
  2. New York Jets – vs. Jacksonville
  3. Baltimore Ravens – at Tennessee
  4. Green Bay Packers – at Carolina
  5. Detroit Lions – vs. Kansas City
  6. Dallas Cowboys – at San Francisco
  7. Philadelphia Eagles – at Atlanta
  8. New Orleans Saints – vs. Chicago
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Minnesota
  10. New York Giants – vs. St. Louis
  11. Chicago Bears – at New Orleans
  12. Washington Redskins – vs. Arizona
  13. Houston Texans – at Miami
  14. New England Patriots – vs. San Diego
  15. Arizona Cardinals – at Washington


  • The Pittsburgh Steelers were extremely disappointing in Week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens, but you had better believe that they are going to be coming out looking to prove something this week.  The Seattle Seahawks were among the worst offensive teams in the league in Week 1 (fourth fewest yards at 219) and likely will once again be without Sidney Rice.  Despite the poor start, the Steelers should be considered the top defensive option for Week 2.
  • In most weeks the Chargers will probably be an advisable option.  Against the Patriots, however?  Very few defenses will look too attractive with that matchup.
  • It’s not that I think the Kansas City Chiefs offense will be as bad as it was in the opening week.  However, their passing game does have the potential to struggle no matter who they are facing.  With Ndamukong Suh clogging the middle, it’s not unthinkable that the Chiefs struggle to run the ball at times as well.
  • A beat up Giants defense still managed 4 sacks in Week 1.  Can you imagine what they could do if healthy?  With Justin Tuck likely returning and the Rams equally beat up on the offensive side, there’s a good chance that they post viable numbers.  I wouldn’t consider them a top option, but usable just the same.

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