Waiver Worthy: Week 5 Fallout: Tim Tebow & More

by Will Overtson

We’re taking a look at week five’s box score standouts and seeing which ones might be available on your waiver wire. Remember we are now into the heart of the season where bye weeks are taking place and injuries are creating holes that you need to fill. At this point it’s not as much about finding someone on the waiver wire who is better than who you have, thought that is nice, but finding someone on the waiver wire who can fill in and produce for you when needed.

Here are some of the names you’ll find on your waiver wire and my opinion on whether or not they’re worth grabbing:

Tim Tebow – Denver Broncos – Quarterback
Just in case you live under a rock and weren’t aware of what happened; Tim Tebow came in to the game for the Broncos to replace an ineffective Kyle Orton and nearly led a second half comeback against the San Diego Chargers. Tebow wasn’t overly precise with his passing going just 4–10, but he did put up 79 yards through the air and another 38 on the ground. He also threw for a TD and ran for another one. Tebow’s NFL potential is a hotly debated topic, but it’s not what we’re looking for right now. In three starts last year Tebow threw for 4 TD’s and ran for 3 more. He’s going to start now and the guys has a knack for getting the ball in the endzone. He won’t be a top 10 QB probably, but he’s worth owning as a backup in all league formats. Whether or not he is a good NFL QB is not important for fantasy, he can be a good fantasy QB and that’s what I’m looking at.
Verdict: Buy ‘Em

Jackie Battle – Kansas City Chiefs – Running Back
It was supposed to be Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster splitting the majority of carries in Kansas City after Jamaal Charles went down, but yesterday it was Jackie Battle who led the team with 19 carries. Battle made the most of those carries clearing the 100 yard mark and finishing the day at 119 yards. Neither McCluster or Jones did anything to stake down the job when they had the chance, but Battle likely just bought himself at least a couple of weeks as the starting tailback. Battle does have a bye week coming up, but he has Oakland after that who has been gouged more than once this season by rushing attacks and San Diego who just let Willis McGehee run wild on them. If you can afford to stash him this week I’d grab him, starting running backs are not easy to come by and you almost always have to at least take a flier on one when they come available.
Verdict: Buy ‘Em

Jonathan Dwyer – Pittsburgh Steelers – Running Back
It was supposed to be Isaac Redman’s breakout game as Rashard Mendenhall was sidelined with an injury. And it was Redman who led the team in carries with 15, but it was Jonathan Dwyer who had the breakout game running the ball 11 times and racking up 107 yards in the process. Dwyer didn’t find the endzone, but yardage had to have opened a lot of eyes. I like the skills of Dwyer and I expect him to be a solid back someday, but I still think his fantasy potential is limited this season unless further news comes out about Mendenhall. Rashard was suited up as an emergency back this week and there’s a fair chance he starts next week. Once Mendenhall is back Dwyer’s value shrinks considerably because Dwyer isn’t a change of pace back for Mendenhall, but rather runs the same kind of style. Dwyer is good as a handcuff for Mendenhall owners, especially with the injury news being unclear, but other than that I have to say…
Verdict: Deny ‘Em

Darrius Heyward-Bey – Oakland Raiders – Wide Receiver
The Raiders are a run first team who has Jason Campbell at QB, that right there makes you hesitate on this one. However the team doesn’t have a clear cut top receiver and Campbell and Heyward-Bey have been connecting the last couple of weeks. DHB came into this game on the heels of a 4 catch 115 yard performance the week before. For an encore Heyward-Bey caught 7 passes and racked up 99 yards and a TD. This guy has all kinds of tools and if/when he puts it together he’s going to be dangerous. Right now he is emerging as the go-to-guy for Campbell and he’s at least worth a flier because of it.
Verdict: Buy ‘Em

Jason Hill – Jacksonville Jaguars – Wide Receiver
Hill went to town against the Bengals yesterday catching 5 passes for 126 yards and  a big time 74 yard TD reception. Hill also led the team in targets finishing with one more than the team’s leading receiver for the season Mike Thomas. It was an impressive day, but I am still not buying this one yet. Hill is a bit undersized at 6’0 even and so he’s not a huge red zone target. The Jags are also going to be trying their best to control games with run so chances are he won’t ever see many more targets than he did today. And he is playing with a rookie QB who has looked good, but still has growing to do. Unless we see another nice week back-to-back from him I don’t think he can be trusted.
Verdict: Deny ‘Em

Who are you looking to grab off the waiver wire to set your lineup for week 6? What do you think of these five guys? Are you buying or denying? Give us your thoughts, opinions and as always any and all questions.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Hmmm… I’m in a 14-team league and I’ve got an incredibly weak set of receivers, but i’m not sold on these waiver receivers… Would you drop a Manningham or David Nelson for either of these two guys? My other choice is dropping Javon Ringer (i’ve got cj2k so he’s my handcuff)

    • Will Overton says:

      I wouldn’t drop Manningham or Nelson for Heyward-Bey or Hill. I still think Manningham is going to get it together this season and Nelson is turning into a nice number two guy in Buffalo as well as a redzone target for Fitzpatrick.

      If you needed another reciever I would drop Ringer, chances are he wouldn’t get snatched up off the waiver wire right away.

  2. GT says:

    Great suggestions, I’ve bought into Battle and DHB as well. I think Steve Breaston is starting to show a pulse and could be a buy-able WR3. In Arizona he thrived when coverage shifted towards Fitzy and Boldin and he could show similar value opposite Bowe. Also, after the week 6 bye, Malcolm Floyd might go bonkers when after V-Jax gets Revis’d week 7, San Diego gets the Chiefs, Packers, Raiders, Bears, and Broncos. Opportunity > skill

  3. Muddy Cleats 18 says:

    Funny you mentioned Manningham – I was thinking about trading him straight up for the 49ers def.
    He is my worst rb/wr player(Rice, Blount,Tolbert,Ridley,D. Thomas,V. Jackson,Steve johnson,Maclin) and the guy has the ravens and 49ers so will trade me straight up for any of my guys. It would cure a big headache of playing Def. roulette every week and there are more quality wrs on the wavier wire than defs. What do you think?

    • What other WR are available on waivers? I agree that Manningham is a weaker option, though I don’t think he’s your weakest (depending on format and how many WR you need). However, with the emergence of Victor Cruz, this may be your last chance to get value for him.

      Assuming there are other viable candidates on waivers, I’d probably pull the trigger.

      • Muddy Cleats 18 says:

        its a 2wr 2rb and a flex. Being its a work/money 12 team league not much in the way of rbs/def on waivers where there are some high risk/reward wrs out there (Floyd. Baldwin, G. Little(who just got named starter). Most weeks Mannigham is going to be on my bench anyways.
        Picked up tebow and stashed him last week so can use the waiver wire for a wr this week…

  4. kyle says:

    Just got a trade offer to get Rb d. Williams and Greg Olson for Miles Austin I could use tight end and Rb help with only r. Bush and m bush as a third option.other backs are Matthews and turner…my te are Clark, Chandler, and dickson, wr are Austin, d Jackson, n. Washington, d Moore, and r meachem… would this trade benefit me?

  5. JR says:

    Would you drop Hightower or Tolbert for Moreno? I am thinking both Hightower and Tolbert will continue to have declining numbers and I think Moreno will start seeing more and more production. Who do you see having more upside between Hightower and Tolbert at this point?

  6. Sara says:

    Hi, I’m stuck playing Mike Williams (TB) this week, and after his performance recently I’m considering one of these guys instead.
    I was going to drop Ridley for any of: Garcon, Wayne, DHB, Moore, or James Jones, depending on who’s left (late waiver this week). Would you play any over Williams, or snag Battle for when Benson goes out/trade value?
    Rest of my team (8 person league):
    Bench: Fitz, CJ2K, A Johnson, Bowe, F Jones, Ridley

  7. Muddy Cleats 18 says:

    What do you think of Dalton as a bye week filler this week? Seems like everybody who plays the colts lately does great. I live in Indy and have seen the last couple of games where so so QBS score at will.

  8. AJ says:

    Would it be wise to pickup Jake Ballard & drop Fred Davis or Dustin Keller

  9. OK, let’s take all of these one at a time:

    JR – If healthy, Mathews is going to be the top option in San Diego at this point. As for Hightower, it’s extremely hard to say. The Redskins are going to keep rotating the hot hand and I would agree, Moreno has more upside. I’d probably drop Hightower, though you can go either way.

    Sara – I like Williams this week, actually, but I would go with Garcon and Wayne over him. As for the QB question, yes, it would be crazy!

    Muddy Cleats – He’s not a terrible option, depending on who else is on the waiver wire. Are there any other potential options?

    AJ – No, I don’t think it would be wise. Both Davis & Keller have extremely more upside.

  10. Randy says:

    So far, I’m 1-4 on the season in a 12-team, standard league. I’ve been happy w/ my roster “on paper”, but inconsistent performance (particularly at WR) and facing the wrong team at the wrong time have really hurt me.

    I’d love to get your thoughts on my WR situation. On offense, we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 1 RB/WR/TE. I have Romo/Alex Smith, Foster/Best/Felix/Ridley, Fitzgerald/TB Mike Williams/Harvin/Manningham/Heyward-Bey, Vernon Davis/Fred Davis. Via free agency, I just added Heyward-Bey by dropping Ben Tate. Do you like this move over other WRs I could have added? Other free agents include Greg Little, Doug Baldwin, Titus Young, Steve Breaston. Would you recommend any others from a rest-of-the-season perspective instead?

    Also, the time will probably come soon where I need to drop one of these WRs. Manningham, Harvin, and Williams have all let me down thus far. Who is the leading candidate to cut ties with, if any? And do you see an opportunity to do so now by replacing w/ any of the other names above? (Greg Little, for instance, really intrigues me because of him being promoted to the starting line-up, as does Titus Young).

    I appreciate any input you may have… Thanks!

    • Randy, it appears to really just be a case of bad luck, as your lineup is not all that poor. If you are going to drop one of your WR, I would have to put Manningham at the top of the list, only because he appears to have fallen behind Victor Cruz as far as target preference goes.

      Does that mean he’s any better or worse of an option than Little or Breaston or Heyward-Bey? It’s really a crapshoot. In any week Manningham will have the potential to outperform any of them, but he’s probably too risky to play.

      Of the free agent group you mentioned, I would probably like Little or Breaston the most, but I don’t think either will offer any more upside than your Top 3. Call me optimistic, but I think this could be the week Williams finally puts up some numbers.

  11. Michael says:

    Hi, I have Jacoby Ford and Danny Woodhead. What is your outlook on each player? Should I hold, look for a trade, and drop to to waiver wire?

  12. Justin says:

    I have to start two of: Kendal Hunter – Stevan Ridley – Crabtree in a deep PPR league (Flex and RB)
    Who do you suggest I bench of the 3. I was thinking Ridley.

    • With the potential injury to BGE, I’d go Ridley & Crabtree in my lineup.

      The fact is that both Ridley & Hunter are huge risks, but Ridley’s situation and potential contributions appear to be a little bit greater.

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