Week 10 Rankings: Top 50 Wide Receivers

Let’s continue our tour around the NFL by looking at the Top 50 wide receivers for the coming week.  Will Andre Johnson or Hakeem Nicks play?  How does playing the Jets affect Wes Welker’s value?  Where does Vincent Jackson fit after last week’s outburst?  Let’s take a look:

  1. Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions – at Chicago
  2. Mike Wallace – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Cincinnati
  3. Greg Jennings – Green Bay Packers – vs. Minnesota
  4. Wes Welker – New England Patriots – at New York Jets
  5. Hakeem Nicks – New York Giants – at San Francisco
  6. Steve Smith – Carolina Panthers – vs. Tennessee
  7. Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs – vs. Denver
  8. Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons – vs. New Orleans
  9. Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys – vs. Buffalo
  10. Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Arizona
  11. Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints – at Atlanta
  12. Stevie Johnson – Buffalo Bills – at Dallas
  13. Vincent Jackson – San Diego Chargers – vs. Oakland
  14. Brandon Marshall – Miami Dolphins – vs. Washington
  15. Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals – at Philadelphia
  16. Anquan Boldin – Baltimore Ravens – at Seattle
  17. A.J. Green – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Pittsburgh
  18. DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Arizona
  19. Percy Harvin – Minnesota Vikings – at Green Bay
  20. Brandon Lloyd – St. Louis Rams – at Cleveland
  21. Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers – vs. Minnesota
  22. Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons – vs. New Orleans
  23. Mario Manningham – New York Giants – at San Francisco
  24. Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Cincinnati
  25. Laurent Robinson – Dallas Cowboys – vs. Buffalo
  26. Santonio Holmes – New York Jets – vs. New England
  27. Eric Decker – Denver Broncos – at Kansas City
  28. Pierre Garcon – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Jacksonville
  29. Lance Moore – New Orleans Saints – at Atlanta
  30. Victor Cruz – New York Giants – at San Francisco
  31. Plaxico Burress – New York Jets – vs. New England
  32. Michael Crabtree – San Francisco 49ers – vs. New York Giants
  33. Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Jacksonville
  34. Torrey Smith – Baltimore Ravens – at Seattle
  35. Mike Williams – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – vs. Houston
  36. Sidney Rice – Seattle Seahawks – vs. Baltimore
  37. James Jones – Green Bay Packers – vs. Minnesota
  38. Deion Branch – New England Patriots – at New York Jets
  39. Devin Hester – Chicago Bears – vs. Detroit
  40. Nate Washington – Tennessee Titans – at Carolina
  41. David Nelson – Buffalo Bills – at Dallas
  42. Early Doucet – Arizona Cardinals – at Philadelphia
  43. Robert Meachem – New Orleans Saints – at Atlanta
  44. Michael Jenkins – Minnesota Vikings – at Green Bay
  45. Jacoby Ford – Oakland Raiders – at San Diego
  46. Jabar Gaffney – Washington Redskins – at Miami
  47. Jerome Simpson – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Pittsburgh
  48. Greg Little – Cleveland Browns – vs. St. Louis
  49. Jonathan Baldwin – Kansas City Chiefs – vs. Denver
  50. Doug Baldwin – Seattle Seahawks – vs. Baltimore


  • With the Patriots moving Wes Welker all across the field it will be impossible for the Jets to match Darrelle Revis against him exclusively.  That’s great news for fantasy owners, as it means Welker should still get plenty of opportunities to excel. 
  • In two games against the Bengals in 2010 Mike Wallace had 10 receptions for 188 yards and 1 TD.  On the season he hasn’t posted a game with fewer than 68 yards and has scored in four of his past five and six of his past eight games.  In other words Wallace should be considered among the best plays in the league.
  • If Hakeem Nicks plays you have to think that he is going to be among the best wide receivers in the league, especially with Eli Manning playing at such a high level.  We all know the Giants could struggle to run the football against the 49ers, so look for them to throw, throw and throw some more.  If he sits Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz would both be bumped up a few spots on these rankings.
  • Is there any doubt that Jeremy Maclin is the better receiving option in Philadelphia?  Over his past four games he has 18 receptions for 272 yards and 2 TD.  Over that same span DeSean Jackson has 13 receptions for 179 yards and 1 TD.  Over his past three games Jackson has 8 receptions for 93 yards and 0 TD (in other words it’s take him three games to have a decent week).  Until Jackson can get some stability in his production it is hard to count on him.
  • While we all know Vincent Jackson is unlikely to replicate his success from Week 9 (7 receptions for 141 yards and 3 TD), it was at least an eye opening performance.  On the season he has 34 receptions for 613 yards and 6 TD.  However, in three of his games he’s combined for 20 receptions for 421 yards and 6 TD.  That leaves five games where he’s had a total of 14 receptions for 192 yards and 0 TD, an average of 38.4 yards per game.  That’s way too much inconsistency to consider him more than a WR2.
  • A.J. Green has a tough matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are allowing just 184.7 passing yards per game.  However, Pittsburgh has allowed 11 passing TD while intercepting just two passes.  Cincinnati has to throw the ball somewhere and Green has scored a TD in five of his eight games this season.  He still should be considered a WR2.
  • So much for Tim Tebow’s presence at QB stunting Eric Decker, huh?  While he hasn’t produced big yardage the past two games (9 receptions for 119 yards), he has scored in back-to-back games.  He should be considered a WR3 in all formats.
  • Laurent Robinson has 10 receptions for 135 yards and 2 TD over the past two weeks and will be starting with Miles Austin out of action.  Taking on the Buffalo Bills and their passing defense that is in the bottom ten in the league, he becomes a borderline WR2 option and a must use WR3 play.
  • Would anyone have expected Reggie Wayne to fall this far without Peyton Manning him throwing him the ball?  He hasn’t scored a TD since Week 1.  In the past eight games he hasn’t had more than 5 receptions and only once has more than 66 yards.  In other words, he’s barely a WR3, and that’s only because we all still know about his upside.
  • Does anyone have any guesses over what is going on with the Oakland wide receivers at this point?  For now Jacoby Ford appears to be the best play, though even he should just be considered a low-end option until we get a little bit more certainty.
  • It’s still up in the air whether Andre Johnson will play in Week 10 or not, but with the Texans bye week looming it appears unlikely.  Obviously he’ll be a good play if he does, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Cara says:

    Wallace and Marshall are my number 1 and 2. Should I play Cruz or Robinson as my WR3? I am unsure of Cruz based on Nicks status.

    • Agreed, Nicks’ status throws a little bit of a curveball. Because of that, I would lean towards Robinson at this point, though things could become clearer as the week goes on.

  2. BLC says:

    I already have julio Jones and Holmes starting this week. I have a third spot to fill and I have lance Moore, Nate Washington and jacoby Ford on bench. I’m leading towards Ford cause of the targets he got last week but wanted to know your thoughts.

    • I’d probably go with Moore because I’m not sure I trust Ford quite yet. The Raiders WR situation is completely fluid and it wouldn’t shock me if this week it’s DHB that makes the big plays.

      I like Ford as a player to stash, but I wouldn’t trust him enough to slide him into my lineup.

  3. Timmayyy says:

    Should I be concerned that Nmandi will shut down LFitz? He has shut down some good ones this year … No WR1 has more than 9 points against the Eagles this year – I have Fitz/Jordy/Santonio/Antonio for 3 spots … what do you think?

    • I can understand being concerned, but he still has more upside then anyone else you have. I’d probably go Fitzgerald, Nelson & Brown.

      I just have no faith in the Jets passing game

  4. Jason says:

    Robinson, tate or mendenhall in flex?

    • For me it’s between Mendenhall & Robinson. I think Mendenhall does have a little bit more upside, even in a tough matchup, so I’d lean towards him. I view Robinson more of a WR3 for this week.

  5. Jason says:

    i have calvin johnson, jeremy maclin, and brandon marshall as my wr’s this week. So im debating who i should start in flex. Right now im leaning towards robinson between tate, mendenhall, and ford.

  6. Noah says:

    Professor, Do i start Lloyd or Colston in 1pt PPR? I have Jim Graham as TE if that makes a difference.
    Thanks, Noah

  7. Jared says:

    Would you trade Fred Davis and Daniel Thomas for Dez Bryant? I would have Vincent Jackson, Julio Jones, and Dez at the FLEX, along with Matt Forte and Arian Foster at RB. Law Firm would still be on the bench for Arian’s bye next week. I already have Gronkowski at TE,and figure Dez is a better FLEX play. Thoughts?

    • hmmm….that’s a tough call. Bryant has become a very good play, even when Austin is healthy.

      In Thomas, it’s tough to trust him with Reggie Bush sharing time and given the depth that you already have. Could Thomas be a viable FLEX option? Possibly, but he really needs to get things in gear.

      I could see it going either way, but I could definitely see pulling the trigger.

  8. nate says:

    A quick question about WR’s (league is 6pt/td 1pt/100yd 2ptBonus/at100yd):

    Need some guidance (Big Ben is my QB also)-

    H. Nicks
    C. Johnson (obv.)
    D. Bryant
    A. Brown
    L. Robinson (prob not.)

    I need 2 receivers other than Johnson this week from the above.


    • If Nicks is healthy he’s definite and Bryant is definitely the other one.

      If Nicks is sitting it’s really a coin flip between the other two, though Brown has a slight edge.

      • nate says:

        Even with Nicks not at 100percent against the Niners? I’m leaning heavily towards Brown even if Nicks plays given Sanders is out and Ward is largely ineffective. I just have a hard time seeing Nicks produce against Niners when not healthy. I can’t afford him to play 2 quarters and sit out the others (although it could be argued Bryant sits out ever second half…).


  9. Jason says:

    c.johnson, h.nicks, j.maclin, and marshall


    c.johnson, h.nicks, j.maclin, and robinson


    c.johnson, j.maclin, marshall, and robinson

  10. Luc says:

    I need to start three WR’s in a non-ppr league. I have R. White, Julio Jones, A.J. Green, and Antonio Brown.
    I feel like Roddy and Julio could be in a shootout against the Saints and have potential to put up big numbers.
    A.J.has a tough matchup against the Steelers, who have not given up double digit points to a number one receiver since week one.
    Antonio Brown on the other hand has looked great the past couple of games, and seeing an increase in targets, especially with E. Sanders out.
    Its hard to bench A.J. because he’s been producing but thats the way I’m leaning right now.
    What are your thoughts Prof?

    • I would probably lock in White & Green, because they have the highest upside. I do understand your thoughts on Green, though I think he’s produced too well to sit.

      Julio Jones is banged up, so we need to make sure he’s even playing. If he’s out, it’s an easy decision. Otherwise, I really think it’s a coin flip between Jones & Brown. Generally I’d say Jones, but it’s tough to depend on two WR on the same team. If they do get shut down, you’d be sunk.

  11. Mike mike says:

    Nelson or steve johnson wr

  12. James says:

    I am in 5th place in my league and I just got offered Roddy White Arian Foster and Miles Austin for Megatron Ray Rice and Sidney Rice I just cant make a decision on the trade what is your opinion?
    My team
    RB-Rice, Greene, Battle,Tate
    WR- Megatron, Fitz, L. Robinson,S. Rice, Ford, Williams (tb)
    TE-Finley, Fred Davis

    • I really could go either way. Rice and Foster could be pretty close.

      Megatron is better than White

      Austin is better than Rice, though the injury puts a different spin on that.

      I would probably stand pat, but it’s close enough.

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