Week 10 Rankings: Top 15 Defenses

Let’s take a look at how all the defenses stack up for Week 10:

  1. Baltimore Ravens – at Seattle
  2. Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Arizona
  3. Detroit Lions – at Chicago
  4. Green Bay Packers – vs. Minnesota
  5. San Francisco 49ers – vs. New York Giants
  6. Houston Texans – at Tampa Bay
  7. Cleveland Browns – vs. St. Louis
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers – at Cincinnati
  9. Chicago Bears – vs. Detroit
  10. Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Pittsburgh
  11. New York Giants – at San Francisco
  12. New York Jets – vs. New England Patriots
  13. New Orleans – at Atlanta
  14. Washington Redskins – at Miami
  15. Denver Broncos – at Kansas City


  • Even if Kevin Kolb was expected to play, with Beanie Wells banged up you would have to love the Eagles defense in Week 10.  With Kolb potentially sitting out the game?  They should have a monster game, especially with their secondary.
  • While the 49ers defense has been great this season, they do draw a tougher matchup against Eli Manning and the New York Giants.  While it wouldn’t be surprising to see them shut down Brandon Jacobs (or Ahmad Bradshaw if he’s healthy enough to play), Manning is playing at an extremely high level and will be tough to silence.  Just keep that in mind, though they should remain one of the better options in the league.
  • I know how good the Jets defense is, but does anyone really want to count on them shutting down Tom Brady, Wes Welker and company?  I wouldn’t put money on it…

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  1. Thomas says:

    I dunno, I have a bad feeling about starting the 9ers this week. I see them giving up at least 1-2 TDs through the air, and perhaps their first rushing TD to Jacobs. Giants D will shut out 9er’s offense and force the 9ers D to play much more, tiring them out.

  2. S says:

    Drop Saints DEF this week for Cleveland? Will have to start streaming next week anyway..

  3. Ramblin' Wreck says:

    So you would start a Chicago DEF facing Stafford, Megatron, and Co. over the Jags DEF facing the Colts?

    • I would because Jacksonville’s defense just doesn’t do much. They are 19th in the league in INT and 22nd in Sacks. They may give up a less points (maybe), but are they going to add points anywhere else?

  4. Josh says:

    Antonio Brown or Victor Cruz? I’m watching to see if Hakeem Nicks will be playing too. Then I’m starting Detroit defense over steelers too.

  5. RT says:

    RP – Jets D this week I see is ranked low due to NE Pats. I could pickup the Browns if you think it’s worth picking up this week.

    If i do i’d have to drop either Greg Olsen, Garcon or Tate. Browns D worth dropping any one of these guys?


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