Week 11 Rankings: Top 25 Quarterbacks

Suddenly the quarterback position has been hit hard with injuries which, when coupled with the bye week, have had a major impact on these rankings.  Let’s take a look at how things currently stand for Week 11:

  1. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – vs. Tampa Bay
  2. Tom Brady – New England Patriots – vs. Kansas City
  3. Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers – at Detroit
  4. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys – at Washington
  5. Eli Manning – New York Giants – vs. Philadelphia
  6. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons – vs. Tennessee
  7. Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers – at Chicago
  8. Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions – vs. Carolina
  9. Carson Palmer – Oakland Raiders – at Minnesota
  10. Michael Vick – Philadelphia Eagles – at New York Giants
  11. Tim Tebow – Denver Broncos – vs. New York Jets
  12. Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Cincinnati
  13. Sam Bradford – St. Louis Rams – vs. Seattle
  14. Matt Hasselbeck – Tennessee Titans – at Atlanta
  15. Josh Freeman – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Green Bay
  16. Ryan Fitzpatrick – Buffalo Bills – at Miami
  17. Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears – vs. San Diego
  18. Mark Sanchez – New York Jets – at Denver
  19. Alex Smith – San Francisco 49ers – vs. Arizona
  20. Christian Ponder – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Oakland
  21. Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – at Baltimore
  22. John Skelton – Arizona Cardinals – at San Francisco
  23. Matt Moore – Miami Dolphins – vs. Buffalo
  24. Colt McCoy – Cleveland Browns – vs. Jacksonville
  25. Tarvaris Jackson – Seattle Seahawks – at St. Louis


  • If Josh Freeman was playing better he would be considered a very good option for the upcoming week.  He obviously is going to have to throw the ball to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.  However, coming off a week where he threw for 170 yards, 1 TD and 3 INT, he has now thrown 9 TD vs. 13 INT on the season.  He can only be considered a QB2, at best.
  • The Minnesota Vikings passing defense entered Week 10 allowing 273.6 passing yards per game (and that was before Monday night’s thrashing at the hands of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers), as well as 14 TD and 6 INT.  Carson Palmer, meanwhile, has thrown for 631 yards and 6 TD over his first two starts as an Oakland Raider.  He also has shown renewed arm strength, having already completed four passed of at least 40 yards (the Vikings entered the week having allowed eight, one behind the Broncos).  I don’t think anyone would’ve predicted it, but Palmer can be considered a QB1 for the coming week.
  • Cam Newton struggled in Week 10 throwing for 212 yards, 0 TD and 1 INT (though he did rush for 55 yards).  With at least 50 rushing yards in each of his past three games and seven rushing TD on the year he should remain one of the top quarterbacks in the league despite a very difficult matchup.
  • Eli Manning has thrown for at least 250 yards in every game but one thus far this season.  In his Week 3 matchup against the Eagles he threw for 254 yards, 4 TD and 0 INT.  In fact, he has 8 TD passes in his last two games against Philadelphia.  He is clearly playing at a high level right now and it is impossible not to consider him a must play option. 
  • While Matthew Stafford struggled with 4 INT against Chicago, he still threw for well over 300 yards.  Considering he entered the day with just 4 INT on the year it is easy to chalk this one up as the exception, not the rule, though talk of a broken finger is going to bring significant questions.  He’s worth using, but proceed with caution.
  • If you are considering Tim Tebow it isn’t for his ability to pass the ball.  That will neutralize his matchup against the Jets and their vaunted secondary.  In fact, Tebow only attempted 8 passed in Week 10, a trend that easily could continue.  Over his past three games he’s rushed the ball for 224 yards and 1 TD, which will keep him as a borderline QB1.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick’s struggles continued, though he does have a favorable matchup this week against the Miami Dolphins (256.3 passing yards per game with 14 TD and just 4 INT).  It’s impossible to consider him a QB1, but as a QB2 he’ll be well worth using.
  • There are questions regarding Michael Vick and if he is going to play this week.  With the Eagles’ season hanging in the balance does anyone really expect him to sit out?  However, there is a major risk that he has to miss some plays against a Giants defense that is going to be coming after him.  You also have to wonder if the injury will limit his ability to run.  He’s worth using if he’s out there, but he’s a gamble (depending on your other options).

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  1. RT says:

    RP – I need to pickup a QB this week for D Brees on bye. J Freeman or Tim Tebow?


  2. josh says:

    i need a QB here are the choices:


    I did pick up Smith but which one out of that mess is best?

  3. Mike says:


    I have Vick and just picked up tebow to replace a hurt schuab.
    Palmer, Fitzpatrick, Sanchez are still available

    What should I do for my starting QB?

    • The problem is we aren’t going to know about Vick until Sunday. I would grab Palmer in a heartbeat and see what happens with the news. Palmer should be an extremely good play as well, so that’s the way I’d go.

  4. Moreno says:

    I have Drew Brees, obviously on BYE, I picked up Josh Freeman and Matt Hasselbeck. I can’t decide who to start. Help please.

  5. Triz says:

    I am thinking about going with Fitz over Rivers.

    Last night got me a whopping 2 points (McGahee and Holmes) and (though I know ESPN predictions are unreliable) I’m predicted to lose by a LOT to our league’s lowest-placed team.

    If one of them was going to have a surprisingly big game, maybe it is more likely to be Fitzpatrick? 13-15 points is not going to help much I think 🙁

    This is rest of my roster: RB/WRs: Mathews, Starks, Calvin Johnson; Antonio Gates; Browns D/ST; Akers.

    Opponent’s team: QB – Freeman; RB/WRs: LeSean McCoy, Marshawn Lynch, Earl Bennett, Torrey Smith, Denarius Moore; TD – Davis; Seahawks D; Succop.

    So, how dire do you think this is? (I am trying hard not to wish a sprained ankle or something impeding but not serious on McCoy lol).

  6. Moreno – It’s close, but Hasselbeck feels like the safer option.

    Triz – Tough spot and tough breaks last night. It wasn’t even injury that stopped McGahee, he just stunk. Unfortunately, I do think Rivers has the upside for a bigger game than Fitzpatrick (who hasn’t shown much since Week 3)

    As for your chances, outside of McCoy I really don’t think it’s unbelievable that you take this team down. It’s not a given (obviously), but I wouldn’t say you are walking into an unwinable game either.

  7. Ryan says:

    Prof, would u roll with ponder or fitzpatrick this week? Brady’s my 1 and im unsure for my 2. thanks.

  8. RG says:

    Fitzpatrick or Phil Rivers?

  9. RT says:

    Hey RP – I have Cutler as my QB this week with Brees on bye. Hasselback is available. What do you think?


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