Week 12 Rankings: Top 25 Quarterbacks

The home stretch is upon us. With the bye weeks officially in the rearview mirror, time is running out to make run for your fantasy title. With the injuries starting to pile up, which quarterback should fantasy owners turn to for the coming week? Let’s take a look:

  1. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – at Detroit
  2. Tom Brady – New England Patriots – at Philadelphia
  3. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints – vs. New York Giants
  4. Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers – at Indianapolis
  5. Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions – vs. Green Bay
  6. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys – vs. Miami
  7. Eli Manning – New York Giants – at New Orleans
  8. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons – vs. Minnesota
  9. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Kansas City
  10. Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers – vs. Denver
  11. Tim Tebow – Denver Broncos – at San Diego
  12. Vince Young – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. New England
  13. Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens – vs. San Francisco
  14. Carson Palmer – Oakland Raiders – vs. Chicago
  15. Matt Hasselbeck – Tennessee Titans – vs. Tampa Bay
  16. Sam Bradford – St. Louis Rams – vs. Arizona
  17. Josh Freeman – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Tennessee
  18. Matt Moore – Miami Dolphins – at Dallas
  19. Rex Grossman – Washington Redskins – at Seattle
  20. Mark Sanchez – New York Jets – vs. Buffalo
  21. Christian Ponder – Minnesota Vikings – at Atlanta
  22. Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Cleveland
  23. Colt McCoy – Cleveland Browns – at Cincinnati
  24. Matt Leinart – Houston Texans – at Jacksonville
  25. Alex Smith – San Francisco 49ers – at Baltimore


  • Early word has been that Michael Vick will be back in time for his showdown with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. However, before we get too excited about the matchup, we are unsure if the broken ribs could still be a factor in his performance. Will he not be able to scramble as much? Will it impact his throws? He’s going to remain a must use option, of course, but he wouldn’t be quite as high as we would normally expect. For now, however, we are going to leave him off the rankings until we learn more on his status for the coming week.
  • Cam Newton showed exactly why it is impossible not to consider him one of the best quarterback options in the league on a week-to-week basis. Yes, he threw four interceptions (as well 280 yards, 1 TD), but he also rushed for 37 yards and 2 TD. It’s that type of potential that is going to always give him the chance to run up the fantasy points. Against a Colts defense that has allowed 19 TD vs. just 5 INT, there’s a good chance he excels once again.
  • With Matthew Stafford coming back strong (335 yards, 5 TD, 2 INT) and the Lions’ poised to throw the ball early and often in order to keep up with the Packers, you have to consider him one of the best options for the coming week.
  • Tim Tebow has proven, no matter how bad he looks at times, he is going to find a way to produce. Over the past two weeks he’s gone 11-28 for 173 yards, 1 TD and 0 INT. Yet, he’s rushed for 111 yards and 2 TD, keeping his fantasy appeal high. He may struggle throwing the ball from time-to-time, but he offers too much upside not to consider him a low-end QB1.
  • Is Alex Smith starting to turn a corner? He’s now thrown for at least 200 yards in three straight games (the first time he’s done that since Weeks 1-3 in 2010). Of course, taking on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 12 it is tough to get too excited.
  • Will Matt Hasselbeck be able to play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 12? If he is, he’s a solid option as a QB2. If he can’t Jake Locker, who was impressive last week, would step in and make for an intriguing option in two-quarterback formats. For now we will include Hasselbeck on the rankings, though owners need to monitor the news before settling on using him.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick has almost played himself into unusability, hasn’t he? He continues to struggle, throwing for 209 yards, 0 TD and 2 INT against the Dolphins and now draws the New York Jets. Owners would be better off finding a suitable alternative.
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  1. Rob says:

    RP – wasn’t sure where to post this. What do you think about the following trade?

    A. Rogers for Roethlisberger & Ray Rice. I would be getting Big Ben/Rice. It’s a PPR league.

    Right now I’m leaning toward yes but it’s a tough one… please help!


  2. Jason says:

    Here it goes. Need to fill in 1 qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1 flex. who would you go with?

    rb-mendenhall, mcgahee, tate, jacobs, greene
    wr-c.johnson, nicks, maclin, marshall,robinson

  3. Rob – Do you need the RB? What’s the scoring system? In a vacuum I may lean towards yes, but it really depends on the specifics.

    QB – Stafford (though it’s seriously close)
    RB – Mendenhall & McGahee
    WR – C. Johnson, Nicks & Marshall
    FLEX – Greene (if healthy) otherwise it’s Robinson for me

    • rob says:

      RP – i don’t particularly need an RB however I’ve made some moves that could potentially leave me vulnerable. specifically i traded for Run DMC last week so alot hinges upon him coming back healthy. Its a 1pt ppr league so Rice is really a top3 back. I have Mccoy, Fred jackson and DMC

      • rob says:

        i forgot to mention that we start 3 flex spots so I don’t need to sacrifice jackson or dmc.


        • Sorry for all the Qs, but who would Rice replace in your lineup?

          Generally a RB is a slam dunk to acquire, but Rodgers is arguably the best player in the league this season, so it’s tough to call it a no-brainer.

          • Rob says:

            No problem. I have been on the fence about this for the last week!

            Rice would replace Torrey Smith/Marshawn Lynch or Mike williams (tb)

            My playoff lineup would look like (with trade):

            QB – Roethlisberger
            RB – McCoy
            WR – Wallace
            TE – Pettigrew/Celek
            FLEX – Rice
            FLEX – Fred Jackson
            FLEX – DMC (if healthy)

            Bench – Marshawn Lynch, Torrey Smith, Mike Williams (TB), Morris

            IF DMC comes back healthy, this trade is much less crucial but thats a BIG if right now so I feel compelled to make certain contingencies. Also, with the Pack likely clinching playoffs I wonder if he’ll sit in certain non-essential situations while the Steelers and Ravens are both vying for a birth… ugh.. What do you think?

            Thanks ahead of time!!

          • Wow, it’s really a tough call. It’s hard for me to say trade Rodgers, but like you said Baltimore could be in a big time playoff race and will definitely lean on Rice.

            It’s not like Roethlisberger is an unusable option. May answer tomorrow could be different, but I’d actually pull the trigger I think.

    • Jason says:

      I picked up smith…should i include him in my lineup somewhere?

  4. Rob says:

    Thanks RP – Bad news for my squad though. It looks like Fred Jackson might be out for the season… I think I HAVE to pull the trigger now.

  5. Tony says:

    Would you consider rolling the dice with Palmer over Big Ben this week in a must win matchup for the last playoff spot? My opponent has Brady so I’m thinking of taking a flyer on Palmer vs the more steady Big Ben..

  6. Rob – Absolutely. If he’s out for the year you have a major problem and need to make the move.

    Tony – I probably wouldn’t because I think Roethlisberger’s matchup is better and he has the significantly higher upside.

  7. Jesse says:

    Wk 12
    Should I start Matt Ryan or big Ben (thumb)? I’m a noob at fantasy football. Playing in the yahoo league by whoever scores the most points. Thanks.

    • It is really, really close this week (I have them back-to-back on the rankings), so it is pretty much a coin flip. However, the potential for Roethlisberger to struggle with the thumb is reason enough to go with Ryan. He should have a big day against the Vikings and is the safer play.

      Go Matt Ryan.

  8. Jesse says:

    Okay thanks.

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