Week 14 Rankings: Top 50 Wide Receivers

Let’s continue our tour around the NFL by looking at the Top 50 wide receivers for the coming week.  How good of a play is Percy Harvin?  Where does a returning Jeremy Maclin fall on the rankings?  Is Dwayne Bowe usable taking on the New York Jets?  Let’s look at these questions and all the rest:

  1. Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions – vs. Minnesota
  2. Wes Welker – New England Patriots – at Washington
  3. Victor Cruz – New York Giants – at Dallas
  4. Greg Jennings – Green Bay Packers – vs. Oakland
  5. Percy Harvin – Minnesota Vikings – at Detroit
  6. Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons – at Carolina
  7. Hakeem Nicks – New York Giants – at Dallas
  8. Steve Smith – Carolina Panthers – vs. Atlanta
  9. Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers – vs. Oakland
  10. A.J. Green – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Houston
  11. Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys – vs. New York Giants
  12. Mike Wallace – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Cleveland
  13. Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals – vs. San Francisco
  14. Vincent Jackson – San Diego Chargers – vs. Buffalo
  15. Anquan Boldin – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Indianapolis
  16. Brandon Marshall – Miami Dolphins – vs. Philadelphia
  17. Miles Austin – Dallas Cowboys – vs. New York Giants
  18. Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles – at Miami
  19. Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints – at Tennessee
  20. Santonio Holmes – New York Jets – vs. Kansas City
  21. Brandon Lloyd – St. Louis Rams – at Seattle
  22. Stevie Johnson – Buffalo Bills – at San Diego
  23. Santana Moss – Washington Redskins – vs. New England
  24. Mike Williams – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Jacksonville
  25. Michael Crabtree – San Francisco 49ers – at Arizona
  26. Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Cleveland
  27. Laurent Robinson – Dallas Cowboys – vs. New York Giants
  28. Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons – at Carolina
  29. Torrey Smith – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Indianapolis
  30. DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles – at Miami
  31. Pierre Garcon – Indianapolis Colts – at Baltimore
  32. Deion Branch – New England Patriots – at Washington
  33. Malcolm Floyd – San Diego Chargers – vs. Buffalo
  34. Nate Burleson – Detroit Lions – vs. Minnesota
  35. Johnny Knox – Chicago Bears – at Denver
  36. Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs – at New York Jets
  37. Golden Tate – Seattle Seahawks – vs. St. Louis
  38. Darrius Heyward-Bey – Oakland Raiders – at Green Bay
  39. Eric Decker – Denver Broncos – vs. Chicago
  40. Lance Moore – New Orleans Saints – at Tennessee
  41. Plaxico Burress – New York Jets – vs. Kansas City
  42. Jabar Gaffney – Washington Redskins – vs. New England
  43. Nate Washington – Tennessee Titans – vs. New Orleans
  44. Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts – at Baltimore
  45. Damian Williams – Tennessee Titans – vs. New Orleans
  46. Kevin Walter – Houston Texans – at Cincinnati
  47. Davone Bess – Miami Dolphins – vs. Philadelphia
  48. Jerome Simpson – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Houston
  49. Steve Breaston – Kansas City Chiefs – at New York Jets
  50. James Jones – Green Bay Packers – vs. Oakland


  • Over the past four weeks Greg Jennings (17 receptions, 206 yards, 3 TD) has been outplayed by teammate Jordy Nelson (19 receptions, 306 yards, 4 TD).  Both players are obviously going to continue to thrive and Jennings is going to come in first on the rankings (thanks to scoring in each of the past two games while Nelson has gone scoreless).  Still, the split is worth noting and helps to keep Jennings down a few spots, though he remains a WR1.
  • Hakeem Nicks found the end zone twice in Week 13 and now has 14 receptions for 175 yards and 2 TD over the past two weeks.  Of course, Victor Cruz has 16 receptions for 276 yards and 2 TD over the same span.  Cruz remains the better option, though both should play vital roles this week in a must win game against the Cowboys.
  • When the Minnesota Vikings have needed Harvin he has performed impressively.  He has touchdowns in three straight games (4 TD over this span).  He’s coming off an 8 reception, 156 yard, 2 TD performance and has 95 yards or more in back-to-back games.  Generally the Detroit Lions would’ve represented a difficult matchup, but we all know that with Suh suspended they are not the same team.  Granted, if Adrian Peterson returns he won’t be as big of a focus, but at the same time he will just add a player that the Lions need to concentrate on.  That would give Harvin even more room to operate.
  • The New York Giants have been torched by the pass in recent weeks, leaving them allowing the fourth most passing yards per game (260.2).  Dez Bryant is probably the top option in Dallas (coming off an 8 catch, 86 yards, 1 TD day), especially with touchdowns in three of his past four games.  However, with Miles Austin due back and Laurent Robinson also in the mix you just don’t know who is going to get what opportunities.  With Robinson hurting at this point, I would probably rank them Bryant, Austin and Robinson, though if all are on the field you never know who is going to have the biggest day.  Consider them all WR2, at worst, for the time being.
  • Larry Fitzgerald has 10 total receptions over his past three games, failing to amass over 55 yards in any contest.  We all know the potential he has to post big numbers so consider him a high-end WR2, but at this point we have to temper expectations.
  • Santana Moss has an extremely attractive matchup, but has he done enough to be considered anything more than a low-end WR2?  He’s averaging 46.5 yards per game (8 games on the season) and has only scored 2 TD.  He’s a high risk, high reward option.
  • The latest receiver to find himself on Revis Island will be Dwayne Bowe.  Considering the quarterback issues and the fact that he hasn’t scored or exceeded 90 yards since Week 5, does anyone really trust him?  He’s nothing more than a WR3.
  • Mike Williams continued his recent roll, posting his third consecutive game of at least 83 yards in Week 13 (5 receptions for 93 yards).  The Jaguars may not be an ideal matchup, but they have allowed 16 passing TD on the season.  Consider Williams a borderline WR2 this week.
  • At this point it is anyone’s guess if Denarius Moore or Jacoby Ford will be able to return to the field for Week 14.  Consider Darius Heyward-Bey as the only option worth considering from Oakland.

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  1. Luc says:

    HI Prof!
    So Im in a non-ppr league and I need to start 3 WR.
    I have Roddy White, A.J. Green, Antonio Brown, and Julio Jones.
    White and Green are pretty much locks in my lineup, but Im having trouble deciding between Brown and Jones. Who do u recommend?

  2. Austin D says:

    I’m in a PPR league 10 point bonus for 100 yards
    Gotta pick 3
    D Williams
    D Thomas
    Heyward bey
    B smith

    Thanks for all the help!!!

  3. Luc – Both are risks for various reasons. I have Brown ranked slightly better, so I’d probably go with him, but it’s a virtual toss-up.

    Austin D – I’d go with Wallace, Holmes & Heyward-Bey. A lot of the lower-end options are similar, though Heyward-Bey’s matchup and the potential to be playing in garbage time gives him a slight edge.

    • Austin D says:

      You don’t think Williams against NO is a good matchup too though since they will prob be playing down and will have to air it out? Or you think Bey has more of a chance to go big cuz of the talent and same type f matchup

  4. Triz says:

    That’s funny – all my guys (except Calvin Johnson) are right together!

    I’m presuming as things stand I should take advantage of CJ Spiller being both, play him and Johnson as WRs, and Arian Foster, McGahee and Matthews as RBs / flex?


    • Yea, that sounds about right given your other options. Does your playoffs start this week?

      • Triz says:

        They do start (tonight, since I have the Steelers D)! I think it will be pretty close.

        (My opponent’s QBs are Flacco and Palmer, but he also has Shonn Greene, Gerhardt, and Gore, with Jennings and Jordy Nelson at WR and Finley at TE).

  5. Roll Tide says:

    I need to pick 3 WRs: Jennings, Cruz, Colston, Nicks, or A Brown.

    And with Jackson and Forte out, I need to choose 2 RBs: Sproles, Barber, K. Smith and K. Hunter


  6. Pete says:

    Of the 3 WR which 2 are recommended starts for week 14…Miles Austin, Mike Williams TB, or Laurent Robinson. thanks for you help

  7. ddschmidt says:

    Question about WR situation.

    Got L.Robinson, N.Burleson, and M.Williams (TB) to choose from for my third WR.

    Any thoughts on who to start for week 14?

  8. Roll Tide – Sorry I was not around last night so hopefully you went with Brown! I’d probably go with Cruz, Jennings & Nicks though (if we hadn’t known Brown was going to have a big game), with Nicks being the third choice if you already used him. As for the RB, that’s not an enviable situation. Sproles is a must, then it all depends. If Smith is playing it’s him, otherwise I’d role with Barber.

    Pete – I’d probably go Austin & Williams, considering Robinson is hurting at this point.

    ddschmidt – Same as Pete, actually. With Robinson hurting and Williams turning it up, I’d go with Mike Williams.

  9. Kermit says:

    Sorry – posted this under QB’s earlier – same question: Now that I sat Antonio Brown on the bench for his career game last night, I’m left with L. Robinson, R. White and J. Nelson. I play 2 of these 3 – Who do I trust?

  10. ddschmidt says:

    I appreciate it.

  11. Kermit – White & Nelson for sure

    ddschmidt – Any time!

  12. Triz says:

    Oh my gosh, I’ve just been reminded that I have committed (been committed) to doing something tomorrow that is going to prevent me from watching any 1 o’clock games at all and the first half of the late afternoon ones. !!!

    Apparently it is also going to be “not AT ALL appropriate!” for me to check scores or make last minute roster changes (it’s a church thing. I am pretty sure Jesus will be busy watching football and wouldn’t even notice, but whatever. I’m expecting to be searched for my phone before getting – sulkily – in the car, so that is out).

    So, do I cross my fingers on McGahee at flex, or switch in Santonio Holmes?


    • Ha! I am touching McGahee in my article this morning, but all signs point to him playing. His upside is much higher than Holmes’, so I’d cross my fingers and hope for the best with McGahee!

      Good luck!

      • Triz says:

        Thanks for telling me to draft Gates, stick with Rivers and pick up Akers <3

        Heading in to week two (cumulative points over two weeks) with a very tiny cushion.

        ((( Buffalo )))

        Next year, my Bills!!!

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