Waiver Worthy: Week 15 Fallout: Chris Ivory, Malcolm Floyd and More

by Will Overton

We’re headed into week 16 and hopefully if all went well for you this week than you’re still hanging in there in your playoffs. If that’s the case than it’s either semi-final time or perhaps even your championship week.

Ideally you don’t want to be counting on anyone on the waiver wire to win you a title, but things happen, like injuries, and if you have to get someone off the waiver wire you want to get one that can make an impact.

Here are the guys I like as far as opportunity and matchups go: 

Matt Moore – QB, Miami Dolphins: If you need a sneaky Quarterback play this week to keep you going, than Matt Moore might be your guy. A couple weeks ago someone asked me about the potential of this matchup with New England, and there really isn’t much not to like. In recent weeks the Patriots have surrendered 353 yards to Dan Orlovsky, 252 to Rex Grossman and 400 to Vince Young.

That’s a lot of yards to a lot of mediocore/bad QB’s and Matt Moore is at least on their level. In fact Moore has done a better than adequate job since taking over as the starter and has 12 TD’s and just 3 INT’s over his last nine games. Moore might not light the world on fire, but I think he’s a pretty good bet for 250 yards and a pair of TD tosses. If you’re looking for a fill-in than that should get the job done for you.
Verdict: Buy ‘Em 

Kahlil Bell – RB, Chicago Bears: Kahlil Bell came onto the scene for the Bears to be a change of pace back and pass catcher out of the backfield. With Marion Barber struggling though Bell’s load has increased and yesterday he was the feature back running the ball 15 times for 65 yards and catching 5 passes for 43 yards and a TD. Meanwhile Barber continued to struggled running 11 times for 33 yards. Chances are good Bell has the most carries again this week against the Packers and after catching 5 passes two weeks in a row he seems a lock for catching some passes. The Bears offense is struggling big time, but Bell might be one of the few guys on the team with fantasy value right now.
Verdict: Buy ‘Em 

Chris Ivory – RB, New Orleans Saints: This one is a tough call to make. A lot of Chris Ivory’s fantasy value is dependant on the health of Mark Ingram, because if Ingram can play in week 16 there are going to be four backs splitting carries in New Orleans. If Ingram can’t play than Ivory gets the bulk of the carries and yesterday he had 18 carries for 74 yards with Ingram out.

I like Ivory as a player, but right now I think he’s a bit too risky to put too much stock in. The Saints are probably going to find themselves in a bit more of a shootout against the Falcons and not running out the clock as much of the time. And Atlanta has the number five rush defense in the NFL so the going might not be as easy on the ground this coming Monday. I’d rather have Bell because I think his playing time is safer, but if you can afford to take a flier and hope that Ingram is out you can. Otherwise…Verdict: Deny ‘Em

Malcolm Floyd – WR, San Diego Chargers: It may comes as a surprise that Malcolm Floyd is even considered a waiver wire option right now, but on ESPN he is available in about 35% of leagues. If your league is one where he is out there than this one seems like a no-brainer. Floyd got off to a slow start to the season, but he has over 100 yards receiving in four of his last six games 3 TD catches as well. So we have a guy who is playing well and he is going up against a banged up and struggling Detroit secondary next week, a secondary that Carson Palmer just sliced up for 367 yards. If Floyd is available you should jump all over him.
Verdict: Buy ‘Em

 Golden Tate – WR, Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks have gone through a few different top receivers since Sidney Rice went down with injury and it looks like momentum has shifted a bit from Doug Baldwin to Golden Tate right now. Tate caught 4 passes for 61 yards yesterday and now has 11 catches in the last three games. This is Tate’s second season and it makes sense that he would start breaking out. However, with  Tavaris Jackson still the Quarterback and the 49ers on the schedule in week 16 I don’t want any of the Seahawks receivers this week.
Verdict: Deny ‘Em 

Jared Cook – TE, Tennessee Titans: There haven’t been many players harder to figure out this season than Jared Cook of the Titans. Cook was a very popular sleeper in the preseason, but came out flat with 7 catches in the first four games of the season. He started to piece things together a bit after that catching 21 passes over the next seven games. Than as people were buying in again he went two weeks straight without a single catch. That was followed up by his 9 catch, 103 yard performance yesterday leaving fantasy owners scratching their heads once again.

He isn’t an easy guy to trust right now, but I am actually buying him for this week against a Jags defense which is struggling mightily right now. Tight End is one position where you might still be playing the matchups and if you are than I like Cook’s chances of stringing together a second strong week in a row.
Verdict: Buy ‘Em

Who are you eyeing for potential week 16 pickups? Who on this list do you think is worth picking up and who should be passed over? As always feel free to ask anything and give your opinion on everything.

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  1. Randy says:

    Going into next week’s championship (consolation bracket, but I have to get excited for something!), I’ll be starting Foster at RB, and Fitzgerald/Marshall at WR. Beyond this, I need to pick one more RB and a flex RB/WR (standard league). Who would you choose from the following? Kahlil Bell, Kevin Smith, Jonathan Stewart, Miles Austin, Brandon Lloyd, Demaryius Thomas, and Santana Moss.

    Also, Owen Daniels is my TE, but I am perfectly wiling to pick up and play Jared Cook if you think the matchup is right…would you do it?

    And lastly, probably a dumb question but I’ll ask anyway…is there any reason to play Matt Moore and his matchup at NE over Tony Romo vs. the Eagles? I’m guessing no, but just wanted to cover the bases.


  2. Will Overton says:

    Gotta go with Romo.

    I would also stick with Daniels as your TE. I like Cook, but those massive numbers he just put up was against the Colts and that’s who Daniels is going against this week.

    At RB, I think Bell has the most upside. DeAngelo Williams is playing well right now which limits Stewart somewhat and Kevin Smith is just hard to rely on at this point. When he plays he leaves with an injury early.

    In the flex spot, I think it comes down to Miles Austin and Demaryius Thomas. I’m all in on Thomas right now so that’s where I am leaning, but those two are very close.

  3. Muddy Cleats 18 says:

    what do you think about Lance Ball? Even though I have Tebow and thomas Ball might be a good matchup vs buffalo this week. ended up winning the semifinal now I go up against my 16 year old son in the finals. winner gets 200 and loser gets 100 so he is gunning for me big time…

  4. Muddy Cleats 18 says:

    I have
    I use 2 since I have 3 decent wr’s
    Bell and Ball are on waivers…

    • Well Rice is an obvious play. As of right now I would say Blount as the second, but I’d pick up Bell over Williams to give yourself that option just in case the news changes things later on in the week.

  5. AncientHunter says:

    Im battered at RB but am still in the game thanks to a cooooool Brees

    Who should I start at RB2; Bell or Smith?

    Also at flex I have Pettigrew (TE) but I also have Gaffney (WR) on the bench, thoughts?

    • I would definitely go with Gaffney in the FLEX spot.

      As for the RB we have to see what the news is over the next few days. Smith is a major injury risk so, if the Bears are going to start Bell, I could definitely see rolling the dice on him this week. However, if Marion Barber is starting, Smith becomes the better play.

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