2012 Fantasy Rankings: Top 25 Tight Ends (Updated 08/16/12)

Obviously the news regarding Jason Witten has the biggest impact on these rankings, but it doesn’t represent the only change.  Let’s take a look at how things currently look (the number in parenthesis represents a players previous ranking):

  1. Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots (1)
  2. Jimmy Graham – New Orleans Saints (2)
  3. Aaron Hernandez – New England Patriots (4)
  4. Jermichael Finley – Green Bay Packers (5)
  5. Vernon Davis – San Francisco 49ers (6)
  6. Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers (7)
  7. Jason Witten – Dallas Cowboys (3)
  8. Brandon Pettigrew – Detroit Lions (8)
  9. Fred Davis – Washington Redskins (9)
  10. Tony Gonzalez – Atlanta Falcons (10)
  11. Jacob Tamme – Denver Broncos (11)
  12. Brent Celek – Philadelphia Eagles (12)
  13. Jared Cook – Tennessee Titans (13)
  14. Jermaine Gresham – Cincinnati Bengals (14)
  15. Owen Daniels – Houston Texans (15)
  16. Colby Fleener – Indianapolis Colts (16)
  17. Dustin Keller – New York Jets (17)
  18. Kellen Winslow – Seattle Seahawks (18)
  19. Martelius Bennett – New York Giants (19)
  20. Kyle Rudolph – Minnesota Vikings (20)
  21. Dwayne Allen – Indianapolis Colts (NR)
  22. Greg Olsen – Carolina Panthers (21)
  23. Tony Moeaki – Kansas City Chiefs (22)
  24. Ed Dickson – Baltimore Ravens (23)
  25. Jordan Cameron – Cleveland Browns (NR)

Dropped from rankings – Kellen Davis, Heath Miller


  • Jason Witten could still be the #3 tight end by year’s end, but his recently revealed spleen injury does cause some concern.  According to Albert Breer (via Twitter), “Garrett says they’ll reevaluate next week, after that 8-10 day period, no surgery now.”  If surgery is eventually needed Witten will miss a few games, so there obviously is now a bit of risk involved in drafting him.  Until we know what is going to happen he has to fall a few spots in the rankings.
  • According to John Klein of the Washington Examiner (click here for the article), “The oft-repeated line is that a tight end is a young quarterback’s best friend. Well, maybe. But the reality is that when it comes to Robert Griffin III, Fred Davis hasn’t been a favored target throughout training camp. It’s Pierre Garcon.”  He went on to say that, “Davis continues having a quiet camp.”  That’s not to say that Davis won’t have a big year, as many expect, but I definitely wouldn’t be reaching for him.  There’s just as good of a chance of someone like Jacob Tamme, Jared Cook or Colby Fleener having a better season.
  • Speaking of Fleener, while his rapport with Andrew Luck is going to help, is he the best tight end the Colts have?  According to Paul Kuharsky of espn.com (click here for the article), “But while Fleener’s been streaky in the early stages of his first camp, I’m told Allen’s steadily been the same guy I’ve been watching over the last couple of days. He’s thick (6-foot-3, 255 pounds), athletic and versatile. He’s playing the “F” spot in the offense of Bruce Arians, a “move” tight end who can line up anywhere, shift anywhere, block as needed and get open to show off his quality hands and run with the ball.”  While Fleener remains higher on the rankings, for now, Allen is quietly becoming a tremendous sleeper option.
  • We previously talked about the Brown’s Jordan Cameron as a potential sleeper at the position (click here to view).  He looked the part in the first week of the preseason, with 2 receptions for 58 yards (second most among tight ends), including a 42 yard romp.  He moves onto the bottom of our rankings and should continue to be viewed as a potential under-the-radar option in all formats.

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  1. Mike mike says:

    Fantasy draft is coming up soon I have one pick at a keep rb willis m./broncos or wr jordy n./ green bay who should I keep for this up coming year?

  2. Ray Kuhn says:

    Nelson without a doubt man

  3. Triz says:

    we don’t care about kickers at all this year? poor kickers! :( well, I will just take lindell again for a change then lol

    • Does it matter who I recommend? You are just going to take him anyways!! :-p

      Hahahaha….the rankings are coming by Monday at the latest, don’t worry :)

      • Triz says:

        the draft was today, so I actually took Akers based on your last year’s rankings (mind you, Lindell is still available :) )

        • Triz says:

          Oh, I also got Calvin Johnson, Gronkowski and the Ravens D/ST, but the rest is sort of messy

          QB: Eli Manning

          RB: Ryan Mathews, Ahmad Bradshaw, CJ Spiller, Mike Tolbert (aka the human bowling ball <3 )

          WR: (Calvin Johnson), Stevie Johnson, Antonio Brown, Percy Harvin, Titus Young

          And, your analyses of Luck and Vick Ballard intrigued me, so I picked them up (and Donald Brown). So hopefully something starts happening there!

          I don't think I did very well. Are there any obvious duds I should be ditching?

          • I actually like your team overall, though I think you could’ve done a bit better in the RB department. With Mathews likely out the first two weeks, you may have a little bit of trouble filling in the hole.

            Otherwise, you are in extremely good shape everywhere else. If Bradshaw can stay healthy and Mathews does return Week 3, it should be a good year, though I’d be watching the waiver wire for a RB.

            Does the league use a FLEX?

          • Triz says:

            Yes, and now TEs count for flex! I was going to draft Scott Chandler but you weren’t very complimentary about me doing that last year. So far I am thinking I should have taken Fred Jackson not Eli in the third round. He is looking SO GOOD tonight!

          • Yea, I may have waited on QB and grabbed Jackson in that spot. Oh well, it’s not like Eli isn’t going to produce for you!

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