Quick Hit: Marques Colston

A seventh round draft pick out of Hofstra in 2006, Marques Colston burst onto the scene in his rookie year, picking up 1,038 yards receiving as well as 8 TD.  He followed that up in 2007 by catching 98 passes for 1,202 yards and 11 TD, entrenching himself among the leagues best receivers.

His 2008 season, however, was partially derailed by injury.  After playing in the team’s opener, he was sidelined for the next five games after tearing ligament in his thumb that had to be corrected via surgery.  He came back in Week 7, starting the game, but didn’t register a catch.

He wasn’t shutout the rest of the season, picking up 100 yards receiving games in three of the final nine games, as well as a 99 yard contest.  If there were any concerns that he hadn’t returned to form, he scored 4 TDs over the season’s final three weeks.

He enters 2009 as the top receiver for the team with the best QB in the league, though he is coming off surgery on his knee this off-season.  It was considered a minor procedure involving “some microfracture techniques”.  It certainly is worth noting, though thus far this season he hasn’t shown any ill effects.

Mike Triplett of The New Orleans Times-Picayune has noted how Colston may be the main target in the red zone, recently describing the red-zone drills in practice by saying:

“Brees repeatedly fired the ball in Colston’s direction. He caught one easy touchdown pass, using his size to shield the closest defensive back (who was obstructed from my view). On the next play, Brees scrambled away from pressure and threw high toward Colston in the back of the end zone over cornerback Jabari Greer. Colston leapt for it and wasn’t able to reel it in – but that’s a catch he’ll make once he gets back in his rhythm. The important thing is that he’s a target Brees trusts and looks for in those situations.”

Considering the way he ended 2008 and his ability to score TDs in the past, this is very promising for fantasy owners.  It certainly would not be surprising to see him once again score double-digit TDs, making him a potential #1 WR in all formats and certainly a great #2.

As for what I would project him doing this season, I’d put him at:

Receiving: 78 catches, 1,180 yards, 10 TD

The catches aren’t necessarily going to put him at the top of the leagues leader board, but the yards and TD place him among the best.  There were only ten receivers last season who had over 1,100 yards and only seven who managed double-digit TDs.

There’s no doubt he’s a risk, especially with the knee surgery he’s coming off, but it doesn’t seem like it’s effecting him.  If it’s last season’s production that concerns you, just listen to Drew Brees, who is quoted on CBS as saying “I think he’s a guy who’s somewhat of a get-in-a-rhythm kind of guy and can be very successful”.  He went on to say that, “U nfortunately last year, he had a great preseason and then that first game (he got injured). And then he’s out five or six weeks. It takes a little while to get back in the swing of things, because everybody else around you on the team and the teams that you’re playing, they’re in a rhythm.”

He’s ADP is currently 25.76, and he’s about the tenth receiver off the board, according to Mock Draft Central.  That may be a little early, given the inherent risk, but not too far off.

I’d say, draft him with confidence in 2009.  What does everyone else think?  How good will Colston be?  Is he a player you are targeting?

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  1. I like Colston to bounce back this year. He is a risk, but worth the reward. Just make sure to rank guys in tiers. If everyone in his tier is gone then go ahead and take him.

  2. I’m from Baton Rouge Louisiana and have watch the Saints since I was a kid. Marques Colston is the real deal because of this work ethic but I’m worried about his knees and back. Since he came to NO he has had back issues and they seem to effect him on and off the field more and more each year. While he will give us all great numbers you’ll have to deal with the injury report often and early.

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