Value Still Lives In Minnesota

by Matt Soltysiak

Many thought Brett Favre was going to return from retirement for a second straight season and this time join the Minnesota Vikings in their quest for a Super Bowl title.  As you now know by now, that isn’t happening.  We’re talking about Favre’s comback, however.  As far as the Vikings go anything is still possible.  Don’t dismiss the team, or more importantly, the players just yet.

Most felt the arrival of Favre in Minnesota would help boost the stock of receivers Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice, Bobby Wade and Percy Harvin and tight end Visanthe Shiancoe.  Just because Favre isn’t going to be under center doesn’t mean some of these guys don’t have the potential for a good season.  Berrian’s receptions were down last season (only 48), but his 964 yards and seven touchdowns were career highs.

Last year it looked like Tarvaris Jackson was starting to put things together (finishing with a 95 QB rating and a 9-2 TD to INT ratio).  He was injured and did that in only nine games (while throwing just 149 passes).  If he can stay healthy for the entire season and progress even a little, it’s not impossible to think Jackson could throw for 3,000 yards with 20 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.  As for the running game, it did fine each of the last two seasons so there’s no reason to think it will suffer without Favre. 

As of right now Tarvaris Jackson is the starter in the Twin Cities.  Sage Rosenfels was brought in to back him up/compete with him/push him.  Jackson should win the job, but Rosenfels is still in the mix.  Would Brett Favre have brought some energy to this Franchise?  No doubt.  But this team (and its players in FFB) should do just fine with out him.

What does everyone else think of Minnesota’s talent?  Who would you want for your fantasy team?

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  1. T-Jack played against Arizona, Detroit, and a Giants team that didn’t care in Week 17. He showed his true colors in the playoff game against Philly when the late Jim Johnson made him look like a deer in headlights. He has a nice record as a starter, but that’s because the Vikes have put together a great team. He won’t put up big numbers and won’t win the big game. They’re better off with Sage in there as long as he doesn’t try to hurdle defenders.

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