Quick Hit: Should Fantasy Owners Trust The Raiders’ TE Brandon Myers?

Entering Week 3 there had been 88 receivers to be targeted at least 10 times.  The average completion percentage to those receivers is 62.32%.  However, there are three players who have completed at least 90% of their targets:

  • Reggie Bush – Miami Dolphins (9 of 10 = 90.00%)
  • Randall Cobb – Green Bay Packers (10 of 11 = 90.91%)
  • Brandon Myers – Oakland Raiders (11 of 11 = 100.00%)

It’s the latter player that I want to focus on, because he has started to build a lot of hype of late.  Can we really expect him to continue catching every pass thrown his way?  Here are a few facts:

  • When we pull out the 22 tight ends who have been targeted at least 10 times the average completion percentage falls to 61.88%
  • In 2011 there were 28 tight ends who were targeted at least 50 times with an average completion percentage of 61.78%
  • No tight end in 2011 had a better completion percentage than Rob Gronkowski, who was at 72.58%
  • The only other tight end who is above 75% this season is Gronkowski, who is at 80% (12 for 15)

Obviously we are talking about a small sample size, but there is good reason to be a little bit cautious with our expectations for Myers.  It is not like Carson Palmer is the most accurate thrower in the world that we can’t expect him to miss some passes.  Palmer is actually completing just 59.6% of his passes in 2012 and has a career rate of 62.6%.

Could it be that Palmer and Myers are connecting for safer throws?  It’s a fair assumption, as he hasn’t had a completion of greater than 26 yards.  Safe or not, balls are going to start finding the ground.

Formerly known as more of a blocker, it’s obvious that Myers has found a role in the new Raiders offense.  However, unless he starts to be targeted more, I would expect his numbers to quickly start to diminish.  Is he a viable option in deeper formats?  Yes, but I certainly wouldn’t be counting on him as my starter the rest of the way.

Keep that in mind before planning on utilizing him for more than just a week or two fill in.

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