Rotoprofessor Challenge: Second Round Analysis

Unlike the first round (click here to view), we’re going to look at the next few rounds a little bit differently.  I’m not going to give my thoughts on every pick, instead just looking at what I felt were the best and worst picks of the round, as well as a few other random thoughts:

Second Round:

  1. + Rock Star + – Clinton Portis
  2. Mose U Over – Randy Moss
  3. Rotoprofessor – Chris Johnson
  4. Peterson’s Peeps – Calvin Johnson
  5. Big Fan – Greg Jennings
  6. AU Eagles – Drew Brees
  7. Lester – Reggie Wayne
  8. agent ile – DeAngelo Williams
  9. Show me the Money – Tom Brady
  10. I’m So Paid – Peyton Manning
  11. CP – Steve Smith
  12. Geckos – Philip Rivers

Best Pick of the Round – Drew Brees
I have Brees slotted as a first round pick, so to get him in the middle of the second round was a great pick for the AU Eagles.  He was the top QB on my draft board after posting over 5,000 yards and 34 TD last season.  Just imagine how good he could be with a healthy Marques Colston for the entire season?

Worst Pick of the Round – Greg Jennings
I had Jennings ranked as the #9 WR on the board, behind Wayne, Smith, Anquan Boldin (third round) & Roddy White (third round).  There were plenty of top receivers on the board, that this one just seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

Other thoughts:
Tom Brady before Peyton Manning?  It’s really a toss-up, I guess, and it’s going to depend on your preference.  For me, I’m taking Manning, however, just because of the risk Brady brings with him coming off the injury.

What are your thoughts from the round?  Which pick did you like best?  Which did you hate?

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  1. Matt Soltysiak says:

    I made the Jennings pick and do have remorse. But only for one player-I would much rather have Reggie Wayne, but was thinking I might be able to get Anthony Gonzales as my #3 and didn’t want two receivers from the same team on my roster.

    I think Jennings is a better option than the others mentioned.

    Roddy White is a hold out, so there’s no way I’d draft him as my top receiver. Steve Smith is better than Jennings, but Carolina is running more these days and Delhomme’s on the decline. As for Boldin, I was hoping he might be available when I picked in the 3rd.

    By the way, I was going to take Calvin Johnson and could have avoided the whole mess, but he went right before me. Oh well.

  2. Matt, the only think I’d say is there is planning ahead and then planning too far ahead. In the second round, it’s hard to skip the better player because you want to target someone later in the draft. Things happen and there are no guarantees. I’d much rather get the better player now, then deal with having to pass over the other player if he happens to fall to you.

  3. I don’t mind the Jennings pick. He’s solid and had a better season than Wayne last year. He’s young and has a good young QB.

    I think the Chris Johnson pick was a pretty good value, perhaps the best pick of the round. He is going top 6 or 7 in plenty of drafts.

    I think the worst pick of the round was Philip Rivers. To me there are the three QBs that went ahead of him and then the rest.

  4. Wes Granger says:

    Yea, this round was very interesting. At pick #2 I was debating between taking another top 3 WR or taking Chris Johnson, and I took the stud WR in Moss. With a “healthy” Brady, I’m expecting big things from him this year. I like Chris Johnson a lot, but I had to pass. I too am OK with the Greg Jennings pick. That lower tier WR group is really all about preference and I’m counting on Rogers throwing deep to Jennings a lot this year. Wayne might have been a safer pick, but odds are their final points wont be too far apart. I was shocked to see Williams fall so far, but I know a lot of people are down on him, so if he can produce at 90% of what he did last year, that’ll be a nice value. Brady before Peyton, I agree, a toss up, but if Brady can stay healthy all year with no lingering side effects, I’d take him before Peyton all day long, only time will tell. Rivers I agree was a poor pick this early, but with in a league with TD’s only worth 4 pts (I believe that’s how this one is) I normally wait on a QB so I was honestly shocked to see 3 go in this round, but figured they’d go round 3, so maybe Gecko’s was nervous about missing out on a top QB when it was his turn in round 4. Having the first pick in the draft and having Forte and Rivers, I’d be a little nervous about that.
    Best Pick: Chris Johnson for where he was picked vs the general consensus.
    Worst Pick: Rivers in the 2nd round, but I’m hoping I’m wrong on that since I put a just traded for him in my main auction/contract league!

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