Streaming Defenses: Week 4

Looking for a defense to stream this week?  Let’s take a look at some of the potential options:

Recommended Option
Arizona Cardinals – vs. Miami
Yahoo – 41%, ESPN – 18.1%
After they were the latest team to harass the Philadelphia Eagles, I would expect their ownership to grow quickly. If you want to point to Michael Vick’s struggles or not, the truth of the matter is this is actually a very good defense. At the least, they have been good for three weeks and face an extremely weak offense potentially without its superstar (Reggie Bush left Sunday’s game with a knee injury).

Through three games the Cardinals have 12 sacks, 2 interceptions and have forced 5 fumbles. Couple that with a rookie quarterback, the injury to Bush, a weak receiving corps and an offense scoring just 21.7 points per game and this is shaping up to be a quality matchup that is worth rolling the dice on.

Others to Consider
Cincinnati Bengals – at Jacksonville
Yahoo – 21%, ESPN – 16.5%
With 11 sacks, the Bengals clearly have the potential to make plays. Granted, they have been beat by the pass this season (5 TD vs. 0 INT), but that isn’t really the Jaguars strength, is it?

The Jaguars are a running team and, of course, the Bengals are allowing the second most rushing yards per game in the league (155.0). This is far from a dream matchup, obviously, and really should be left for those who are desperate for an option.

San Diego Chargers – at Kansas City
Yahoo – 5%, ESPN – 4.1%
I wouldn’t call the Chargers defense good overall, but they have been able to stop the run so far this season (67.3 rushing yards per game). Of course, the Chiefs aren’t a team that is going to abandon the run so quickly, so this strength is going to be put to the test (the Chargers 18.7 rushing attempts against per game are among the fewest in the league).

I would be hesitant to hang my hat on that number, however. Even if the Chargers were able to slow down the run, they have just 2 interceptions and 5 sacks on the season. This is another low-end option.

Denver Broncos – vs. Oakland
Yahoo – 21%, ESPN – 25.5%
Can the Broncos stop Darren McFadden? Even of they can, does it matter? The Broncos defense has already allowed 8 passing touchdowns and Carson Palmer is playing well, throwing for 293.0 yards per game.

With the Raiders allowing just 4 sacks thus far, this is another questionable play, though injuries to Darius Heyward-Bey and Brandon Myers make this one a slightly more appealing option.

What are your thoughts?  Which defense would you stream?  Is there anyone else you are looking at?

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  1. Randy says:

    This isn’t related to defenses, but which RB would you rather have, Bradshaw or Ryan Williams? Both ate available and I have to decide tonight… Thanks!!

    • Tough call. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Bradshaw lose his starting job to Andre Brown and Williams could easily win the job in St. Louis.

      I assume neither one is a starter for you and more just depth? If that’s the case, I think Williams has more upsde.

  2. Kel says:

    Would you recommending starting Bills (vs Patriots) or Dolphins (vs Cardinals)?

    Also, Brandon Marshall or Andrew Hawkins (considering that Marshall is playing against a tough Cowboys defense)?

    • Don’t love either of the defenses, honestly. If I had to pick, Buffalo has a higher upside.

      As for the WR, it’s definitely Marshall. He should be targeted early and often, while Hawkins is a risk.

  3. J.Death says:

    Should I give the start to Seattle (vs St. Louis) or Atlanta (vs. Carolina)?

    • I have them both ranked as Top 5 options, so you really can’t go wrong. That said, i would go Seattle. While Carolina has looked bad, they have a lot more potential to rack up some points.

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