Week 4 Rankings: Top 15 Defenses

Let’s wrap up our Week 4 rankings by looking at the top defenses for the coming week:

  1. Houston Texans – vs. Tennessee
  2. Arizona Cardinals – vs. Miami
  3. Baltimore Ravens – vs. Cleveland
  4. Seattle Seahawks – at St. Louis
  5. Atlanta Falcons – vs. Carolina
  6. New York Giants – at Philadelphia
  7. San Francisco 49ers – at New York Jets
  8. Chicago Bears – at Dallas
  9. Dallas Cowboys – vs. Chicago
  10. Green Bay Packers – vs. New Orleans
  11. Detroit Lions – vs. Minnesota
  12. New York Jets – vs. San Francisco
  13. Cincinnati Bengals – at Jacksonville
  14. Buffalo Bills – vs. New England
  15. Denver Broncos – vs. Oakland


  • The Miami Dolphins hasn’t been very high-powered to begin with and could go into Week 4 without Reggie Bush.  Couple that with how good Arizona’s defense has played this season (allowing just 13.3 points per game) and it is obvious that they are among the better defensive options this week.
  • The Seahawks have forced 8 fumbles to go along with 10 sacks and 2 interceptions.  Taking on a St. Louis Rams’ offense that is less than stellar, they are definitely a recommended option.
  • While the Dallas Cowboys have some offensive potential, the Chicago Bears lead the league with 14 sacks and is one off the league lead with 6 INT.  They should remain one of the better options in the league.
  • The Buffalo Bills’ defense has been good, as expected, but can they shut down the New England Patriots?  I would be hesitant before leaning on them.

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  1. gmoney says:

    No Redskins vs TB?

  2. Dron says:

    Would you sit Michael Vick for Christian Ponder or Josh Freeman who both have favorable matchups?

    • I can understand the consideration there, though it’s a risky play. We have to at least think is going to put it together sooner or later, don’t we?

      That said, he has a tough draw and the Eagles could easily go run heavy. Given the matchup, I’d actually use Freeman this week, though it is very close.

  3. Roll Tide says:

    Roto -

    at Def I have Houston and Seattle – I am thinking Texans at home.

    Also, I have Chris Johnson at RB is their any value left? Will there be after this week?

    Even though Torrey Smith has started to tear things up, I could use some help at WR. How high can I possible aim for?

    Thanks in advance!

    • You have two great D options, but I agree with Houston.

      As for Johnson, I still think he’ll turn it around, it may just be another few weeks until his schedule lightens up.

      At this point, I don’t think you would get the type of receiver you are shooting for and would be selling extremely low.

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