Patience Is A Virtue: Three Players To Keep Stashed: Jay Cutler & More

We all know that it is tough to stay patient sometimes.  That said, getting frustrated and making a hasty move often comes back to haunt you.  With that in mind, here are three players that I recommend showing patience with and keeping stashed on your bench:

Jay Cutler – Quarterback – Chicago Bears
Reunited with Brandon Marshall, as well as having other weapons at his disposal (like Alshon Jeffery), Cutler was supposed to be in for a big season. Through three weeks he has been an absolute dud, throwing 3 touchdowns vs. 6 interceptions.

A lot of that is skewed by his horrific performance vs. the Packers, plus the Cardinals defense proving to be a lot better than most anticipated. While Week 4 is another potential down week (taking on the much improved Cowboys secondary), things start to get easier from there:

  • Week 5 at Jacksonville – 258.0 passing yards/game (12th)
  • Week 7 vs. Detroit – 250.7 passing yards/game (13th)
  • Week 8 vs. Carolina – 243.7 passing yards/game (15th)
  • Week 9 at Tennessee – 312.7 passing yards/game (3rd)

That’s four straight weeks against defenses among the bottom half of the league in passing yards per game. You have to think that a turnaround is coming, you just need to stay patient for one more week.

Jacob Tamme – Tight End – Denver Broncos
I know his numbers have been unimpressive thus far (10 catches for 87 yards and 1 TD). I also know that we have all witnessed several tight ends explode over the first three weeks (like Demnis Pitta and Martellus Bennett), while the much hyped Tamme has been stagnant.

That said things are actually starting to look up for Tamme, who was targeted 10 times in Week 3 (though he only converted 3 to receptions). The number of targets tied him for fourth most among tight ends for the week, meaning he definitely had an opportunity to produce.

There is no reason t think Peyton Manning will not continue to give him chances to make plays, given the familiarity between the two. He is well worth stashing, as I would expect the numbers to improve as the season progresses.

Titus Young – Wide Receiver – Detroit Lions
His numbers are poor, and that is despite being skewed by catching a Hail Mary at the end of Week 3. He was a popular breakout candidate this spring, but thus far has 8 catches for 100 yards and 1 TD. To make matters worse, he has only been targeted 13 times…total.

That said, the entire Lions offense has been a little bit off through three weeks. It starts with Matthew Stafford, though as I have said before I do believe that he will right the ship and start producing the numbers we all expected. Once that happens, the results should filter down to the rest of the team.

While Young has been a disappointment, the upside is still there for him to post big numbers this season. Outside of the shallowest f formats he is well worth keeping stashed on your bench.

What about you? Are you giving up on these three players? What other struggling performers are you holding onto?

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  1. Belmar Phil says:

    Was thinking of dropping Jay Cut for Andy Dalton. I just dont have good feelings for Cutler after that Packer game. I feel like his teammates aren’t behind him.

  2. Jose says:

    Should I drop Cutler for either Ponder or Alex Smith? Thanks

  3. andrew says:

    In the Jay section, did you mean to say the Rams defense is better than anticipated? The Bears haven’t played the Cardinals.

    The problem with Jay is that the Bears defense is very good and will not often have him playing from behind.

  4. muddy cleats 18 says:

    how would you rank some of these stash guys…
    D. Richardson
    J. Rodgers
    J. Battle
    B. Powell
    D. Wilson
    P. Hillis
    Jerome Simpson
    Jon Baldwin
    A. Hawkins
    R. Cobb

  5. Ryan says:

    K professor ssl need two rb spots filled have Andre brown, leshoure, sjax, jstew, and choice(given spiller and Jackson possibly playing have practically ruled him out).. With leshoure nursing groin and Andre possibly splitting with Ahmad and sjax and jstew also nursing injuries I’m thinking me best option are leshoure and brown… Thoughts?

  6. Jose – I would probably stick with Cutler in that situation, though who is your starter?

    muddy cleats – All depends on format.

    In general, I like Rodgers from the RB, then Powell & Richardson.

    For WR, it really depends if it is PPR or not.

    Ryan – I think Leshoure is the must play right now. If Jackson is healthy, I’d go with him since Brown’s carries are clearly in doubt.

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