Sunday Morning Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 4: Reggie Bush, Dwayne Bowe & More

Just hours before the start of Week 3 (for most teams anyways) I know many people have questions running through their heads. Who should I start? Who should I sit? Let’s take a look at how some of the recent news changes things:

Reggie Bush – Miami Dolphins – Running Back
Listed as questionable, all expectations are that he is going to play.  According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post (via Twitter):

“Source says Reggie Bush and Richard Marshall, listed as Questionable, both traveled to Arizona. Bush likely to play, not sure about Marshall”

Bush is basically a must start option, unless you are loaded at running back, as he is going to be the centerpiece of the Dolphins’ offense.  The Cardinals’ defense is better than most expected, but Bush’s ability to produce both running the football and in the receiving game should keep him productive.  Think of him as a RB2 heading into today’s game.

If Daniel Thomas is sitting on the free agent wire, I would stash him, just to be safe.  If he’s not available, Lamar Miller could be your only alternative (though I would check the wire for other options), as a “break in case of emergency” type of situation.

Ramses Barden – New York Giants – Wide Receiver
He will get a chance to back up is Week 3 breakout, as Hakeem Nicks has been ruled out once again.  However, before we get too excited, keep in mind that he is going to draw a much tougher defense this time around.  The Philadelphia Eagles have allowed just 172.7 passing yards per game, third lowest in the league.

That said, I would still expect Eli Manning and company to be productive this week.  In two meetings with the Eagles last season Manning threw for 518 yards, 5 TD and 1 INT.  They are an offense that can make big plays, and if you are in need of a wide receiver Barden is worth rolling the dice on.  Consider him a low-end WR3 this week, especially since he could play a major factor in the red zone thanks to his size.

Matt Forte/Michael Bush – Chicago Bears – Running Back
Listed as questionable, according to Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune (click here for the article) recently posted the following quote from head coach Lovie Smith:

“Matt Forte continues to get better,” Smith said. “Being able to do a little bit more each day. Can’t tell you a lot more than that as far as Matt is concerned except for he’s getting better. And that’s been the case all along with him.”

It seems like he is headed to a game-time decision, which is extremely problematic for fantasy owners.  With the Bears not playing until Monday night, the chance that Forte dresses also sheds a doubt over the workload Michael Bush could see.

Forte owners will definitely want to leave him on the bench.  As for Bush, it depends on your other options.  However, with the chance that Forte plays, Bush owners should be considering their alternatives for today’s game.

Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs – Wide Receiver
According to Adam Schefter (via Twitter):

“Despite being listed as questionable with a groin injury, Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe is expected to play Sunday vs. San Diego.”

The Chiefs play at 1 PM, so we should have a definitive answer early in the day.  That said, fantasy owners should expect to have him for today’s game.  Keep him active in all formats.

Pierre Garcon – Washington Redskins – Wide Receiver
Having not played since early in Week 1, it looks like Garcon could finally return to the field this week.  According to Rich Campbell (via Twitter):

WR Pierre Garcon (right foot) will try to play tomorrow, a source says. Last 2 weeks, decision to hold him out was made Saturday. “

While the matchup would be favorable against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with a 4:25 PM start time, it is hard to count on him.  Unless you have Leonard Hankerson as a safety net (or another suitable option with a late start), I would plan on having Garcon on your bench one more week.  The risk of him not playing is just too great.

Nate Kaeding – San Diego Chargers – Kicker
While your kicker is something you often overlook, if you are a Nate Kaeding owner you are going to want to pay attention.  According to Scott Bair of the North County Times (click here for the article):

“Nick Novak boarded the Chargers charter flight for Kansas City. Nate Kaeding did not.  The Chargers called in the cavalry after regular kicker Kaeding pulled up lame during Friday’s practice, suffering with a groin injury that a source said could extend beyond this week.”

In other words, Kaeding owners need to hit the waiver wire for a replacement.  Not only that, it appears like you may need someone for two weeks or more.  Possible replacements include the Rams’ Greg Zuerlin and the Vikings’ Blair Walsh.

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  1. Steve says:

    Can I trust Brown getting touches over Bradshaw or should I go with Sproles or Morris? Or do I go pick up Fred Jackson?? Thanks

    • I definitely wouldn’t trust Brown right now. While I would definitely stash Jackson, if possible, he’s not the perfect play for this week either (depending on if Spiller is playing or not as well).

      Is there anyone you could drop besides one of the RB?

      I think Sproles/Morris are close, but I would probably go with Sproles

      • Steve says:

        I think I’d drop either Maclin or Crabtree to pick up Jackson. I’ll put Sproles in place of Brown until we see where the carries are going to fall in the Giants backfield. Thanks!

  2. RT says:

    RP – I have Barden for my flex. Also, have Mike Williams and Lafell.

    What do you think? Thanks!

    • It’s close between them all, honestly. I would lean Barden, with Williams as my second choice, but they are all on about the same level.

      Barden’s advantage is having Eli throwing him the ball, though.

  3. James says:

    Ponder or Newton?

    Its so sad that I have to even ask this question.

    • It’s a sorry state of affairs, isn’t it?

      I’d still stick with Newton, but it is troublesome that this is even a consideration. Newton’s potential with his legs still gives him a slight edge, though.

  4. S says:

    Ridley, R Bush or M Bush for my RB2?

  5. Aaron says:

    Do I bench V Cruz over R Barden. With Nicks out, eagles are most likely to put coverage on Cruz. Is it worth the gamble by switching them out or do I just roll the dice with Cruz?

  6. chris says:

    I have both Forte and Bush on my roster. Who would be the better start?

  7. S – I want to say Reggie Bush, but he is a bit of a risk given his status. If you want to roll the dice you can, knowing you have Michael Bush playing on Monday (though his touches are risky as well). The safe play would be Ridley.

    Aaron – That’s a huge gamble and not one that I would take. Cruz has proven to be able to rebound in the past and I would expect a bigger game from him then Barden. It’s not impossible Barden outproduces him, but you would be taking a major gamble.

    chris – I assume you mean Michael Bush? I would say Forte, but we’ll have to monitor the news over the next 24-36 hours.

  8. Dan Wilfing says:

    My team is in disarray – I have Benson as my RB2 due to F. Jackson’s injury & have been playing Jac. Rodgers in my flex – initially I drafted Desean Jackson as my flex, playing him @ WR2 due to Dez’s struggles – I have N. Washington w/ Britt not playing – set my line-up

  9. Tito says:

    Hey RP,

    I’m having trouble deciding between Aaron Rodgers and RGIII. I wanna put Rodgers in but is his upside that much more than RGIII?

    Here is the rest of my team:
    RBs-Lynch, D Martin, M Turner, R Bush, M Bush
    WRs-Welker, L Fitzgerald, Bowe & V Jackson

    Who do I select as my 2 RBs, 2 WRs and my Flex?

    Many thanks in advance! :^D

  10. Dan Wilfing says:

    QB – Brady
    RB1 – Sproles
    RB2 – F. Jackson
    WR1 – AJ Green
    WR2 – Dez Bryant
    TE – F. Davis; (A Hernandez)
    FLEX – Desean Jackson;CedBenson, Jac Rogers, N. Washington

  11. Lambda says:

    Fjax or Spiller?

  12. Tito – Here’s how I’d do it:

    QB – Rodgers (I know it’s hard to bench BGIII, but I have to still have faith in Rodgers)
    RB – Martin & Lynch
    WR – Fitzgerald & V. Jackson
    FLEX – Welker

    Reggie Bush is close to Welker, but he is a risk with a 4 PM start time.

    Lambda – Everything I heard has Jackson getting more touches, so he probably is the “safer” option. Spiller has the higher upside, but I’d probably go Jackson this week.

  13. Brandon says:

    So anyone ever ask u for a job on here? If ur looking I think I’d be great for it. I have more baseball knowledge than I do football

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