Rotoprofessor Challenge: Third Round Analysis

It’s time to take a look at the Third Round from the recent Rotoprofessor Challenge Draft:

  1. Geckos – Anquan Boldin
  2. CP – Ryan Grant
  3. I’m So Paid – Roddy White
  4. Show me the Money – Marion Barber
  5. agent ile – Dwayne Bowe
  6. Lester – Ronnie Brown
  7. AU Eagles – Jason Witten
  8. Big Fan – Kevin Smith
  9. Peterson’s Peeps – Thomas Jones
  10. Rotoprofessor – Brandon Marshall
  11. Mose U Over – Pierre Thomas
  12. + Rock Star + – Marques Colston

Best Pick of the Round – Marques Colston
I was between Colston and Marshall for my pick, so I have to say that I’m a huge fan in getting him at the end of the round.  He has plenty of risk associated with him, as we’ve discussed before (click here for my article on him), but he could perform like one of the Top 5 receivers in the game.

Worst Pick of the Round – Jason Witten
I almost selected the Pierre Thomas pick for this spot, just because you don’t really know how many carries he’s going to get thanks to Reggie Bush being in the mix as well.  Since he needed a RB (he selected Andre Johnson & Randy Moss with his first two picks), I can understand the selection a bit more.

As for Witten, I know there is a huge gap between the top tier of TEs and the rest, but this is just a little too early and put his roster in a little bit of a hole.  The next TE wasn’t selected until the ninth pick of the fourth round, meaning that Witten still would’ve likely been on the board the next time he picked since no one was obviously clamoring for one here.  Now, how much better would Kevin Smith or Thomas Jones look as his second RB, as opposed to Jonathan Stewart?

Don’t make the mistake and reach for a TE early, it’s going to hurt you somewhere else and fairly dramatically.

What are your thoughts from the round?  Which pick did you like best?  Which did you hate?

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Witten better put up top numbers! That’s what happens when you miss the draft, I guess! Never recommended!

  2. Lester says:

    I would say worst pick in round three is Thomas Jones. With three RBs on the Jets now, his workload is going to be greatly diminshed. None of the picks jump out to me as being the best. Solid picks for the most part.

  3. Wes Granger says:

    This is when the draft really gets interesting. I’m with Lester in nothing really stands out as terrible or terrific. I would agree that Witten is a reach at that pick and taking a top TE early can sometime backfire on you leaving you short elsewhere, but if there is a TE to take early, it would be Witten. I think my pick of Pierre was poor but like you said, I had taken two top WR and had no RB and there really wasnt anyone left. I was hoping MBIII would fall that far, but no luck!

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