Week 5 Rankings: Top 50 Wide Receivers

How do the injuries to Hakeem Nicks and Greg Jennings impact the rankings?  It obviously has an effect, but there are some top options with great matchups this week.  Let’s take a look at how everything stacks up, including a surprise at the top:

  1. A.J. Green – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Miami
  2. Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons – at Washington
  3. Percy Harvin – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Tennessee
  4. Victor Cruz – New York Giants – vs. Cleveland
  5. Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons – at Washington
  6. Brandon Marshall – Chicago Bears – at Jacksonville
  7. Wes Welker – New England Patriots – vs. Denver
  8. Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs – vs. Baltimore
  9. Torrey Smith – Baltimore Ravens – at Kansas City
  10. Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos – at New England
  11. Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals – at St. Louis
  12. Andre Johnson – Houston Texans – at New York Jets
  13. Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers – at Indianapolis
  14. Mike Wallace – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Philadelphia
  15. Brandon Lloyd – New England Patriots – vs. Denver
  16. Eric Decker – Denver Broncos – at New England
  17. Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints – vs. San Diego
  18. Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Green Bay
  19. Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Philadelphia
  20. Malcolm Floyd – San Diego Chargers – at New Orleans
  21. Steve Smith – Carolina Panthers – vs. Seattle
  22. Danny Amendola – St. Louis Cardinals – vs. Arizona
  23. Brian Hartline – Miami Dolphins – at Cincinnati
  24. DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles – at Pittsburgh
  25. Steve Johnson – Buffalo Bills – at San Francisco
  26. James Jones – Green Bay Packers – at Indianapolis
  27. Anquan Boldin – Baltimore Ravens – at Kansas City
  28. Lance Moore – New Orleans Saints – vs. San Diego
  29. Andrew Hawkins – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Miami
  30. Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles – at Pittsburgh
  31. Pierre Garcon – Washington Redskins – vs. Atlanta
  32. Domenik Hixon – New York Giants – vs. Cleveland
  33. Michael Crabtree – San Francisco 49ers – vs. Buffalo
  34. Nate Washington – Tennessee Titans – at Minnesota
  35. Jerome Simpson – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Tennessee
  36. Sidney Rice – Seattle Seahawks – at Carolina
  37. Greg Little – Cleveland Browns – at New York Giants
  38. Andre Roberts – Arizona Cardinals – at St. Louis
  39. Randall Cobb – Green Bay Packers – at Indianapolis
  40. Mario Manningham – San Francisco 49ers – vs. Buffalo
  41. Robert Meachem – San Diego Chargers – at New Orleans
  42. Kendall Wright – Tennessee Titans – at Minnesota
  43. Kenny Britt – Tennessee Titans – at Minnesota
  44. Stephen Hill – New York Jets – vs. Houston
  45. Alshon Jeffery – Chicago Bears – at Jacksonville
  46. Davone Bess – Miami Dolphins – at Cincinnati
  47. Leonard Hankerson – Washington Redskins – vs. Atlanta
  48. Donald Jones – Buffalo Bills – at San Francisco
  49. Brandon LaFell – Carolina Panthers – vs. Seattle
  50. T.Y. Hilton – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Green Bay


  • If Roddy White and/or Julio Jones were taking on the Washington Redskins without the other one in the lineup, they would likely be the top option.  While there could be enough balls to go around, they will likely split the opportunities (where as A.J. Green is the clear cut top option).  That alone is the tipping point between White and Green, who are both performing at a high level and have favorable matchups this week.
  • Will Hakeem Nicks play this week?  Time will tell, but if he does he has the potential to have a monster week against the Browns.  While Victor Cruz is going to be a WR1 regardless, if Nicks is out Domenik Hixon should have the opportunity to post good numbers.  We are leaving Nicks off, for now, but if he dresses consider him a WR1 and drop Hixon to more of a WR4.
  • Wes Welker is starting to look like the player of old, isn’t he?  He now has 25 receptions for 380 yards (including back-to-back games with at least 129 yards).  The one thing he hasn’t been doing is finding the end zone.  Do we expect that to continue?  Sooner or later you have to expect him to break one, so don’t downgrade him because of that.
  • Yes, Andre Johnson has not performed as expected (16 receptions for 268 yards and 2 TD).  Yes, the Texans could easily go with a run first attack, led by Arian Foster.  However, with Darrelle Revis out for the season Johnson should be in position to perform.  This could be his breakout performance of the season and consider him a low-end WR1.
  • Would it surprise anyone to see Peyton Manning and Tom Brady get into a shootout?  Demaryious Thomas would have the potential to be a major benefactor, as he already has 21 receptions for 325 yards and 2 TD.  It could be another big day.
  • It’s been a decent year for Malcolm Floyd, with 15 catches for 250 yards and 1 TD, but we all know there is the potential for significantly more production.  He has a favorable matchup against the Saints, who have allowed 7 passing TD and 276.5 passing yards per game over the first four weeks.  View him as a solid WR2.
  • While I wouldn’t expect a repeat performance from Brian Hartline, he is the go to receiver for the Dolphins at this point and has a more favorable matchup than guys like DeSean Jackson or Steve Johnson.  That said, he’s still a borderline WR2 and I wouldn’t blame anyone for not trusting him quite yet.
  • The Giants’ secondary is banged up, which is the only reason why Greg Little (who is completely unpredictable as it is) is still a consideration as a WR3.  However, with just 11 catches for 151 yards and 1 TD, I would leave him for the desperate for now.
  • Does anyone want to trust Kenny Britt at this point?  He’s going to remain on the rankings, because it appears likely he will play, but until he stays healthy and produces he is untrustworthy.

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  1. RT says:

    Thank you for this RP.

    Someone on my league just dropped Jerome Simpson, do you think I should pick him up and drop Brandon Lafell?

    • If it’s just for this week, I would say yes. I actually really like LaFell, but they will probably be close.

      I’d go for it.

    • Mike in Georgia says:

      I agree with the professor…I had Lafell and dropped him recently…and took Simpson…while he did OK, he has tremendous upside…I actually just packaged him with Dwayne Bowe and got Demarco Murray…it left me with A.J., Cruz and Harvin as my only 3 WR’s but I am happy!
      Good luck…love this site as well..

  2. Giacomo says:

    Brian Hartline or Green-Ellis at flex this week? 1/2 pt per reception league.

    • If it is close, I generally go with the RB. I know Green-Ellis does have a tough matchup, but I would probably go with him. I would guess he’d score a short TD with 50-60 yards. Hartline isn’t going to be able to repeat last week’s explosion.

      I would be willing to sit Green-Ellis for a more trustworthy option, though.

  3. Cara says:

    Aj Green WR1
    James Jones, Amendola or Garcon for 2 and 3?
    Also would you play Rams D tonight? Other option is Cincy or New England

  4. I’d go Amendola & Jones, with Garcon on the bench.

    As for the D, I’d go with Cincy

  5. Cara says:

    Thanks!! Just noticed someone dumped Minnesota D- pick them over Cincy??

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