Rotoprofessor Challenge: Fourth Round Analysis

It’s time to take a look at the Fourth Round from the recent Rotoprofessor Challenge Draft:

  1. + Rock Star + – Chad Ochocinco
  2. Mose U Over – Aaron Rodgers
  3. Rotoprofessor – Tony Romo
  4. Peterson’s Peeps – Wes Welker
  5. Big Fan – Roy Williams
  6. AU Eagles – T.J. Houshmandzadeh
  7. Lester – Terrell Owens
  8. agent ile – Kurt Warner
  9. Show me the Money – Antonio Gates
  10. I’m So Paid – Reggie Bush
  11. CP – Vincent Jackson
  12. Geckos – Joseph Addai

Best Pick of the Round – Terrell Owens
He currently has an ADP of 33.12, so getting him in the fourth round is a great move for Lester, who gets him as his #2 WR.  I understand the concerns of him moving to Buffalo and his attitude, but he has had over 1,000 yards in nine of the past eleven seasons.  He’s also had double-digit TD catches in eight of those seasons.

If Trent Edwards takes the next step in his development, the concerns surrounding Owens are quickly going to disappear.  Honestly, despite being 35-years old at the start of the season, there shouldn’t be any doubt as to what type of player he is.

Worst Pick of the Round – Joseph Addai
He needed a second RB, but there were still numerous options on the board I would have rather taken given the uncertainty surrounding Addai.  With the Colts having drafted Donald Brown, you have to expect Addai to at least be sharing carries, limiting his potential value.

Backs who were still on the board that I liked better then Addai included Chris Wells (fifth round), Darren McFadden (fifth round), Knowshon Moreno (sixth round) & Willie Parker (seventh round).  Just seemed like a reach in the fourth round out of a feel of need, instead of targeting a player who has more potential upside.

What are your thoughts from the round?  Which pick did you like best?  Which did you hate?

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One comment

  1. Lester says:

    Again, pretty solid round. I don’t love the Addai pick or the Bush pick (since this isn’t a PPR league). None of the picks jump out as major steals. Thanks for the props on T.O., but he comes with plenty of risk.

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