Week 6 Rankings: Top 25 Tight Ends

The tight end position is littered with banged up options, as well as many disappointments.  With those in mind, who has risen to become top options?  Let’s take a look:

  1. Tony Gonzalez – Atlanta Falcons – vs. Oakland
  2. Vernon Davis – San Francisco 49ers – vs. New York Giants
  3. Jason Witten – Dallas Cowboys – at Baltimore
  4. Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots – at Seattle
  5. Aaron Hernandez – New England Patriots – at Seattle
  6. Brent Celek – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Detroit
  7. Heath Miller – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Tennessee
  8. Kyle Rudolph – Minnesota Vikings – at Washington
  9. Owen Daniels – Houston Texans – vs. Green Bay
  10. Dennis Pitta – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Dallas
  11. Fred Davis – Washington Redskins – vs. Minnesota
  12. Jermichael Finley – Green Bay Packers – at Houston
  13. Jermaine Gresham – Cincinnati Bengals – at Cleveland
  14. Brandon Pettigrew – Detroit Lions – at Philadelphia
  15. Jared Cook – Tennessee Titans – vs. Pittsburgh
  16. Martellus Bennett – New York Giants – at San Francisco
  17. Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers – vs. Denver
  18. Zach Miller – Seattle Seahawks – vs. New England
  19. Scott Chandler – Buffalo Bills – at Arizona
  20. Jacob Tamme – Denver Broncos – at San Diego
  21. Anthony Fasano – Miami Dolphins – vs. St. Louis
  22. Coby Fleener – Indianapolis Colts – at New York Jets
  23. Joel Dressen – Denver Broncos – at San Diego
  24. Brandon Myers – Oakland Raiders – at Atlanta
  25. Dwayne Allen – Indianapolis Colts – at New York Jets


  • Rob Gronkowski could see his role scaled back a bit, given his reported hip injury, especially with Aaron Hernandez likely to return in Week 6.  He actually has been surprisingly hit or miss, with 35 yards or less (and no TD) in two of his past three games.  At this point it is impossible to have him sitting atop the rankings.
  • Would anyone have really expected to have Tony Gonzalez sitting atop the rankings at any point in 2012?  He just continues to get the job done, with 39 receptions (13 for 123 yards and 1 TD in Week 5) for 388 yards and 4 TD.  There’s no questioning that he is going to play a significant role in the team’s new passing approach.  With a favorable matchup against the Raiders, he should be in store for another big week.
  • Week 4 was Jason Witten’s “return” performance, with 13 receptions for 112 yards and 1 TD.  He should continue to play a major role in the Cowboys passing attack and should simply build on this performance.
  • The Tennessee Titans have been burned by tight ends week after week after week.  This week it is Heath Miller’s turn, who has been a focus of the Steelers in the red zone.  While his value is mostly tied to his ability to score TD, it’s a pretty good bet that he gets there this week.
  • Has the time really come that Antonio Gates is not viewed as a TE1?  He’s played in 4 games this season and hasn’t had more than 4 receptions, hasn’t scored a TD and only once has been above 43 yards (he had 59 in Week 4).  At this point there are definitely more promising options out there, though given his upside I would still hold out hope that Gates gets on track.
  • Joel Dressen or Jacob Tamme?  The problem is, without the number of targets as the Patriots’ tight end duo, there likely isn’t enough chances to go around.  It’s going to be hit or miss on which one makes the impact, so it’s a situation you may want to avoid.
  • Both Jermichael Finley & Martellus Bennett came out of Week 5 banged up.  We’ll have to keep a close eye on the news to see if they are going to be at full strength or not.  The same can be said for the Jets’ Dustin Keller, who remained out in Week 5.  If he plays, he’s a TE2
  • Is Zach Miller returning to fantasy viability?  He had 3 receptions for 59 yards in Week 5 and will likely be called upon heavily in Week 6 against the Patriots.  The Seahawks are going to want to try and keep the ball out of Tom Brady’s hands, so utilizing the running game and a short passing game makes sense.

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  1. Jason says:

    having a hard time deciding between owen daniels and aaron hernandez.

  2. Steve says:

    I’m in a little bit of a bind at my TE position. I have Finley & Keller. I am holding onto Keller because he hasn’t had a full game yet and it’s tough to drop him without knowing what he’ll do when healthy. But I may have to this week for safe measure because the statuses of both my TE’s are still up in the air this week. The top TE free agents in my league are Heap, Fasano, Dreessen & D. Clark. What move should I make?

  3. joseph says:

    Really Witten at 3 vs the ravens and rudolph at 8th vs Washington? Killing me this year!

  4. Jon says:

    Is it getting too cute to start Rudolph over Gronk. My week is gonna be made or broken by Pats and Vikes players. My lineup is: Ponder, Mathews, Charles, Julio, Bowe, Lloyd, Gronk/Rudolph, Bryant and ARI defense. In that lineup would you go Gronk or Rudolph? I’m a pats fan so can’t see straight!

    • I think it is being a little bit cute, unless you are concerned about the hip injury. I’m not saying that it is impossible that Rudolph outproduces him (because it’s not), but Gronk does have the higher upside.

  5. dj messer says:

    Tough call at TE this week…J Graham on BYE and M Bennett finally gets his chance for me and he’s banged up the one week I need him, so I can roll the dice with Martellus or pick up Keller, Dreesen, or some similar scrub?? please help

    • I’d go Bennett, since he has the highest upside and is the most trustworthy. A healthy Keller would probably be the choice, but I can’t trust him (though Bennett is also hurting). Take your pick between the two.

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