Streaming Defenses – Week 10

Best Option
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. San Diego

Yahoo – 19%, ESPN – 6.0%
The Buccaneers make plays, with 13 interceptions (second only to the New York Giants and Chicago Bears). They also play hard under new coach Greg Schiano, which certainly helps in their appeal against a Chargers team that has struggled at times.

The Chargers main weapon at this point is Ryan Mathews, though Tampa Bay is currently allowing the fewest rushing yards per game (77.2). If they can bottle him up, they have a chance to force Philip Rivers into making some mistakes (San Diego has thrown 10 interceptions this season).

The Buccaneers have also added two defensive touchdowns (tied for sixth). While they are far from a lock, if you are streaming defenses you are going to have to take some risks. This seems like a calculated risk worth taking.

Other Potential Options
Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia

Yahoo – 17%, ESPN – 29.2%
The Eagles have ample weapons and a potentially potent offense, they just haven’t started to show it off yet. Entering Week 9 they were among the lowest scoring teams in the league, averaging 17.1 points per game. Led by Michael Vick they had lost 9 fumbles, thrown 8 interceptions and seen their quarterback sacked 20 times (numbers that got even worse after last night’s loss to the Saints).

Are the Cowboys a risky play? Absolutely, but if the Eagles aren’t going to show offensive life they are going to be worth the gamble.

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville
Yahoo – 3%, ESPN – 4.0%
This has nothing to do with the Colts defense, but how bad the Jaguars offense is. Even with Maurice Jones-Drew they were putrid offensively, as they are averaging 14.6 points per game for the season. Over the past two weeks without him they have been right there, scoring a total of 29 points.

In other words, anyone who plays Jacksonville has to at least be worth considering if you are in a bind.

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