Week 10 Rankings: Top 15 Defenses

Let’s wrap up our Week 10 rankings with a look at the best defenses in the league:

  1. Chicago Bears – vs. Houston
  2. San Francisco 49ers – vs. St. Louis
  3. New York Giants – at Cincinnati
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Kansas City
  5. Seattle Seahawks – vs. New York Jets
  6. Denver Broncos – at Carolina
  7. Houston Texans – at Chicago
  8. New England Patriots – vs. Buffalo
  9. Miami Dolphins – vs. Tennessee
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – vs. San Diego
  11. Indianapolis Colts – at Jacksonville
  12. Detroit Lions – at Minnesota
  13. Baltimore Ravens – vs. Oakland
  14. New York Jets – at Seattle
  15. Dallas Cowboys – at Philadelphia


  • The Houston Texans are going to be a tough challenge for the Chicago Bears, but at this point how can we not consider Chicago the top option every given week?  They are tied for third in sacks (25), tied for first in interceptions (17) and tied for first in fumble recoveries (11).  They also have scored 8 TD, so even if they give up points to the Texans there is just as good of a chance that they make numerous big plays.  There is just no one else you should rather own, regardless of match-up, at this point.
  • While the Pittsburgh Steelers defense has been banged up and not as good as expected this season, would you really pick against them against the Chiefs?  Obviously, we would like to see better numbers (14 sacks, 4 interceptions), but they need to be considered a Top 5 option this week.
  • The New York Giants are tied for the league lead with 17 interceptions, while the Bengals are fourth in the league having thrown 11.  Cincinnati has also allowed 22 sacks, eighth most in the league (and we all know how strong the Giants’ defensive line can be).  In other words, this has the makings of a productive afternoon for New York.
  • Granted, the Detroit Lions defense has been frustrating this season, but the Minnesota Vikings have been getting little from their quarterback in recent weeks and Percy Harvin is in danger of missing the game.  Sure, they’ll have to contend with a “mediocre” back named Adrian Peterson, but at least there is upside potential.

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  1. robert ferguson says:

    I have been streaming defenses ever since Baltimore started to suck. Here is my question; I have this week the Cowboys D. The Bengals D is available on waivers. I am looking at next week already with their matchup against the Chiefs. I know somebody will pick them up next week as there are other guys streaming D’s as well. I am low on the waiver wire. I have Luck as QB and Dalton as a backup. Do I drop Dalton to pick up this D or do you think the Cowboys will be a good play next week against the Browns? I am in first place and am trying to make the best use of my team. I could maybe drop D. Brown as my Rb’s are Rice, BGE, D. Thomas, Brown, and Stewart. Please let me know, thanks.

  2. Josh says:

    Hey Roto Professor,
    What’d you think I do? Do I play Cam Newton verse Denver defense, or do I play Josh Freeman verse San Diego defense?

  3. Robert – I like the idea of beating everyone else to the punch for your defense, but not at the expense of Dalton (I don’t think Lick is always going t be the better choice). I would rather drop a RB, depending on who else is available.

    Josh – Coin flip, though I lean Freeman

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