Streaming Defenses – Week 11

Best Option
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina
Yahoo – 24%, ESPN – 8.7%
How much longer are they actually going to be considered a streaming option and not just a good play in general?

Tampa Bay continues to play hard and make some plays, so they are going to be a good gamble when they get to take on a weaker offense. While they aren’t generating sacks, they have 15 interceptions and 4 defensive touchdowns scored. This season Cam Newton has thrown 10 picks, a year after rowing 17 in his rookie campaign.

In the opening week the Buccaneers limited him to 4 rushing yards and picked him off twice (he did throw for over 300 yards). As long as they keep him from running rampant, they should be able to harass him enough and cause turnovers. That’s the name of the game, making them a solid play this week

Other Good Options
Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City
Yahoo – 16%, ESPN – 14.4%
The Bengals defense has been able to make plays this season, including 27 sacks, 7 interceptions and 8 fumble recoveries. Granted, they have allowed 213 points this season, among the most in the league, but this matchup has just as much to do with the Chiefs inability on offense.

Entering Week 9 they were one of just threw teams averaging fewer than 17 points per game (something that went down after scoring 13 points last night). With a passing game that doesn’t scare you and the team’s inability to utilize their best weapon consistently (Jamaal Charles), the Bengals seems like a good gamble.

St. Louis Rams vs. New York Jets
Yahoo – 9%, ESPN – 11.5%
Let’s be honest, the Jets offense is pathetic right now. There just isn’t much else to say about it and the idea of switching to Tim Tebow at quarterback feels imminent. Will it happen before Week 11? Will it come during the game? It really doesn’t matter, as I don’t see it possibly helping in the least.

The Rams defense has actually been solid against the pass, with 8 interceptions and 26 sacks (tied for sixth in the league). With the Jets falling in the bottom 10 in the league in sacks allowed (22), there actually should be ample opportunities for the Rams to make plays regardless of who is quarterbacking.

Just to make matters worse, the Jets have scored a total of 16 points in their past two games, neither of which were against defensive juggernauts (Dolphins and Seahawks). This has all the makings of a solid streaming option.

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  1. lyl p Whitaker says:

    Are you serious in saying that the Seattle Defense doesn’t qualify as a “defensive juggernaut”? Seriously? I bet you’re on the East Coast and all you watch is E!SPN. Just look at the stats for the Seahawks- they’re probably the most undervalued NFL team out there right now.

    • The point of this is more about how putrid the Jets are, as opposed to how good the Seahawks D is. They are a good defense (even better at home), but I wouldn’t call them a juggernaut. They aren’t the Chicago Bears. They are a Top 5 or 10 option, but they aren’t the top option.

    • Dottie says:

      Seahawks have a bye for week 11, therefore they would not be listed as a top defence for week 11

  2. jay says:

    Who would you pick between 49ers or broncos defense this week?

  3. Dave says:

    I am rolling with the Rams in a league I care the most about (Have the Hawks on bye)

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