Week 11 Rankings: Top 15 Defenses

Let’s continue with our Week 11 rankings by looking at the top defenses in the league:

  1. Chicago Bears – at San Francisco
  2. Houston Texans – vs. Jacksonville
  3. Atlanta Falcons – vs. Arizona
  4. San Francisco 49ers – vs. Chicago
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Carolina
  6. New England Patriots – vs. Indianapolis
  7. Denver Broncos – vs. San Diego
  8. St. Louis Rams – vs. New York Jets
  9. Cincinnati Bengals – at Kansas City
  10. Baltimore Ravens – at Pittsburgh
  11. Washington Redskins – vs. Philadelphia
  12. New York Jets – at St. Louis
  13. Green Bay Packers – at Detroit
  14. Dallas Cowboys – vs. Cleveland
  15. Arizona Cardinals – at Atlanta


  • Maybe if Alex Smith were healthy the Bears wouldn’t come in on top of the rankings…  Who are we kidding?  They are by far the best defense in the league this season and, unless they are taking an absolute offensive juggernaut, there is no reason to even consider anyone else as the top option.
  • Houston’s defense was already one of the top options in the league, so it is almost unfair that they take on the most anemic offense (the Jaguars are averaging 14.1 points per game).
  • A lot of Denver’s defensive value comes from their sacks (31) and defensive touchdowns (4).  The Chargers offense does have potential, however, and it is not like they are giving up a ton of sacks (they have allowed 22).  The Broncos remain a good option, but I wouldn’t put them into the Top 3 this week.
  • Both Baltimore and Washington become potential low-end options due to injuries to the opposing quarterbacks.  However, that doesn’t make them highly recommended options, so keep that in mind before rolling the dice on them.

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  1. T-Razzle says:

    What are your thoughts regarding the Ravens defense facing a Leftwich led Steelers team versus the Bengals facing the lackluster Chiefs? I think both appear to be great options though I tend to like the Ravens unit much better because of the Leftwich wind up – very long and deliberate making for a DB dream. Also, which offense do you think will take the biggest hit with the back-up QBS? Chicago? 49ers? Steelers? Eagles? I think the Eagles and Steelers are imploding and this will make for an ugly football weekend. Chicago’s Jason Campbell looked good last year before his injury but he looked un-prepared to do his job Last Sunday. Sorry for the long email. Nice cameo in The League season 3.

  2. Mike says:

    Hey, I have the 49ers Def and Steelers Def but i might trade steelers def for shonn greene. i have very good rbs, wrs and te. this would just be do add even more depth at RB. but do you think its worth it? i ask because i like the steelers def the rest of the season and i think its going to be better then the 49ers. can you please give your idea?


  3. T-Razzle – The Ravens defense is still banged up, so I would have a tough time trusting them. As for which offense hurts worse, time will tell. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see Foles play well in Philly. The Steelers could struggle, but the Bears/49ers are built on more than their QB.

    Mike – If you feel like the Steelers are trhe better option, then I wouldn’t trade them, especially if you don’t need Greene. Play the matchup.

  4. Sean says:

    Hey can you help me with my lineup for this week?
    QB: Right now I have tony romo starting over josh freeman. I really just don’t feel like benching romo right now. I think he’s due for a comeback, and especially against the browns
    WR: This is where I really need some help. My recievers right now are demaryius Thomas, wes welker, larry Fitzgerald, denarius Moore, and Danny amendola. Right now I’m starting Thomas, welker, and Fitzgerald. I really considering starting Moore, but I’m just not sure who to swap out. Your help on this would be great
    RB: With f-jax out to a concussion I’m starting lesean McCoy and mikel leshoure. I don’t really have any other options here besides the waiver wire
    TE: I’m starting owen Daniels over Brandon pettigrew. I just think daniels is having a great season, and when playing, he’s really been on fire. I think he’s the better option
    K: Jason hanson
    D: With both my defenses on byes, I dropped one and picked up Cincinnati. I think the chiefs are a great matchup, so I think I’m fine here
    Thanks again

  5. Cara says:

    I have New England and now Cincy.. I was leaning Cincy but you have NE higher this week??

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