Rotoprofessor Challenge: Fifth Round Analysis

It’s time to take a look at the Fifth Round from the recent Rotoprofessor Challenge Draft:

  1. Geckos – Tony Gonzalez
  2. CP – Dallas Clark
  3. I’m So Paid – Santana Moss
  4. Show me the Money – Braylon Edwards
  5. agent ile – Santonio Holmes
  6. Lester – Donovan McNabb
  7. AU Eagles – Jonathan Stewart
  8. Big Fan – Larry Johnson
  9. Peterson’s Peeps – Chris Wells
  10. Rotoprofessor – Darren McFadden
  11. Mose U Over – Marshawn Lynch
  12. + Rock Star + – Hines Ward

Best Pick of the Round – Darren McFadden
No, it’s not because it was my pick, it just so happens to be the pick that jumps out at me as the best from the round.  McFadden’s current ADP is 47.28, meaning he’s going on average in the late fourth round.  He’s actually been picked as high as #28 (now, that’s crazy!).  I had him ranked as my #18 RB, ahead of Stewart, Johnson & Wells, all of whom went before him in this round.  Considering the talk that he’s going to take over the starter’s role, this could be a big-time season for him making him a great gamble pick at this point. 

Worst Pick of the Round – Santana Moss/Jonathan Stewart
There were two picks this round that really stand out to me and I just couldn’t pick one over the other.

Moss is currently holding an ADP of 71.9, meaning he’s a borderline sixth round pick, but more of someone going in the seventh.  He was selected ahead of Holmes, Edwards, Anthony Gonzalez (sixth round), Lee Evans (sixth round), Eddie Royal (seventh round), DeSean Jackson (seventh round), Jericho Cotchery (seventh round) & Bernard Berrian (seventh round) all of whom had spots in my Top 25 WR.  Moss, went unlisted.  There was just too much WR talent available at this point to take that type of gamble.

As for Stewart, why take someone who is clearly the #2 back on his own team?  While we all expect DeAngelo Williams to fall short of last season’s production, that’s more in terms of the TDs, not the yardage.  Stewart has an ADP of 61.73, so the round isn’t terrible, but with starters like McFadden, Johnson, Knoshown Moreno & Derrick Ward still on the board, it just seems like a bit of a stretch.

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  1. Lester says:

    Again, none of the picks jump out to me as the best pick. However, I do agree that the Moss and J-Stew picks were a bit suspect.

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