Receiving Radar: Has Justin Blackmon Emerged As Jacksonville’s Top WR?

Apparently it was Blaine Gabbert’s fault that rookie Justin Blackmon wasn’t producing, huh? With Gabbert out and Chad Henne in all Blackmon did was explode for seven receptions for 236 yards and a touchdown.

Entering the day he had a total of 26 receptions for 250 yards and a touchdown. That just shows you the type of ability Blackmon possesses and the type of day he had. However, do fantasy owners really believe these types of days are going to be normal?

Given his lack of production, I am sure the Texans entered the day focusing on Laurent Robinson (who has since been placed on injured reserve) and Cecil Shorts. Defenses aren’t likely going to make that mistake again.

You also have to look at the target breakdown:

  • Justin Blackmon – 13
  • Cecil Shorts III – 6
  • Michael Spurlock – 5
  • Marcedes Lewis – 4
  • Jalen Parmalee – 3
  • Laurent Robinson – 2

The numbers just further justify that the Texans defense was focusing its attention elsewhere, ultimately failing to adjust. The argument could also be made that Blackmon and Henne may have practiced together more on the second unit, developing a rapport. That too is possible, but the numbers are still grossly exaggerated.

I would believe Blackmon has finally figured things out, as well as having a quarterback who can get him the ball. Unfortunately, Jacksonville is not normally going to be a 35 pass attempt team (especially once Maurice Jones-Drew is healthy). Those passes need to be spread around, meaning fewer opportunities for Blackmon.

All that said, at this point I consider this a turn of the corner for Blackmon. While I wouldn’t push him up rankings too far, he should be in discussion fr a WR3 spot after being ignored for much of the season.

The next few weeks the Jaguars face the following teams

Titans – 266.2 passing yards/game, 20 TD
Bills – 234.1 passi yards/game, 19 TD
Jets (torched last night, though this is the best passing defense they will likely see)
Dolphins – 266.3 passing yards/game, 12 TD
Patriots – 289.7 passing yards/game, 21 TD

In other words, favorable matchups to go along with better quarterback play. Don’t expect his Week 11 numbers (obviously), but look for him to be a productive option the rest of the way and a viable WR3 (with WR2 potential), though for me, Cecil Shorts remains the better option.

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  1. Mike in Georgia says:

    Good article….I have AJ, Cruz, Harvin and Cecil Shorts now. I am looking for a 5th WR so I can consider trading one of the big 3 for a RB1 or 2. I can pick up T.Y. Hilton, J. Blackmon (would give me two WR’s on same team) or Danario Alexander (tougher schedule ahead). Justin has the easiest with Hilton’s not too bad. Any opinion?

    • All are good options. I would probably rank them Alexander, Hilton than Blackmon (especially since you already have Shorts). That said, the first two could go either way depending on your preference.

      • Mike in Georgia says:

        Thanks…kinda leaning that way too but gut keeps pointing to Hilton for some reason.

        • Mike in Georgia says:

          Just an update for you…after making a trade for Trent Richardson (gave up Cruz & H. Miller), I picked up Danario Alexander and T.Y. Hilton, so I’m good to go…thanks again!

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