Rotoprofessor Challenge: Sixth Round Analysis

It’s time to take a look at the Sixth Round from the recent Rotoprofessor Challenge Draft:

  1. + Rock Star + – Carson Palmer
  2. Mose U Over – Derrick Ward
  3. Rotoprofessor – Knoshown Moreno
  4. Peterson’s Peeps – Antonio Bryant
  5. Big Fan – Matt Schaub
  6. AU Eagles – Anthony Gonzalez
  7. Lester – LenDale White
  8. agent ile – Torry Holt
  9. Show me the Money – Lee Evans
  10. I’m So Paid – Lance Moore
  11. CP – Pittsburgh Defense
  12. Geckos – Philadelphia Defense

Best Pick of the Round – Anthony Gonzalez
With Marvin Harrison no longer on the roster, Gonzalez should be the #2 receiver on a dynamic offense, meaning he could be in line for a monster season.  I spoke about him at the end of June (click here to view) and my feelings on him remain unchanged.

Worst Pick of the Round – Torry Holt
It’s very possible that he’s just not the player that he once was.  Now with the Jacksonville Jaguars, last season Holt experienced the worst year of his career with just 64 catches, 796 yards and 3 TD.  It was the first time since the 2000 season that he was under 1,000 yards and 81 catches.  Now at 32-years, you really have to wonder if there is any chance that he returns to form. 

I know he’s likely to be the #1 receiver for David Garrard this season, but it is not like the Jaguars had a stellar passing attack last season.  No receiver had more than 65 catches, 761 yards or 3 TD.  With a whole slew of other WR options still on the board (DeSean Jackson, Eddie Royal, Bernard Berrian, Jerricho Cotchery and a few others all went in the seventh round), I thought this was a bit of a reach.

What are your thoughts of the round?  Which pick did you like best?  Worst?

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  1. Lester says:

    In defense of Holt, the Jags haven’t had a WR of his caliber since Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell. I agree though, I’m not a huge fan of the pick. The Lance Moore pick is right up there though. I don’t seem him having as big of a role with Bush, Shockey, and Colston healthy. This is before Meachem began to look like he is going to contribute, so you can’t hold that part against the pick.

    Also, 6th round seems a bit early to begin taking Defenses, especially a Philly unit that lost their heart (Dawkins), D Cooridnator, and their Middle LB.

  2. Matt Soltysiak says:

    I like the Anthony Gonzalez pick, I almost grabbed him- but still needed a quarterback. I partly disagree about Holt.

    I think he’ll have a decent season and be a good #3 fantasy receiver, but I do agree he went atleast a round too early. DeSean Jackson and Eddie Royal each have much more upside.

  3. Lester says:

    The more I think of it, the Defense picks seem more questionable than the WR ones.

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