Analyzing My Drafting Mistakes in the Rotoprofessor Challenge

by Matt Soltysiak

Not every draft is perfect. When you finish your 15 or 16 rounds you look back and may wish there was a pick or two you did differently. I’ll break down my draft and go over a couple of things.

I had the 7th overall pick (not a particularly high value spot).

1. Steve Slaton -I opted for a young running back
2. Greg Jennings- debated between him and Wayne, both are solid #1’s
3. Kevin Smith- got my #2 starting RB
4. Roy Williams- has plenty of upside and is the #1 receiver in a potent offense
5. Larry Johnson- great #3 back, has plenty of upside if he can bounce back even a little

The first five rounds are pretty solid. I somewhat debate taking Jennings over Wayne, but both should have strong seasons (Jennings did better than Wayne last year and I was targeting Gonzalez in the 6th).

Here’s where my drafting went down hill a bit.

6. Matt Schaub- finally got my quarterback, was hoping to wait one more round though
7. Kevin Walter – 8 receivers went between my 6th and 7th pick. I was hoping for more
8. Felix Jones- good value, he’s my #4 back with a lot of upside
9. Kevin Curtis- feeling bad about my receiving corps I reached on someone.
10. Kyle Orton- A decent back-up qb.
11. Mark Clayton- at the time Derrick Mason was retired, not so anymore
12. Laurence Maroney- a late round flyer that probably won’t materialize
13. Kevin Boss- my starting tight end, finally. Should be solid enough
14. Indianapolis- starting defense is a little questionable, but that’s OK
15. Nick Folk- last round is always the kicker round.

In the 6th I was hoping to grab Anthony Gonzalez, but a quarterback went a couple picks before me and I was worried there might not be a decent starting quarterback left in the 7th, so I had to take Schaub. Unfortunately 8 receivers went between picks and I was left with Bernard Berrian and Kevin Walter to choose from. I chose Walter because he had a better QB (Favre was still retired at the time).

There’s no excuse for my picks in the 9th and 11th rounds. Neither of these guys are very good. I could have grabbed either one in the 13th round. I took them because I felt my receiving corps was lacking, but what I should have done is taken other guys with greater value. Some examples are Ray Rice, Matt Hasselbeck, the Chicago defense, Tim Hightower, Donald Brown, LeSean McCoy & Fred Jackson.

Especially in the later rounds don’t just draft for position, go value. Even if you only have on back up receiver after the draft, it’s OK. You can add people later or trade. I’d much rather have Donald Brown and Ray Rice than the guys I took in the 9th and 11th.

What does everyone else think?  Where do you think my biggest drafting mistake was?

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  1. Lester says:

    No glaring holes. Part of the problem of drafting early is there is a lot of time before the season started. Knowing what we know about Rice and Favre certainly changes things.

    I guess I don’t trust Indy D, but all-in-all you have a pretty tough team.

  2. Aaron says:

    Curtis & Clatyon!? I wouldn’t even draft these guys anywhere. You could have gotten 2 of Mason / Avery / Holt / Hixon at those spots.

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