Streaming Defenses: Week 15

Detroit Lions – at Arizona
Yahoo – 31%, ESPN – 50.8%

Let’s face it, the Arizona Cardinals are simply a bad football team right now. They turned back to John Skelton in Week 14, but that just didn’t last long. That’s what happens when you throw four interceptions in your 22 pass attempts. The Cardinals ultimately turned the ball over eight times en route to being shut out.

Their best player, Larry Fitzgerald, has two catches for 25 yards over the past two weeks, has caught exactly one pass in three of his past four games (and hasn’t topped 31 yards in that span) and has four touchdowns on the season. They have no viable NFL quarterback. Beanie Wells has rushed for 40 yards on 21 carries over the past two weeks.

In other words, no matter who they were facing, the Cardinals represent a favorable matchup. As it is, the Lions defense does have potential with 30 sacks and 10 interceptions on the season. It really is just too good of a matchup to not gamble on.

Miami Dolphins – vs. Jacksonville
Yahoo – 28%, ESPN – 15.2%

If Detroit isn’t available, the Dolphins represent a nice fallback option. They have produced 37 sacks this season and draw a Jacksonville offense that is almost as inept as Arizona’s. They managed to score just 10 points against the Jets and could be without several key players.

Will Cecil Shorts be able to return from a concussion? Without him Chad Henne came back to earth, throwing for 185 yards and two interceptions in Week 14. The team is also scraping the bottom of the barrel for a RB, using third-stringer Montell Owens. While he performed well against the Jets, Miami is a much stronger team at stopping the run (102.1 rushing yards per game).

Like with Detroit, if you are in need of a defense this is one that is worth rolling the dice on.

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  1. Nick Tenaglia says:

    Need some DST advice for the final championship push…

    Currently have the Falcons and Ravens. Falcons face the 4th ranked Giants this week, and then 25th ranked Lions in week 16.
    Ravens face the 5th ranked Denver offense and then the 5th ranked Giants in week 16.

    It appears that the Ravens are not a good matchup play for either week 15 or 16, so I am thinking I should drop them.

    Here are the available DSTs, along with their next 2 matchups:
    Lions – Arizona (32nd) & Atlanta (8th)
    Dolphins – Jacksonville (29th) & Buffalo (15th)
    Jets – Tennessee (28th) & San Diego (21st)

    I definitely need to stream a DST for this week, but I may also consider that same DST for next week. That being said, should I drop the Ravens for the Jets?

    • For this week I actuallu prefer Detroit and Miami over the Jets. How can you not like anyone taking on Arizona? Obviously, if you want a pick for both weeks,m though, it’s the Jets. Do you think someone else is going to try and nab them?

  2. CK says:

    At this point in the season, I think it is a savvy move to dump a stout D with a tough schedule in favor of a less-hyped D with a cakewalk schedule. I dumped Seattle this week for the Lions, and I plan on playing San Diego (vs. the Jets) in Week 16. Win a championship by chasing the points, not the “brand name.”

  3. Tom says:

    Should I pick up and start the Lions over the Giants?

  4. brenden says:

    are either of these teams worth starting over the bears considering CHI vs. rodgers and GB?

  5. Tom – I would

    brenden – it’s close, but. Would use Detroit. Still a gamble, though, with Cicago’s ability it make plays.

  6. Rusty says:

    Who do you like for a week 16 Def? I want to get a jump on them today so I can beat the rest of the league to the waiver wire next week:

    -Was @ Phi
    -NYJ vs SD
    -SD @ NYJ
    -Ari vs Chi
    -Buf vs Mia

    I am thinking Was after what Cin did I the Eagles in Thursday. Thanks for your help!

    • I actually like San Diego, with Washington just behind them, but ts probably close. Cincinnati’s defense is actually pretty good, and. Would expect a bounce back from the Eagles (especially with the potential of McCoy returning)

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