Brandon Marshall Suspended

-Matt Soltysiak

The Broncos suspended receiver Brandon Marshall for the rest of the preseason due to insubordination.  Drafting Marshall was already a risk this year because he’s coming back from injury, has to learn a new system, lost his Pro Bowl quarterback and has been unhappy with the team.


As of right now he’ll only miss the remainder of the preseason.  Even if Marshall’s suspension ends before the regular season, he may have a smaller role on the team as it appears he is well behind the others in learning the playbook.


Some drafts have seen Marshall go in the third round as a #2 receiver.  I’ve always thought that too high (see paragraph one), but now you really shouldn’t be taking him until the 4th or 5th round.  That isn’t all bad.  You could get very good value with him if he slides down a round or two, you grab him and then he works through all the kinks.  There’s no doubting his talent, meaning there’s a lot of risk/reward with Marshall this season- just don’t reach for the troubled receiver on draft day.

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  1. What a mess this situation has become.

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