Inside the Huddle: Colts vs. Dolphins

It was a great game last night, with a few players stepping up and making an impact (if you missed the column looking at Sunday’s games, click here):

  • The Colts just didn’t run many plays in this game, but you got the feeling that the absence of Anthony Gonzalez is going to hurt the production of Reggie Wayne (3 catches for 37 yards).  Teams are going to try and make the other receivers beat them, which is exactly what Peyton Manning (14-23, 303 yards, 2 TD) did.  While Dallas Clark is unlikely to repeat numbers like last night, catching 7 passes for 183 yards and 1 TD is just an amazing game.  He’s going to be among the top TE in the game, but that isn’t news.
  • Ronnie Brown was great running the ball, out of the Wildcat or otherwise.  He was handed the ball 24 times for 136 yards and 2 TD.  Ricky Williams wasn’t bad either, rushing the ball 19 times for 69 yards, showing you that both are going to have value this season.  The major difference is Brown’s advantage running the ball out of the Wildcat.
  • Did someone in your league already sour on Ted Ginn Jr. after he caught just 2 passes in Week 1?  Take advantage of their impatience, as he had a huge game last night, catching 11 passes for 108 yards.  He has the potential to be an impact receiver all year long.

What do you think was the biggest story coming out of yesterday’s game?  Who was the brightest star?  Who was the biggest disappointment?

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I think those Ginn numbers are a bit misleading… sure he had 108 yards receiving…he could’ve had two touchdowns, too. Even though he had 11 catches, until he becomes more sure-handed during the pivotal points in the game (endzone), he’ll never be able to take his game to the next level.

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