Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 2 (2013): Russell Wilson, Montee Ball, Mike Wallace & More

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Trying to decide who you should start or sit this week? Let’s take a look at a few potential decisions owners have and try to sort through them:

Start – Eli Manning – New York Giants – vs. Denver
Obviously if you have one of the elite quarterbacks in the game you may not roll with Manning. That said, there is no question that he is going to throw the ball early and often this Sunday for two clear reasons:

  1. The Giants running game is full of questions and they easily could lack faith in David Wilson
  2. They are simply going to have to in order to keep up with the Broncos

Granted, he threw three interceptions in Week 1, but he also showed how explosive the offense can be. Look for the Giants to light up the scoreboard once again this week and a lot of it will likely be thanks to Manning.

Sit – Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks – vs. San Francisco
This is not going to be a popular pick, and I still have him slotted at #14 on my rankings. That said, the matchup certainly dictates sitting him if you have another alternative. While Wilson threw for four touchdowns in a game against the 49ers last season, he also totaled 293 yards between two games (he also rushed for just 39 yards). The Seahawks don’t have the weapons on the outside that are going to scare the 49ers and it’s easy to imagine him being limited to under 200 yards without finding the end zone. There’s upside, but there also is a lot of risk.

Running Backs
Start – D’Angelo Williams – Carolina Panthers – at Buffalo
The Bills were torched by Shane Vereen in Week 1, watching him amass 159 total yards. Williams, meanwhile, took on a Seahawks defense that is viewed as one of the best in the league and rushed for 86 yards while adding another 14 through the air. While the Panthers offense is not New England’s, they do have potential and Williams figures to be the second option behind Steve Smith. This should be a nice week to have him in your lineup.

Start – Stevan Ridley – New England Patriots – vs. New York Jets
With Vereen out do the Patriots really have a better option at this point? Obviously he needs to hold onto the football, but it’s hard to imagine Leon Washington or LeGarrette Blount getting lead back duties. Obviously there is a little bit of risk, but there is also plenty of reward on a banged up football team.

Sit – Montee Ball – Denver Broncos – at New York Giants
Maybe as a low-end FLEX? Maybe? There is a lot of risk in trusting Ball at this point, however, as he could continue to fall behind Knowshon Moreno on the depth chart (as well as watch Ronnie Hillman get some touches). Throw in the fact that the Broncos are going to be a pass happy team and it’s hard to imagine there being enough touches for Ball to flourish.

Sit – Ahmad Bradshaw – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Miami
We recently mentioned it in a Quick Hit, but Vick Ballard was praised by his head coach for his blocking in Week 1. That was supposed to be Bradshaw’s ticket into the starting role, but that no longer may be the case. With Bradshaw being brought along slowly Ballard, who was more effective on the ground in Week 1, will likely remain on the favorable side of the time share. That makes Bradshaw hard to trust.

Wide Receiver (Two Receiver Format)
Start – DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. San Diego
The Eagles offense is clearly going to run through LeSean McCoy, but there should be plenty of balls to go around in that high-paced offense. There’s no reason not to trust Jackson at this point.

Sit – Torrey Smith – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Cleveland
He draws a tough matchup against Joe Haden, which is enough to downgrade him. Throw in the fact that he’s a hit or miss receiver and has little to help take away the attention of the defense (outside of Ray Rice) and it could be tough sledding this week.

Wide Receiver (Three Receiver Format)
Start – Mike Wallace – Miami Dolphins – at Indianapolis
He was a major disappointment in his Dolphin debut, but it would be surprising if they didn’t make a concerted effort to get him the ball early and often. Don’t give up based on one poor week.

Sit – James Jones – Green Bay Packers – vs. Washington
You don’t expect him to get shutout, but there are a lot of options in Green Bay thanks to the reemergence of JerMichael Finley and the addition of Eddie Lacey. Things should get better, but his touches are too unpredictable to trust if you have another alternative.

Tight Ends
Start – Jordan Cameron – Cleveland Browns – at Baltimore
He was one of several breakout tight ends in Week 1 (along with Julius Thomas and Jared Cook). All three should be played this week, but Cameron gets the focus here because he should once again be among the focus of his offense and takes on a Ravens team that was just torched by Thomas. The truth is all three are worth mentioning, though.

Sit – Zach Sudfeld – New England Patriots – vs. New York Jets
Sure he’s battling a hamstring injury, but that’s not enough to justify his atrocious showing in Week 1. Maybe he bounces back strong against the Jets, but with how surprisingly deep the position is it is impossible to trust him.

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  1. Grant says:

    I have Bradford as my backup QB for Wilson, would you sit Wilson for Bradford?

    • I’d still go Wilson because Pryor is a complete risk. If you really want to gamble, though, I would roll with Pryor (and I know others may actually suggest using him over Wilson this week).

  2. Jay says:

    Cecil Shorts or Julian Edelman?

    • Will Overton says:

      With no Amendola I would definitely go Edelman.

      I would also gamble on Pryor over Schaub. As Foster gets healthier he’ll start taking over again.

  3. Jay says:

    shaub or pryor?

  4. Patrick says:

    Who start? Need 2 please!

    Vernon Davis
    Jared Cook
    Lance Moore

    • Think this is a duplicate, but Davis/Cook for me

      • Patrick says:

        Re-worded it. Sorry about that.

        Cook seems like the only “no-brainer,” oddly enough.

        Moore is always hit or miss. But he led WR in snaps last week, and is going up against a young secondary in Atl this weekend, who he put up good numbers against last year.

        Davis is a concern because of Seattle D. I already have Anquan Boldin starting- any thoughts on starting Davis vs. Boldin vs. Seattle?

        • Hmmm… Agreed, starting both Davis & Boldin against a tough defense is a lot of risk to take. If the 49ers get stymied you are in deep trouble.

          With that in mind, I could see going Moore (who is equally risky). Still, at least you aren’t putting all of your eggs in one basket.

  5. Jason says:

    edelman or colston?

  6. jacob says:

    ppt format.

    d.thomas,m.colston,ty hilton,b.hartline

    which 3 do i start?

  7. Jason – it’s closer than you’d expect, but still Colston

    Jacob – Thomas, Colston & Hilton (but this one is the coinflip)

  8. Isaac says:

    Pryor or Rivers?

  9. Greg says:

    Pierre Garcon or Reggie wayne? Torrey Smith or Golden Tate?

  10. Rob says:

    Cutler or Wilson?

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