Three Buy Low Wide Receivers

Looking to cash in on another fantasy owners frustration? Here’s three wide receivers we are willing to buy on the cheap if you have the ability to:

Mike Wallace – Wide Receiver – Miami Dolphins
It’s become a common theme here, but it’s worth mentioning again. Don’t read into his poor performance in Week 1 and don’t be overly alarmed by his “outburst” complaining about the gameplan. In fact, don’t be surprised if it leads to a significant boost in targets this week. Wallace was signed to be the team’s WR1 and one poor performance, against one of the elite corner backs in the league, isn’t going to change that.

T.Y. Hilton – Wide Receiver – Indianapolis Colts
Do we really think that Darius Heyward-Bey is going to continue to continue to push Hilton as the secondary receiver here? The Colts are going to air the ball out more in the coming weeks, they almost have to, and Hilton should be a prime beneficiary.

Kenny Britt – Tennessee Titans
As we have repeatedly said about Tennessee, one of the problems has always been that you never know which receiver is going to be the most targeted on a weekly basis. Now, of course, we also have the issue of Jake Locker to contend with. That said, Britt is by far the most talented receiver, if healthy. Of course, coming off an injury plagued season his poor Week 1 performance is going to send some owners fleeing. The upside is still there, so cash in before he breaks out with a monster game.

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  1. Sean says:

    Hi, if you could help me a bit it would be great
    Right now my team is:
    QB: Romo, Vick

    HB:Martin, Murray, sproles, bell
    WR: Fitzgerald, Marshall, Edelman, miles Austin, josh Gordon, kenbrell thompkins
    TE: Jason witten
    K: zuerlein
    If you could give me advice on who to start, particularly Vick or romo or just general advice that would be great. Also, I already stared Edelman so he’s locked in there. Thank you

  2. max says:

    Have my starters plus michael floyd, ben tate, lance moore.
    Josh gordon is available as free agent for now.
    WOuld you drop any of these for gordon in ppr league?

    • Ray Kuhn says:

      That is tough, and I would at this point not drop any of those three. I like Floyd a lot for this season, and I think Tate will have a lot of value. Gordon possibly can be better than Moore, and you have to live with Moore’s inconsistency, but I still think he is a better option. Plus I take Brees over Weeden anyday.

  3. jacob says:

    ppt format

    colston, hilton, hartline

    which two do i start?

    • Ray Kuhn says:

      Colston and Hilton. Yes it is tough with Colston on Revis Island for at least part of the game, but that still shouldnt stop you from starting him. I think a lot of why Hartline did well last week, was because Joe Haden took away Wallace.

  4. Kevin says:

    Hi I have two questions, I got offered Trent Richardson and Mike wallace for my Vincent Jackson and sproles should I take it?

    Also who is a better flex play Marlon Brown, Boldin, or lamar Miller? Thanks

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