Fantasy Football Pitfalls – Week 3

by Ryan Lester of Lester’s Legends

I’m going to look at the matchups each week and pick five fantasy starters that could be in for a tough week.  Here’s a look at players who could struggle this week.

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers - You have to play him because he’s taking on St. Louis, but there is a good chance that this game gets out of hand early and the Pack let Ryan Grant handle the heavy lifting.

Chris Johnson, RB, Tennessee Titans – Johnson has a tough matchup this week playing the Jets on the road.  You can’t bench your first-round pick in Week 3, especially after his monster performance against the Texans, but expect something closer to his Week 1 numbers.

Kevin Smith, RB, Detroit Lions - It seems like I’m picking on the second-year backs in the early going.  I’ll pile on with Kevin Smith.  I don’t like his matchup against Washington.  If he’s not active in the passing game, it will be a long day for his fantasy owners.

Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City Chiefs - Bowe faces the Eagles this week.  That ought to be a lot of fun, especially after they got crushed by the Saints.  You almost have to play him, but don’t pencil him in for too many points.

Chad Ochocinco, WR, Cincinnati Bengals - Ocho gets to go up against the Steelers this week.  It’s a home game for the Bengals, but still a tough draw.  Carson Palmer will have his hands full.  Ocho and Palmer were both impressive against Green Bay, but the Steelers are going to be fired up after falling to the Bears.

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  1. As an additional update which will be covered in next week’s installment of this column, I actually pulled the trigger on a trade today. I dealt Sanchez & Gage to get Flacco.

    Just another step in the rebuilding process, but what does everyone think?

  2. C Bass says:

    Good deal!

    Rotoprof. I have Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones Drew and Fred Jackson. (Its a 12 team keeper league my team my team is very good). I can only start 2. I’ve never imagined taking CJ or MJD out of the lineup but Freddy has gotten off to such a great start and has the Saints. I don’t think I’m gonna do it but would you start him over Chris Johnson this week?

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