Fourth & 1 Debate: Breakout Wide Receivers

This week’s Fourth & 1 Debate was hosted by Junkyard Jake of, who asked:

Every year a handful of receivers emerge from obscurity to become fantasy relevant. This year a few relatively overlooked receivers, such as Earl Bennett, Mario Manningham and Andre Caldwell showed signs that they could be factors in 2009. Who are your 2 or 3 favorite surprise receivers for this season?

My response was:

The St. Louis Rams’ Laurent Robinson certainly has to be among the top two or three ‘surprise receivers’ who have emerged in the early going this season. The third year receiver had just 42 receptions over his first two seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, yet already has 11 catches. He’s been the prime target for Marc Bulger in the early going and given the state of their receiving corps should continue to be so all year long.

Another breakout receiver is rookie Johnny Knox, who showed last week that he is not just the burner that people expected him to be. He was targeted by Jay Cutler nine times this past week and if that trend can continue, he could emerge as this seasons’ version of Eddie Royal, aka a rookie breakout thanks to Cutler.

This week’s participants were myself, Jake of, Jacob of FantasyFootballFools.Com, Paul Greco of FantasyPros911.Com, Smitty of FantasyFootballXtreme.Com, Ryan Lester of, Bryce McRae of KFFL.Com and Lee of FootballJabber.Com

To read all of the responses, click here.

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