Week 7 Rankings (2013) – Top 40 Running Backs

by Ray Kuhn

This is the point in the season where things become more definite. Of course fantasy football is ever changing, but at this point, things are what they are. Or as close as they will ever be. As we embark on Week 7, the biggest thing for me is that where you drafted a player is now truly becoming irrelevant. I know you always need to start the best possible player, but early in the season it is always difficult to bench an early round pick. At this point, that should no longer be the case.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at this week’s rankings.

1. Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings – at New York Giants
2. Jamaal Charles -Kansas City Chiefs – vs. Houston
3. LeSean McCoy – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Dallas
4. Matt Forte -Chicago Bears – at Washington
5. Marshawn Lynch -Seattle Seahawks – at Arizona
6. Alfred Morris – Washington Redskins – vs. Chicago
7. Arian Foster – Houston Texans – at Kansas City
8. Reggie Bush – Detroit Lions – vs. Cincinnati
9. Ray Rice – Baltimore Ravens – at Pittsburgh
10. Knowshon Moreno – Denver Broncos – at Indianapolis
11. CJ Spiller – Buffalo Bills – at Miami
12. Doug Martin – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Atlanta
13. D’Angelo Williams – Carolina Panthers – vs. St. Louis
14. Eddie Lacy – Green Bay Packers – vs. Cleveland
15. Danny Woodhead – San Diego Chargers – at Jacksonville
16. Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans – vs. San Francisco
17. Giovani Bernard – Cincinnati Bengals – at Detroit
18. Frank Gore – San Francisco 49ers – at Tennessee
19. Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Baltimore
20. Zac Stacy – St. Louis Rams – at Carolina
21. Lamar Miller – Miami Dolphins – vs. Buffalo
22. Ryan Matthews – San Diego Chargers – at Jacksonville
23. Trent Richardson – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Denver
24. Stevan Ridley – New England Patriots – at New York Jets
25. Maurice Jones-Drew – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. San Diego
26. Jacquizz Rodgers – Atlanta Falcons – vs. Tampa Bay
27. Brandon Jacobs – New York Giants – vs. Minnesota
28. Joseph Randle – Dallas Cowboys – at Philadelphia
29. Willis McGahee – Cleveland Browns – at Green Bay
30. Fred Jackson – Buffalo Bills – at Miami
31. Andre Ellington – Arizona Cardinals – vs. Seattle
32. Bilal Powell – New York Jets – vs. New England
33. Joique Bell – Detroit Lions – vs. Cincinnati
34. BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Cincinnati Bengals – at Detroit
35. Donald Brown – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Denver
36. Bernard Pierce – Baltimore Ravens – at Pittsburgh
37. Rashard Mendenhall – Arizona Cardinals – vs. Seattle
38. Chris Ogbonnaya – Cleveland Browns – at Green Bay
39. Ronnie Hillman – Denver Broncos – at Indianapolis
40. Chris Ivory – New York Jets – vs. New England



  • After a slow start to his career followed by a concussion, things are looking up for Eddie Lacy. He returned last week to gain 99 yards on 23 carries, and did even better than that this week. He carried the ball 23 times on Sunday against the Ravens for 120 yards. Part of that is because the Packers lost both Randall Cobb and James Jones to injury causing the game plan to shift towards the ground. That is understandable, but the good thing here is that Green Bay kept on going back to Lacy instead of another option. Granted he was having success, but Lacy is the clear number one back here and is rising in the rankings.
  • Welcome to the 2013 Stevan Ridley. The problem for most owners is that they likely had Ridley on their benches since he has been battling both poor performance and a leg injury. New England started the game utilizing a timeshare for their backfield, but Ridley ended the game leading the running backs with 38 snaps and also saw his playing time increase as the game went on. This 96 yard, two touchdown outing could get Ridley going.
  • David Wilson does not need neck surgery, but I also would not expect him back this week. Brandon Jacobs got the start last week in place of Wilson and actually did pretty well. In his first start Jacobs gained 106 yards on 22 carries and also found the end zone twice. For at least the next few weeks, the power back should continue to see 20+ carries and is worth at minimum strong FLEX consideration. The Giants are having trouble moving the ball through the air, so they will have to rely on their ground game to get started. Plus Jacobs certainly looks motivated.
  • No one would have blamed Adrian Peterson for not playing on Sunday. Instead, Peterson started and actually did pretty well. From a fantasy perspective I’m sure owners would likely beg to differ, but that is more of a product of the game. The Vikings got blown out, which limited Peterson to just 10 carries on which he did gain 62 yards. I would not be concerned about the star running back going forward, although his situation is not the best. If the Vikings are going to do anything offensively, it will clearly revolve around Peterson.
  • Coming off the bye week, it is still up in the air whether or not Steven Jackson will return this week. The time that Jackson is missing due to his hamstring has to be worrisome, and should be a cause for concern going forward. Jacquizz Rodgers remains the back to own here, with more value in a PPR league.
  • Everyone was waiting for this, and it happened on Sunday. Demarco Murray got hurt and it is looking like he will miss 2-4 weeks with a sprained knee. While Murray is out, it is looking like rookie Joseph Randle will get the start in place of him. The rookie was drafted in the fifth round, but has had a difficult start to his career. He didn’t do much in training camp or the preseason, and prior to this past Sunday did not have an NFL touch. Once Murray went out, Randle got 11 carries, while is his competition Philip Tanner had just one carry for two yards. Granted Randle did score a touchdown, but he only gained 17 yards rushing while adding two catches for 15 yards. I would temper my expectations for Randle this week, as the Cowboys will likely lean more on Tony Romo.

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  1. Eric H says:

    I have Doug Martin, Gio Bernard, Ellington, Bell, SJAX, Wilson and Stacy in a dynasty league with Andre Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw on the IR.

    I like them all as RB2/flex plays and long-term keepers, but I feel like I need to try and trade depth for elite players and obviously need to make room for Andre Brown at some point. Who should I be looking to sell and what should I be looking to get back in return?

    • Eric H says:

      Also,Doug Martin and SJAX aren’t eligible for keeper status.

    • I like Martin/Bernard/Bell. Anyone else I’d consider expendable at the right price.

      Ellington/Stacy have plenty of upside, but not to the level of the other three. Ellington appears to be capped at 30-32 snaps, which unfortunately will limit his upside.

  2. Tim says:

    I have Leveon Bell, Ridley, Spiller, and Murray. In a two RB league and no flex, should I play Bell and Spiller this week or should I put in Ridley instead for one of them especially with Bell facing ravens D and spiller facing dolphins even though Ridley is facing Jets D?

    • Tough, but I’d probably go with Spiller/Ridley. While Ridley has a tough matchup, I could easily see him grabbing at least one touchdown. Bell has a tough matchup and the Ravens have allowed just one rushing TD this season.

      • Tim says:

        Due to the tough matchups for all my RBs. Should I grab and stream Brandon Jacobs just for this week with him facing vikings D?

        • Tim says:

          Also, since Lacy ran for 120 yards in week 6 against ravens, you think Bell could do it this week as well. Let me know about Jacobs that i asked above as well. Thanks

        • Anything s possible with Bell, but I wouldn’t count on it.

          As for Jacpbs, I wouldn’t expect a repeat of last week. He’s no better or worse than the options you have, so it would depend on who you would have to drop

          • Tim says:

            I would have to drop Ridley…what do u think?

          • Tim says:

            Im honestly doing this because Murray is out for this week. Wouldnt Jacobs be a good pickup for this week since Ridley is facing Jets D. Btw i havent picked up Ridley yet. I was going to off the waivers but was thinking Jacobs since hes facing Vikings

          • If its for one week, Jacobs has a slightly higher upside. Though I’m not the biggest fan

  3. Chris says:

    trade question for you…been proposed aj green and al morris for chris Johnson and d jax… rest of my starters are…v jax, j Gordon, and d martin…my thoughts give me a chance to get some value out of cj2k and not take too big of hit at WR…also will have s jax back in a week or 2 and could go with Gordon and green at wr and run with 3 backs…your thoughts?

  4. Jim says:

    I’m thinking about these transactions this week.

    Pick up Harvin — Drop Bowe
    Pick up SF DEF — Drop Houston DEF
    Pick up Blackmon — Drop Witten
    Pick up V. Jackson — Drop B. Tate

    What do you think? How much Waiver Wire $ would you throw at each. I have 80 out of 100 left..

    • Don says:

      obviously do the second one but don’t throw out more than $10. Honestly, you must be playing in like a 3 man league to be considering picking up and dropping any of these players. If you must drop Bowe than i’d take Blackmon over Harvin because of his immediate value. If anyone in your league has any brains though, they’ll be gunning for vjax (how is he on waivers?) I’d put all 80 on Vjax and then put some backup claims for the other three just in case. For the love of god, why would you drop Witten?

  5. Romo says:

    I’m leaning on benching t Richardson and I have the option of picking up Joseph randle, Stevan Ridley, or Brandon Jacobs. Should I just leave Richardson or scoop up one of these guys??!

    • Don says:

      Colts need to pass this week so I’m not too high on Richardson, but you’re other options aren’t much better. It’s pretty much a gut call between Ridley and Richardson, because Richardson is wack and Ridley is playing a premier run defense.

  6. Chris – I would go for the Green/Morris side

    Jim – who do you have at TE that you would drop Witten? I don’t have an issue with the other three. How deep of a league is it? That does determine the $$, but if all those guys are free agents probably not that deep. Could of dollars at SF, you cold go 15ish for Jackson/Blackmon. Really hard to say not knowing the people and tendencies.

    Romo – Ridley has a tough match, and I don’t trust Jacobs. Randle is intriguing, but can we count on him? He’s the only one I’d consider for this week o ly (Ridley good option overall)

    • Jim says:

      Only 7 team league. We run 1-3 WR and 0-2 TE so I really don’t need Witten. I have Jimmy Graham, Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown. I’m just thinking of loading up for bye weeks, injuries. I’m thinking Percy probably goes for a decent amount this week.

      My main line up has been Either Stafford or Ryan), Charles, McCoy, Moreno, Johnson, Graham, Dawson, Houston.

      My biggest issue is week 9 with Stafford, Johnson, Moreno and Dawson off. So I may need some 1 or 2 WR/RB to plug in that week unless S Jax or D. Wilson gets healthy.

  7. G says:

    roto i got moreno, MJD, Leveon bell and Zac stacy….gonna have one in flex…which one do i sit this week? thanks

    • Don says:

      You sit back and watch your team lose because you can’t start three of those players. Moreno is really the only one I trust. Even though DEN vs IND will be a passing game, Moreno gets work in PPR leagues and in the endzone. MJD won’t ever get more than 100 yrds or 2 TDS in game again. The rams won’t be able to move the ball against Carolina. Bell hasn’t put up yrds but you might get a td so i’d go with him and mjd if u have no wr and te to plug in at flex

  8. StanCal says:

    This is just as much a true football question as it is a fantasy one, so please bear with me. I’m a life-long Colts fan, and the injuries have certainly piled up this year. Seeing Ballard and Bradshaw get knocked out wasn’t terribly shocking, as they are both pretty brittle for a Pep Hamilton offense, but season-enders to Dwayne Allen and Donald Thomas really hurt too. Even shorter term injuries like those to the Germanator, Bjoern Werner, and LaRon Landry sting.

    That brings me to my question: As a first-time fantasy player, I’ve been seeing a lot of injuries across the NFL this year, more than I’m used to. Is it just because playing fantasy for the first time is making me pay attention to these injuries more, or does there seem to be more injuries than usual in the league this year, particularly to big-name players?

  9. G – it’s hard to trust MJD, but I’d probably sit Bell due to the matchup concerns

    StanCal – I think, to an extent, it’s that you are paying attention to other teams a little bit more. Injuries are always a major factor, unfortunately

  10. HowMuch says:

    Hi prof,

    I have Demarco Murray & our league uses an auction system for waivers where each player starts with $100 and then bids each week for waiver wire pickups. That said, how much do you think Joseph Randle is worth?? Other backups that became primary ball carriers have typically gone for $10-25. However, my other flex options besides JRandle are Greg Jennings & Deandre Hopkins..

  11. Brandon says:

    This week and next week I have my last two positional players on bye. Due to Roddy White being injured I’m forced to start Emmanuel Sanders or Green Ellis? 1 pt PPR league.

    I’m trying to grab Randle off the WW but it’s a deep league and my waiver priority is 8 of 12 so I don’t think it’ll happen.

  12. DeMo says:

    I have Spiller, Lacy, and Powell. Who to start week 7? Also, why is Spiller so high and Fred Jackson so low? Did I miss something?

    • James A says:

      I’d personally start Lacy. Spiller has been riding the pine since Week 2 for me. I’m just waiting on a legit “Sell high” game from him so I can get someone who is actually usable.

  13. HowMuch – I’d probably bid in the 15ish range, though part of it would depend on how much you have left.

    Brandon. – I’d go Sanders

    DeMo – Ray would have to touch on his thinking in the rankings, but I would say Lacy is the must use option. I’d lean Spiller as well, since he has the much higher upside

  14. steven says:

    I need to drop a player to pick up a tight end. I have antonio brown, steven ridley, eddie lacy, justin blackmon and demarco murray

  15. Robert says:

    In a pinch this week due to injuries/byes and need to grab a 2nd RB (probably Randle, but maybe Jacobs). Problem is, who do I drop? Probably shouldn’t drop a current RB (Murray, Sproles, DMC). I have to start 3 WR’s, and I have Gordon, Allen, Amendola, Colston, Shorts, Hartline. Due to byes/injuries it looks like I have to start Gordon/Allen/Hartline, but the others (Amendola/Colston/Shorts) seem too valuable to just drop. Advice? Dare I ditch Amendola since he’s so injury-prone, despite his PPR potential?

  16. JP says:

    I need some FLEX advice,
    Do I start Lamar Miller @ BUF or MJD @ SD or Leveon Bell @ BAL or pickup Joseph Randle off wavires?

    10 team league

  17. steven says:

    Yeah have jimmy graham on a bye and need to pick up another te

  18. kyle says:

    which rb should I play in a league dependent on TD’s not ppt Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, Andre Ellington or Mike Tolbert

  19. Robert – Amendola would be the unfortunate cut (would’ve been Hartline if you didn’t need him this week), unless you have a spare TE laying around

    JP – I wouldn’t trust Bell. I think I’d go Miller, though they are all a risk

    steven – I guess Brown or Ridley (unless the news on Murray comes back worse than expected), though I wouldn’t want to drop any of them

    kyle – I guess BGE; can’t trust Ellington to find the end zone

  20. chris says:

    Hey mate,

    I’m in a 2RB/1FLEX standard league and I have these 5 RBs on my roster: CJ Spiller, Ryan Mathews, Danny Woodhead, Brandon Jacobs, and Lamar Miller.

    At this stage, I’m starting Spiller and Mathews and (tentatively) have Jacobs at flex. What are your thoughts on this? Is this the right mix or should I change it up?


    • I actually prefer Woodhead to Mathews at this point

      • chris says:

        Yeah, I was torn on that one. So, would you recommend Spiller, Woodhead and Jacobs as the three RBs… Some people are rating Lamar Miller a lot higher this week, finding it hard to trust him after being burned week 1 and week 5 though!

        • I’m a big fan of Miller, but you have to be careful with him. Spiller & Woodhead would be locked in for me and Jacobs over Miller makes sense given the matchup. So yea, that’s the way I’d roll.

  21. mp says:

    ben tate or chris ivory?

  22. Jason says:

    LeVeon Bell, Fred Jack or Steve Smith? I need two. I was thinking Fred and Smith?

  23. steven says:

    Would you rather drop benard or ridley

  24. Mark says:

    I’m in a tough spot this week… I am thinking about starting Lamar Miller as my RB2 over Chris Johnson since he has a better matchup. But then I don’t know if I should start Chris Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald as my flex options. Since Larry plays tonight I would want to either start him as my WR2 or not at all, which would give me the option to change out my flex later in the week. It’s a risk burning my flex this early on Fitzy. That would make my WR’s as Antonio Brown & Harry Douglas. My other options are McGahee & Steve Johnson. What would you do? My current setup is:
    QB: Rivers
    RB: Foster & Miller
    WR: Brown & Fitzgerald
    FLEX: Douglas
    TE: Cameron
    K: Suisham
    D/ST: Bucs

    • Given the injury and the matchup, Fitzgerald is way to big of a risk. I’d rather roll the dice on Douglas and settle the RB later (neither are great options, but I’d roll Miller)

      • Mark says:

        It’s scary starting Douglas when he’ll likely be on Revis Island all day with Roddy struggling to get healthy. I would think Fitzgerald vs. Sherman would be a better roll of the dice. But that all depends on White’s status.

  25. Adam says:

    Who do you think makes for a better stash Shane Vereen or Andre Brown? Or both? My RB situation is fine and it’s a keeper league. I also have a deep enough bench in which I could do away with a guy like Miles Austin or Rashad Jennings.

  26. matt says:

    joseph randle, mike tolbert, jacquizz rodgers or stevan ridley for week 7?

  27. Adam – I don’t see either as being lead backs, though both could have matchup based value. That said, if I had to pick one, it would be Brown

    Matt – Definitely Randle

  28. Kevin Rosenberg says:

    V Davis, Ray Rice, Danny Woodhead in flex this week? Other rb’s are Doug Martin and Moreno. PPR. Is this the week Ray Rice get’s it done? Thanks!

  29. steve says:

    Who to start week 7…Trent Richardson or Andre Ellington?

  30. Kevin – I like Davis, but I’d have a hard time sitting Rice. I would go ray

    Steve – Richardson all the way

  31. Lou says:

    So here is the dilemma,

    I have Z. Stacy, MJD, R. Mathews, CJ Spiller, Jacquizz Rodgers. Who do I put in???

  32. Jeff says:

    Have a couple tough decisions. Need some help
    RB1 – D. Williams (good matchup and most consistant)
    RB2 – Spiller or Ridley?

    Also, my receivers:
    WR1 – Torrey Smith
    WR2 – Steve Smith
    WR3 – Keenan Allen, or Terrance Williams?

    • Jeff says:

      for my receivers I’m wondering if maybe i should bench Torrey and go
      WR1 Steve Smith
      WR2 Keenan Allen
      WR3 Terrance Williams.

      Torrey has been shut down by the Steelers in teh past, and his last week performance isn’t encouraging. Thoughts?

  33. Don says:

    I’ve got a tough decision between Ridley or Spiller. Spiller is looking good ypc wise and Miami has been soft against the run, but its hard to rank him above Jackson seeing how Freddie gets the bulk of the workload in both the passing and running game. With Gronk back and possibly a removed timeshare on the patriots backfield, I can see Ridley pounding in a goaline touchdown (jets linebackers will be spying Gronk), but the last time these two teams played makes me leery.

    • Jeff says:

      Spiller’s lack of use in the passing game has been sickening to me, that’s where he is most dangerous. even before his ankle injury he wasn’t getting anything. But I’m in the same boat as far as Spiller or Ridley. Does Gronk help open it up for Ridley? yes. But he will also steal red zone TD’s.

  34. Whisper says:

    Arian foster, Fred Jackson , MJD , or leVeon bell
    I have 2 rb positions
    I know Arian foster been good lately but is ic defense gonna make him less valuable?

    F jax against dolphins bills are prob gonna score but iono the upside cj spiller is back healthy

    MJD I could never trust him

    LeVeon bell another tough week with ravens….

    • Jeff says:

      Personally I’d go Foster and F jax, but it’s a toss up for me between F jax and MJD. Chargers are pretty soft on run D. Spiller isn’t quite 100% but will still play although probably limited. Tough call there

  35. Lou – I would rank them Spiller, Mathews, MJD, Stacy. Tough to trust Rodgers, but you could argue him third.

    Jeff – Spiller, Allen (I’d leave Williams on the bench because he still has to battle Bryant/Witten for receptions

    Don – I would go Spiller due to the matchup. I know he’s sharing time, but he has still been productive and has the much more favorable matchup. Maybe Ridley scores, but hard to depend on.

    Whisper – Foster/Jackson for me

  36. RT says:

    RP – Pick 3 please PPR League

    Frank Gore
    Eddie Lacy
    Alfred Morris
    Knowshon Moreno


  37. Thien says:

    I have Marshawn Lynch, Knownshon Moreno, Gio Bernard, CJ Spiller and Chris Johnson. Who should I drop CJ Spiller or Chris Johnson to pick up Shane Raveen? I am thinking to drop Chris Johnson because CJ Spiller will get healthier and Shane Raveen is a lot better than CJ2K. What do you think? I am 6-0 now non PPR 8 teams. Thanks.

  38. John says:

    I am in a keeper league and have to decide who to keep for three years. I have narrowed down my choices to L. Bell, A morris, W Welker or L. Fitzgerald. I could use either a RB or WR, which one would you keep for the next three years.

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