Fourth & 1 Debate: Helping Struggling Teams

This week’s Fourth & 1 Debate was hosted by Paul Greco of, who asked:

Going into Week 5 some teams have struggled out of the gate. For those teams that are 2-2 or 1-3, what “expert” strategies would you suggest to help teams try to get back into the chase?

My response was:

Four weeks in is still early, as many different factors may have contributed to your slow start.  Depending on your situation will certainly dictate your course of action.

Do not do something drastic just for the sake of doing something to “shake things up”.  Giving up on a player who has gotten off to a slow start is asking for regret.  Just because Michael Turner, Brian Westbrook or LaDanian Tomlinson are not performing as you would have expected, trading them for pennies on the dollar will only make things worse.

The best thing you can do is not panic.  That’s not to say not to make moves, either via the waiver wire or trades, but do it intelligently.  Aside from injuries, four weeks is not enough time to simply write off a player and chalk about his season as lost.  It is more likely that the stars are going to turn things around and put together some blow away weeks as opposed to continually struggle the entire season.

This week’s participants were:

Junkyard Jake of
Ryan Lester of
Paul Greco of
Bryce McRae of
Kurt Turner of
Eric Stashin of
Lee of
Smitty of

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