Fourth & 1 Debate: Declining Keeper Value

This week’s Fourth & 1 Debate was hosted by Ryan Lester of, who asked:

Aside from LT, which player or two has saw his keeper value take the most significant hit and why?

My response was:

For me, Steve Slaton‘s value has to have taken a pretty big hit over the first five weeks of the season. Generally selected among the top 15 picks on draft day, he has topped 75 rushing yards just once and only found the end zone twice (both times in Week 4). Granted, his value is not going to disappear due to his ability to contribute in the passing game, he has not quite lived up to a potential first round talent. People were expecting the player who found the end zone 10 times in 2009. They were expecting the player who rushed for at least 90 yards in four of the final five games of the season.

I would never recommend giving up on Slaton. In fact, selling him now would be a mistake because you would not get a fair value on him. Keeper league owners have to hope that this is just a sophomore slump, but at this point he has to be knocked down a few pegs right now.

This week’s participants were:

Junkyard Jake of
Ryan Lester of
Paul Greco of
Bryce McRae of
Kurt Turner of
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Jacob of

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