Dynasty League Waiver Worthy: Ladarius Green & Justin Hunter

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Are you in a dynasty league and hoping to find some potentially high-upside options for 2014 and beyond?  Here are a few names who produced big days on Sunday who are worth considering:


Ladarius Green – San Diego Chargers – Tight End
Antonio Gates was targeted 8 times, but managed just 3 receptions for 21 yards yesterday.  In fact, over the past two games look at the production between the Gates and Green:

  • Gates – 7 receptions for 73 yards and 1 TD
  • Green – 7 receptions for 161 yards and 1 TD

Gates, now 33 years old and having battled injuries in recent years, is clearly moving towards the tail end of his career.  That’s not to say that he has no chance of producing, but it’s clear that he’s a shadow of his former self.

Green, meanwhile, has been showing his playing making ability.  He wasn’t a factor in the Chargers’ passing game early on, but now has 14 receptions on the season and is averaging an astonishing 22.1 yards per catch.

He showed the same ability in the preseason, as we cited prior to the season:

“He led the Broncos in receiving this preseason, converting 13 of 16 targets into 210 yards and 2 TD, including 5 catches of at least 20 yards. The yards placed him fifth in the NFL (the leader had 236). He was only targeted twice in the all important third preseason game, but outside of Antonio Gates (6), no one had more than three for the Chargers.”

He’s athletic and could quickly emerge as one of the best tight ends in the league.  His role is growing in 2013 and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him even more involved in 2014.  If you are in a dynasty league, grab him now before someone else does.


Justin Hunter – Tennessee Titans – Wide Receiver
A second round pick, Hunter finally delivered on some the promise by going off for 6 catches for 109 yards and 1 TD (and the season he has just 13 catches for 231 yards and 3 TD).  It was important for Ryan Fitzpatrick to find an option besides Kendall Hunter and Delanie Walker, so we shouldn’t completely write him off for the remainder of 2013.

That said, chances are he isn’t going to play a major role.  He easily could be replaced by Nate Washington or Damien Williams (who missed this week) and is more of a hit or miss option.  That said, this game shows the potential that he has as he gains more and more experience.  Would it be surprising to see him starting in 2014 and really making an impact?  Absolutely not, which is why he needs to be grabbed if he’s still available.

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  1. Randy says:

    My roster right now in a 12-team standard is:

    QB – Cam Newton
    RB – McCoy, Forte, Stacy, Tate, Miller, Ball
    WR – Andre J, Garcon, Gordon, Roddy
    TE – Vernon
    K – Vineatari
    DST – Chiefs, Bills
    DL – Chandler Jones, C. Campbell
    LB – Kiko Alonso, Lavonte David
    DB – Burnett

    I went into the weekend fully planning to drop Miller for Bryce Brown as a handcuff to McCoy. Then Daniel Thomas got hurt.

    My question is, who do I drop, if anyone, for Bryce Brown? Do I drop Miller, Ball, maybe Tate? Or perhaps one of my backup IDPs (we start 1 at each position).


  2. L says:

    With all the times I’ve written in to this site you probably already have a good idea what my team is but I’ll post it again anyways…

    QB: T.Romo
    WR: V.Jackson
    WR: J.Gordon
    WR: C.Shorts
    RB: Z.Stacy (inj)
    RB: A.Brown
    TE: J.Reed (inj)
    K: M.Crosby
    DEF: Chiefs
    BENCH: (QB) N.Foles
    BENCH: (WR) P.Harvin
    BENCH: (RB) L.Bell
    BENCH: (RB) S.Vereen
    BENCH: (TE) C.Fleener
    BENCH: (DEF) Panthers

    I dropped K.Allen this last week in order to pick up C.Fleener and now I’m wondering if I should drop C.Shorts or C.Fleener to re-add K.Allen for the remaining games? Who do you think is the better roster-able player going forward and into the playoffs?

    Since my team started the season 0-4 I’ve only loss 1 match-up since; I amazingly headed into this last week in a 4-way tie for my division lead. If things work out as I hope tonight (P.Garcon is held under a 39fpt outburst), I should be tied with 1 other atop of the division going into next week with a head-to-head against that team, so I want to make sure I’m making the right moves to close out this awesome come-from-behind season. A win this upcoming week should seal the division for me and a top 2 playoff position.

    It’s been a rough season this year… S.Vereen inj, J.Jones inj., D.Martin inj. followed by M.James inj., D.Wilson ineffectiveness and inj., O.Daniel’s inj., L.Miller’s inconsistency, J.Blackmon stupidity, J.Cook’s 1st game tease, among many player wavier wire transactions to field a competitive team on a week-to-week basis because nobody wants to consider a fair trade, especially after I lost most of my top draft picks and even back-ups to season ending injuries. I’ve never experienced a season quite like this one and can’t believe I’ve been able to get the right players at the right time — time and time again to make this at one point thought to be impossible playoff push. Love this fantasy game, just love it! Thanks for the advice this year.

  3. Corey says:

    I think I would rather have Allen than Shorts just because Rivers is a better QB than whatever Jacksonville can throw out there.

    Personally, I’d pick a D and drop the other for Allen.

  4. James A says:

    Would you drop Ben Tate, MJD or Chris Ivory for Ray Rice?

  5. Eric H says:

    What do you think of Ellingtons long-term potential?

    I was offered a trade in my dynasty league of Lamar Miller(would cost me a 3rd rounder to keep next year), SJAX(16th) and the Panthers D/ST for Ellington(16th), Dobson(16th) and Antone Smith(16th). Each one moves up 3 rounds each year, no limit.

    I’m thinking no because I see some CJ2K potential in Ellington.

  6. Randy – I would definitely hold onto Miller at this point, and we need to see what the injury status of Knowshon Moreno is before dropping Ball. I’d probably drop an IDP guy, though with Miller getting a boost handcuffing McCoy isn’t as necessary at this point.

    L – I’d grab Allen, as his upside is much higher. If you drop Shorts or the Chiefs (who have been a bit exposed lately), is definitely up for debate at this point. I’d have to look at the schedule, but are there a lot of Ds sitting on waivers?

    James A – I’d drop Ivory. Tough to trust him and Rice has more upside.

    Eric H – Ellington is tough, because it depends on the coaching staff being willing to give him more toches. That said, his value that late is better than Miller’s as of right now (though that could change if Miller makes the most of his opportunity the next few weeks).

    • L says:


      There are plenty of DEFs available on the wavier wire, but how valuable they are is
      another thing.



      In looking at my likely playoff threats:

      My main competition for the division will certainly be looking to upgrade his WR position this week as it’s on the weaker side and he has a better wavier wire priority over me so he may win-out on getting K.Allen before I can re-add him, but he also could be very interested in adding one of my two defenses too if it became available as his team is rostering the Bengals and Saints’ defenses.

      A highly likely playoff opponent that I’ll be facing has a pretty decent stable of receivers, but I can definitely see him being interested in adding K.Allen if he wanted to over someone else (similar to my situation), but the defenses he’s sporting are the Patriots and Titans so there may be interest there if one of mine became available.

      Yet another playoff competitor has a questionable need at receiver (again similar to my situation) and a much stronger need at defense as he’s currently sporting the Rams defense (he’s generally been a week-to-week revolving door defensive add kind of team that’s looked for match-ups (don’t know why he settled with the Rams vs the Bears match-up last week — guess he felt that the Rams have been trending upward or something). Anyways, I could definitely see him adding one of my two defenses.

      The last team I’m kind of worried about has a stronger need with his receiver depth than defense, but I could see him still see him standing pat on the K.Allen or even C.Shorts add and elect to add a second strong defense.

      This is why I’m hesitant to drop one of my two defenses, but of course really good defensive match-ups for those defenses that are on the wavier wire going into and in the playoff rounds on top of the downward trend of the Chiefs’ D right now could make my holding two strategy sort of pointless. Where as I will certainly want to take away K.Allen from at least my direct competition going into next week (if he hasn’t already queued him up for an add), but then it does beg the question as to what’s the best drop: C.Shorts or a down-trending defense that may be more desired on the majority of the playoff teams?

      • That was my point. If you aren’t going to trust the Chiefs and there are defenses that have streaming potential anyways, I would make the move. The question is, given the Chiefs’ matchups would you use them? If not, chances are neither would your opponents anyways (and if they do, it could work in your favor)

        • L says:

          Looking at the match-ups for these Defenses going forward:

          After this week I sort of like the Chief’s defensive match-up against the Redskins and definitely against Raiders the week after, but obviously I don’t care for match-up against the Broncos this week or the match-up against the Colts during week 16 (the league wraps-up during week 16).

          I like the Panther’s match-up this week against the Buccaneer’s more-so than the Chiefs’ match-up against the Broncos, but I don’t like the following week’s match-up against the Saints. Then comes a match-up I like against the Jets followed by another match-up with the Saints.

          So this tells me that after this week I could easily feel comfortable dropping the Panthers’ D with the idea of riding the Chiefs’ D till the championship week where I’d have to replace it with a wavier wire add and hope I don’t face against an opponent who picked-up the Panthers’ D for week 15; though, if the Chiefs’ D continues their downward trend against the Redskins during week 14 maybe switching to the Panthers’ D for week 15 makes some sense if they’re still available on the wavier wire.

          Unfortunately, this means that I have to hold onto both defenses this week if I want to make use of the Chiefs’ stronger week 14 match-up which suggests I should drop C.Shorts for K.Allen this week. After this week I could consider trying to re-add C.Shorts for the Panthers’ D or look at other upward trending players (maybe TE Ladarius Green to either start him or even keep him away from opposing teams if he remains on the wire and puts up big numbers in back-to-back weeks; I’ll also be keeping an eye on L.Miller who’s currently on the wire, but given the injury to Thomas maybe it’s best to stash him if he looks good then let someone else grab him).

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