Streaming Defenses – Week 13

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

If you are a fantasy footballer who likes to stream his/her defense, let’s take a look at the best options as four NFL teams find themselves on byes:


Miami Dolphins – at New York Jets
At this point it wouldn’t really matter who was facing the Jets, because their offense looks completely inept. Thus far they have refused to remove Geno Smith from under center, where he has consistently looked overmatched. This past week they tried to run the Wildcat as much as possible, limiting Smith’s potential to turn the ball over, but it hardly worked.

They’ve managed just 16.9 points per game, ahead of only the miserable Jaguars. They are built on their defense and are lacking quality skill players at virtually all offensive positions.

Jets quarterbacks have been sacked 38 times (tied for third most in the league), while the Dolphins have 32. They’ve also tossed 18 interceptions (tied for most) and have lost 6 fumbles.


Cleveland Browns – vs. Jacksonville
The “hot” Jaguars won their second game of the season (two of the past three), though scored just 13 points in the process. They’ve managed just 12.9 points per game, by far the worst in the league.

Cleveland’s defense has forced just 13 turnovers, so it’s hard to say they are a given to stymy the Jaguars. They do still have Maurice Jones-Drew (while he appears to be a shell of his former self, he is coming off a game with 84 yards and 1 TD on 14 carries) and Cecil Shorts (8 catches for 71 yards).

This is a good gamble to take, but it shouldn’t be considered the best stream of the week.


Buffalo Bills – vs. Atlanta
The Bills defense has quietly been strong this season, including 37 sacks (tied for the league lead) and 16 INT (also tied for the league lead). That’s a good combination to bet on, especially against a Falcons team that seems to be just going through the motions.

In their last five games they have 13 points or fewer four times. Tough matchup or not, that’s just not an acceptable number. In total they’ve turned the ball over 20 times (12 interceptions and 8 lost fumbles).

Why should we expect any type of turn around this week?

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  1. Thien says:

    I have Arizona Def and KC Def, should i drop KC and pick Brown or Bill this week? or just roll with Ari w13 abd KC with Week 14-15? Thanks

  2. Jeremy says:

    Drop Ravens Defense for Bills? or maybe Cowboys?

  3. Sam says:

    Rotoprofessor – Thanks for the insights. Looking to pick up D/ST this week, as I streamed GB last week. Which of these 3 D/ST do you like the best?

    Would you add any of the following D/ST available in my league over the ones you mentioned?
    - STL
    - DEN
    - TB
    - WAS
    - NYG
    - PIT

  4. Rico says:

    What’s up Roto, I got Houston vs NE and KC vs Denver was thinking on dropping Houston to pick up Cowboys or Miami just for week 13.I want to roll with KC in my playoffs due to good matchups.your thoughts.thx

  5. Dale says:

    I have panthers starting this week. Got sea- hawks D on bench this week. Want to keep sea hawks. Do I drop panthers for bills D..

  6. Jeremy – I actually have Baltimore ranked the highest for this week, with Dallas just behind

    Sam – Nope, I’d go with the ones I mentioned here before those with Miami as my top choice

    Rico – I would use Dallas, with Miami just a hair behind

    Dale – Carolina is my top defense for this week

  7. Corey says:

    I have the Carolina DST and will obviously be using them this week. But how scared should I be of playing them twice against the Saints? I have low priority and prefer to just make such moves in advance when I can.

    • I’d say that they will be usable for those matchups, but they obviously aren’t going to be ideal. Is hard to say without really digging in, but I’d guess they are still Top 10 option, but nt a guarantee

  8. Mark says:

    i have houston and colts defense. im not sure i want to start either this week. best available defenses are jets vs miami and redskins vs giants. what defense do you reccomend starting of the 4?

  9. tjmagicbud says:

    Good Day Prof. I was going to roll with my NE defense this week v. Hou., but now you have me salivating over this Miami Def against NYJ.
    What would you go with?
    I’ll hang up and listen off line….PEACE

  10. Mark – To be honest, I don’t have any of the four in my Top 15 for this week. I guess I’d go Washington, but I hardly like it. There’s no one else?

    tjmagicbud – I still have the Patriots ranked #3 for the week, so I wouldn’t make the change (Miami is #6). I love the Dolphins, but I’d stay the course.

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