Sunday Morning Updates: Reggie Bush, Julius Thomas and More

by Will Overton

It’s game day ladies and gentlemen! There are but a few final hours left for you to make your lineup decisions for the week. You’re going to need as much info as you can going into the day and that’s what I am trying to do for you.

Here is some of the latest news and what you should do in response to it:

  • I have no intention to suggest you play Jason Campbell outside of a two QB league or a 16 team league, maybe. However, the fact that he has been cleared to play does mean something. It means Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron are much more likely to have nice games. I was saying all week you can’t bench Gordon no matter who the QB is, but I feel so much better knowing Campbell and not Caleb Hanie is going to be starting.
  • According to the report of Tim Twentyman a Detroit Lions beat writer, there is a pretty good chance that Reggie Bush is going to play today. Bush has had issues with a knee injury throughout the year, but now all the sudden it’s a calf injury that gives him the questionable tag. Bush didn’t practice all week until Friday where he was limited. Still all signs are pointing towards Bush playing right now and as long as he is playing you should probably be using him. It’s worth noting though that if Bush is a little limited Joique Bell is much more likely to be a nice flex play.
  • There were doubts earlier this week about Andre Ellington being able to play this week. It’s been a good week of practice though and he’s already gone beyond questionable and is probable to play. The Rams do pretty well against the run, but with Carson Palmer banged up right now the Cardinals might need to count on their run game a bit more this week. Ellington unfortunately won’t get as many carries as I’d like, but he’s a playmaker and he makes for a decent flex play this week.
  • This will be week two for Michael Crabtree after missing the first 12 weeks of the season. Crabtree reported some soreness after last week, but isn’t even listed on the injury report this week so he seems to be good to go. I don’t really like him against Seattle and Richard Sherman, but in deep leagues you have to be considering it if you own him. We saw what Crabtree has the potential to do at the end of last season and he should get better every week.
  • The Baltimore Ravens have officially activated Dennis Pitta from the IR making him eligible to play this week against the Minnesota Vikings. John Harbaugh has stated Pitta has a “reasonable chance” of playing tomorrow. I think Pitta should be added in pretty much every league, if you can get him now before the waiver process kicks in, all the better. However, I wouldn’t play him this week even in a great matchup. I think he’ll play, but I don’t know how much and I don’t know how effective he’ll be. In a deep league maybe, but not a standard one.
  • After last week when Julius Thomas was surprisingly ruled out before kickoff it’s hard to trust him. The fact that he has gotten the probable tag though does bring some reassurance for fantasy owners. Thomas is a monster in the redzone with his 10 TD’s so far this season and as long as he’s playing you should be playing him. You may want to check in before kickoff just to be sure, but he seems like he’s good to go right now.
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  1. Roll Tide says:

    I have Reggie and his handcuff bell, first round of playoffs – even if bush starts will he finish and how will he do.

  2. John says:

    I need a flex option. Danny Woodhead, Green-Ellis, or Jordy Nelson.

  3. Will Overton says:

    Tide – That’s tough unfortunately. Obviously Bush is a risk even if he does play, but he’s also been a top 10 back all year. I’d wait and see what game time reports are saying about him.

    John – Jordy Nelson

  4. Joe B says:

    I have Garcon, Floyd, K Allen and need to start 2…hard to sit Garcon, but because of the match up I’m leaning Floyd & Allen. Thoughts?

  5. Romo says:

    H Douglas or r white?! I’m leaning on white. But Douglas always seems to put solid numbers

    • romo says:

      i have a morris in my lineup but seeing how he’s up against a top 10 defense team, i don’t know if i should keep him there. although my other choice of rb is r jennings. if he’s cleared, he will get all the load. such a crucial decision!

  6. sahel says:

    First round of a ppr league. Who do you like as my flex,
    Edelman, h. Douglas, m. Wallace? It is a tough call as they all feel one in the same. Jeep in mind I have the golden boy Brady as my qb. Thank you.

  7. Steve says:

    Pick a flex out of the following:
    Steve Johnson, Harry Douglas, Lamar Miller, Donald Brown, Heath Miller.

    Standard points. Thanks in advance!

  8. Will Overton says:

    Romo – White and Morris

    Sahel – Douglas

    Steve – Douglas

  9. RT says:

    RP. Last minute advice please. Late game for flex spot ,PPR

    Michael Floyd or Montee Ball. Thanks!

  10. Will Overton says:

    Yeah I’m going Floyd.

  11. Kevin says:

    Last minute advice please. RG3 or Mccown. At rb should I go rainey or stacy. Lastly, for wr 2 should i go hilton, allen, or Vjax. Please help me out. Right now im going with mmcown at qb, stacy at rb2 allen at wr2 and vjax at flex. Or is rainey a good flex option.

  12. Will Overton says:

    I think you have it right.

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