The Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy Draft: A Look at Rounds 1-3

Last night, we held a fantasy football draft for a league, which we shall call The Rotoprofessor Challenge, that we will be covered here on the site throughout the season.  We’ll be analyzing the draft, best transactions of the week and much more throughout the season to help you try to find the moves that you should make.

Before I start with the first few rounds of the draft, let’s breakdown the roster, which is a little bit different from the norm.  The starting roster is: 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 WR/RB, 1 K and 1 Defense.  Each team also has 6 bench spots.

Also, I should note that three team’s had issues and were unable to attend the draft, so they were autodrafted.  It’s not ideal, but none of them could be helped.  Keep that in mind when looking at the results for Barry, Cool Runnings and The Red Horseman

With that said, let’s take a look at the draft results:

First Round:

  1. El Guapo – LaDanian Tomlinson – RB
  2. Dawg House – Adrian Peterson – RB
  3. Barry – Steven Jackson – RB
  4. Geckos – Joseph Addai – RB
  5. Philly Phunters – Clinton Portis – RB
  6. Megatron – Brian Westbrook – RB
  7. Cool Runnings – Marion Barber – RB
  8. The Red Horseman – Randy Moss – WR
  9. The Rotoprofessor – Tom Brady – QB
  10. Cobra Laaaaaaaaaa – Peyton Manning – QB

The first round was pretty standard, so let me just talk about my thinking in taking Brady at #9.  I was between Brady and Frank Gore, to be honest.  With Marshawn Lynch and Larry Johnson still on the board, I knew that I would still be able to get a good RB in the second round, but there was no doubt in my mind that Cobra Laaaaaaaaaa would snag Brady with one of his two picks, so I decided to roll the dice and take whichever RB he left for me with my next pick.  As it turned out, which you’ll see in the second round, things turned out even better then I could have expected.

Second Round:

  1. Cobra Laaaaaaaaaa – Marshawn Lynch – RB
  2. The Rotoprofessor – Frank Gore – RB
  3. The Red Horseman – Larry Johnson – RB
  4. Cool Runnings – Maurice Jones-Drew – RB
  5. Megatron – Terrell Owens – WR
  6. Philly Phunters – Drew Brees – QB
  7. Geckos – Tony Romo – QB
  8. Barry – Ryan Grant – RB
  9. Dawg House – Braylon Edwards – WR
  10. El Guapo – Andre Johnson – WR

Yep, I almost took Gore at the end of the first round, but was lucky enough to have him slip by the wrap around and snag him in the second round.  I certainly can’t say that I am upset with the way things turned out.

As for the rest of the round, the Maurice Jones-Drew pick, I think, came a little too early.  I definitely would have taken Ryan Grant before him, as well as guys like Laurence Maroney and Willie Parker, but that’s just me.  Jones-Drew is a dynamic player, but he could be splitting time with Fred Taylor once again, which certainly diminishes his fantasy appeal.

As for the best pick?  I think Dawg House made a great pick with Braylon Edwards at the end of the round.  In my book he’s a top 4 WR this season, possibly the third best, behind just Moss and Owens.  To have Edwards & Peterson in the first two rounds certainly got him set up great.

Third Round:

  1. El Guapo – T.J. Houshmandzadeh – WR
  2. Dawg House – Reggie Wayne – WR
  3. Barry – Laurence Maroney – RB
  4. Geckos – Willis McGahee – RB
  5. Philly Phunters – Marques Colston – WR
  6. Megatron – Larry Fitzgerald – WR
  7. Cool Runnings – Jamal Lewis – RB
  8. The Red Horseman – Brandon Jacobs – RB
  9. The Rotoprofessor – Willie Parker – RB
  10. Cobra Laaaaaaaaaa – Brandon Marshall – WR

The next class of WR started coming off the board in this round, though I found it interesting that no one went for a QB, especially with Brady & Manning off the board and the league requiring 2 starters.  I would have thought someone like Carson Palmer, Ben Roethlisberger or Donovan McNabb could have snuck in here, but that’s just not the way it went down. 

The most interesting pick of the round has to be Brandon Marshall.  Coming off a 102-catch season he certainly has the potential to be one of the elite receivers this season.  Is he going to be able to improve on the numbers from last season?  Honestly, I have my doubts, but even if he just comes close he’s a very good pick here.

As for my pick, as I predicted when I was discussing where to go with the #8 overall selection, Willie Parker was indeed sitting there in the third round.  I’m not going to say Parker is a great option, but at that point in the draft I think you make out pretty good with him.

So, there you have the first three rounds.  I’ll check back in with more over the weekend, but what does everyone else think?

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