Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 16: Jordan Todman, Rueben Randle & More

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

A format Start/Sit column doesn’t make as much sense this week, given how few fantasy owners are going to be competing. Instead, lets highlight some recent news from around the league and see where there could be players worth using:


Ben Tate placed on IR
Tate has been playing with four broken ribs for some time, but there have been reports that he broke a fifth rib and that ultimately ended his season. Dennis Johnson should get the start and, with Tate being a free agent at seasons’s end, he certainly has motivation to produce. Denver’s defense has struggled against opposing running backs (644 total yards and 6 TD over the past four weeks), but there’s always the threat of Houston going down big early and needing to go pass heavy. In other words, Johnson should be considered a much better play in PPR formats this week, but could have value regardless of the format as he will see the bulk of the backfield touches.

Verdict – Dennis Johnson – Start ‘Em as potential FLEX, but there’s some risk


Cecil Shorts placed on IR
The Jaguars lost Justin Blackmon weeks ago and are now left with Mike Brown and Ace Sanders starting. Yes, it is that bad. There’s nothing to exploit in the receiving corps, but even if Maurice Jones-Drew plays I would expect Jordan Todman to once again play a significant role. There just isn’t enough talent on the outside to think that the running backs won’t thrive.  As a potential FLEX (or RB2), he’s worth considering.

Verdict – Mike Brown/Ace Sanders = Sit ‘Em; Jordan Todman = Start ‘Em (especially Maurice Jones-Drew is out)


Dennis Pitta being eased back into the lineup
According to Pro Football Focus he appeared on just 45.4% of the Ravens’ snaps in Week 15. He was a virtual non-factor (2 catches for 24 yards), but the Patriots have been among the worst defenses at stopping tight ends over the past for weeks (24 catches for 293 yards and 3 TD). It all depends on your alternatives, but Pitta is a worthwhile option this week.

Verdict – Dennis Pitta – Low-End TE1


Victor Cruz not expected to play in Week 16
In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he is sat down for the remainder of the season. That leaves Rueben Randle in position to start and play virtually every down, a role he could assume in 2014 as Hakeem Nicks is expected to leave via free agency. You could actually argue that Randle has been the team’s second best receiver, with 37 receptions for 571 yards and a team high 6 TD. Of course, the Giants offense has been pathetic of late, but the matchup with Detroit is a favorable one.

Verdict – Rueben Randle – Viable WR3

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  1. Ryan says:

    AP, Ivory, Andre Brown, Spiller, and Dennis Johnson I can start 3 in non PPR SSL obviously I start AP as long as he goes but having trouble with other two but leaning toward Brown/Ivory thoughts? Thanks for the help all year!

  2. Andy says:

    Im having trouble deciding to start either chris johnson or jordan todman for RB2?

  3. Andy says:

    Also Pitta or martellus bennett for TE1?

  4. Steve says:

    I need to pick 2 RB’s out of the following and 1 Flex (PPR):
    Adrian Peterson (only ? because he’s injured)
    Andre Brown
    DeAngelo Williams
    Dennis Johnson
    Hakeem Nicks
    Steve Smith

  5. Andy – Todman if MJD is out & Pitta

    Steve – AP if he’s playing, Dennis Johnson & Brown (he’s close with Smith, but when it’s close I go RB)

    • Steve says:

      No love for D-Will? Playing at home vs. the saints would be a great matchup! I was leaning on AP, D-Will, & Brown. Johnson scares me because Denver could get up early making HOU abandon the run. Thoughts?

  6. Samson says:

    2 Running backs – Andre Brown, Dennis Johnson, Fred Jackson

    2 Receivers – Torrey Smith, Riley Cooper, Doug Baldwin, Da’Rick Rogers

    1 Defense – Browns or Dolphins

  7. Jim says:

    Should I start Jordan Todman or Ryan Mathews – half point PPR? And what about Tony Gonzalez or Martellus Bennett? Thanks!!!!

  8. Steve says:

    I’m wondering what your thoughts are as to the following:

    Pick 2 (PPR):
    Adrian Peterson
    Zachary Stacy
    Andre Ellington
    Jordan Rodman

    I’m thinking Ellington is an obvious sit considering the match up especially.
    I’m also almost positive that I should start Stacy…definitely my best pickup this season.
    So I guess my real question is should I start AP against a tough defense coming off a foot injury with no way to know how much he’ll play considering the absence of any Vikings playoff hopes combined with the injury? Or should I go with todman (assuming MJD sits of course) coming off a 150 yard performance and playing against one of the worst rush defenses in the league?
    Any help is appreciated.

  9. Steve says:

    Also pick 2 in a ppr league:
    Vincent Jackson
    Torrey Smith
    Julian Edelman
    Marvin Jones

  10. Jim – The TE is a little easier, as I’d go Gonzalez. The RB is a bit more difficult as I love both players this week. I would say Mathews is “safer”, but a lot of the positive in his matchup comes from the TD Oakland has given up lately (10 rushing TD), not the yardage (380 rushing yards over the past four weeks).

    In Todman, you could get the centerpiece of the offense if MJD is out and we saw what he can do…

    If MJD is out, I’d take the gamble on Todman but if you want to play it safe go Mathews.

    Steve – I’d say it’s impossible to sit Peterson if he’s healthy, so I’d go with him. That said, I love Todman this week, though he’s far from a lock.

    As for the WR, I’d go Edelman & V-Jax

  11. Adam says:

    Flex position montee ball or toddman

    Te pitta or Griffin

    Edelman d jacks

  12. dan says:

    Pitta or Tony G..non ppr. Im swaying towards pitta because in past history against the pats hes got at least 50 yds and a TD. Gonzo scares me and I already have San Fran D/ST and Dawson in this game and am not looking to put too many players on one game. Also…going with todman over vereen if MJD is ruled out. Otherwise, I’m rolling with vereen..thoughts?

  13. matt says:

    Pick 2 for flex positions this week..

    Andre Ellington
    Charles clay
    Marvin Jones
    Jarrett boykin

    I’m leaning towards clay and Jones with rogers still being out and Ellington having a nightmare matchup vs Seattle…any help would be appreciated.

  14. DUB says:

    Stacey, lacy, lynch, dymarius thomas, edelman, antonio brown, which one is the worse play or worse matchup for championship week and my qb is rivers with te gonzalez and det def

  15. Ryan says:

    Non PPR
    Choose 2 rbs: Lacy, Todman, Andre Brown, Johnson
    Choose 2 wrs: Antonio Brown, Edelman, Jordy, Kendall Wright, Aldrick Robinson
    Choose 1 Flex that wasn’t picked above

  16. dan – I have Pitta and Gonzalez back-to-back on the rankings, so it’s really a coinflip. I’d lean Gonzalez, but it really could go either way. As for the RB, I would agree with that. If MJD is out Todman is a must play.

    matt – tough calls, but that’s how I’d roll

    DUB – I’d say Edelman is the least trustworthy, but all have potential to be great options

    RB – Todman (assuming MJD is out) & Lacy
    WR – Brown & Edelman
    FLEX – Which Johnson is it?

  17. Ryan says:

    Also MJD is active now and I have him

  18. alex says:

    alright should i start randle or ellington this week I’m in the championship and I’m having trouble deciding between these two. i have demarius Thomas and Aishon jeffery and danny amendola in at wr and Jamal Charles and fred jackson in at rb. At te i have myers (sucks) but i also have the cardinals te but they play the seahawks. defense i have chicago and qb i have cam. Im pretty much looking to play some one in the flex position. Help me out guys. This is for big bucks and a huge trophy.

  19. Ryan says:

    So what two should I start at rb if I got Todman, MJD, Lacy, Dennis Johnson
    What two at wr with Edelman, Jordy, Antonio Brown, Kendall Wright
    And I need one more for flex
    Thanks non PPR

  20. alex says:

    or should i go ruben randle or burleson?

  21. Ryan says:

    Thanks and Dennis Johnson or montee ball

  22. alex – I’d go Randle over Burleson

    Ryan – Johnson for me

  23. Ryan says:

    Thanks last one MJD or Todman over Jordy?

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