2013 Rookie Review: #24: Matt McGloin, QB, Oakland Raiders

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Who were the best rookies from 2013?  What is their fantasy outlook for 2014?  We are going to be counting down the Top 25 rookies from a year ago to help fantasy owners determine who can be trusted for the coming year and who may need another year or two to grow.

Next on the list is the Raiders’ Matt McGloin.  If he had started the full season maybe he’d have come in higher on this listing, but that wasn’t the case.  How did he perform when on the field?  What’s possible moving forward?  Let’s take a look:


2013 Statistics:
118-211 (55.9%), 1,547 yards, 8 TD, 8 INT

Ranked fourth among rookie quarterbacks in completions
Ranked fourth among rookie quarterbacks in yards
Ranked fourth among rookie quarterbacks in touchdowns

2013 Season:
There was some hype for the undrafted rookie heading into the season and, with Terrelle Pryor failing to establish himself, McGoin was able to get an opportunity. However he was hardly impressive as he never had more than 20 completions nor did he crack 300 yards in a game (he appeared in 7 games).

The interception number is a little skewed, having thrown four in one game. Only once did he have more than 2 TD and he did throw at least 30 passes in six consecutive games. In other words, what exactly are we hanging our hats on here?  Things were so uninspiring in Oakland that the team actually tried rotating the two at one point against the Jets.

Are we banking on the fact that he limited the interceptions (outside of one game) and only took 6 sacks? That’s hardly going to be enough considering that the team doesn’t own an elite defense or running game.

2014 Outlook:
At the very least you would expect McGloin to battle Terrelle Pryor for playing time under center. At the same time, with the fifth pick in the draft it is very realistic that they walk out with a new franchise quarterback.

Could he ultimately win the job and surprise a few people next season? Only if the Raiders don’t import another option. At this point that appears doubtful, so I wouldn’t plan on McGloin holding much appeal.

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  1. Eric H says:

    I agree with you, but I’d go so far as to say that they might even take a 2nd round QB to replace those 2 given how they handled the situation at the end of the year. The best argument in McGloin’s favor is that the Raiders are so starved for talent that they might just go Best Available in the draft.

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