The Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy Draft: A Look at Rounds 4-7

Let’s kick things up where we left off, starting with the fourth round and moving forward:

Fourth Round:

  1. Cobra Laaaaaaaaaa – Chad Johnson – WR
  2. The Rotoprofessor – Carson Palmer – QB 
  3. The Red Horseman – Steve Smith – WR
  4. Cool Runnings – Roy Williams – WR
  5. Megatron – Earnest Graham – RB 
  6. Philly Phunters – Jonathan Stewart – RB 
  7. Geckos – Selvin Young – RB
  8. Barry – Torry Holt – WR 
  9. Dawg House – Darren McFadden – RB 
  10. El Guapo – Michael Turner – RB 

Wow, there were some interesting picks in this round, to say the least.  With McFadden & Turner on the board, the picks of Graham, Stewart & especially Young surprised me.  I could at least understand the gambles of Graham & Stewart, but Young is a terrible pick in the fourth round.  The owner claimed to have hit the wrong button, but it doesn’t really matter.  The pick was a bad one, flat out.

The other two, I think, could have been had in the next round or two, especially considering the two that went out at the end of the round, as well as names like Reggie Bush, Thomas Jones and others still being available.  Maybe Graham & Stewart prove me wrong, but I certainly would not have drafted them at this point in the draft.

I really liked the McFadden gamble, as he has the potential to be this season’s Adrian Peterson.  The biggest difference?  He’s entering the season as the main back for the Raiders, as opposed to Peterson who was able to get a hold of the job.  I would gamble on McFadden every time at this point in the draft and would recommend you doing the same.

Fifth Round:

  1. El Guapo – Derek Anderson – QB 
  2. Dawg House – Ben Roethlisberger – QB 
  3. Barry – Plaxico Burress – WR 
  4. Geckos – Antonio Gates – TE
  5. Philly Phunters – Reggie Bush – RB 
  6. Megatron – Donovan McNabb – QB 
  7. Cool Runnings – Calvin Johnson – WR 
  8. The Red Horseman – Ronnie Brown – RB 
  9. The Rotoprofessor – Santonio Holmes – WR 
  10. Cobra Laaaaaaaaaa – LenDale White – RB 

Derek Anderson as the sixth QB off the board?  This is certainly the pick I disliked the most in this round, and it wasn’t even close.  Looking at the QB’s that came off the board after him in this round, there is no way I would have taken Anderson before them.  Yeah, I like him heading into the year and he has the potential to have another huge season, but the other remaining names are clearly more valuable.  Don’t reach for Anderson this high in your draft.

Plaxico Burress in the fifth round is a solid pick, as is Calvin Johnson.  They both have the potential to put up huge seasons and play like elite WR’s this season. 

I also like the pick of Antonio Gates, as it was time that a TE came off the board.  It started a trend in the sixth round, but Gates is the best offensive TE in the game and gives Geckos an advantage over everyone else in the league.  When you can get that in Round 5, you need to take it without a second thought.

Sixth Round:

  1. Cobra Laaaaaaaaaa – Kellen Winslow – TE
  2. The Rotoprofessor – Roddy White – WR  
  3. The Red Horseman – Jason Witten – TE 
  4. Cool Runnings – Tony Gonzalez – TE 
  5. Megatron – Thomas Jones – RB  
  6. Philly Phunters – Julius Jones – RB  
  7. Geckos – Wes Welker – WR 
  8. Barry – Dallas Clark – TE  
  9. Dawg House – Chris Cooley – TE  
  10. El Guapo – Edgerrin James – RB  

Half the round was dedicated to TE’s, not that I’m in the least bit surprised.  The first three that came off the board make perfect sense to me, the other two I never would’ve taken at this point.  After the first four TE’s, as I’ve said before, it really is a toss up.  Unless you feel exceptionally adamant that one of these guys is going to be better then a Vernon Davis (seventh round), Todd Heap (ninth round) or Jeremy Shockey (tenth round), I’d be content in waiting it out a bit more and helping yourself somewhere else.

All three RB’s that came off the board in this round are good picks, though I’d say Thomas Jones is the one I like the best.  With Brett Favre in the fold now he could be the biggest benefactor.  Not only will he have the chance to catch some balls, the opposing defense could be focusing on the pass, opening up some extra lanes.  At this point in the draft, he has plenty of upside.

 Seventh Round:

  1. El Guapo – Anquan Boldin – WR  
  2. Dawg House – Matt Hasselbeck – QB  
  3. Barry – Marc Bulger – QB  
  4. Geckos – Kevin Smith – RB 
  5. Philly Phunters – Greg Jennings – WR  
  6. Megatron – Jay Cutler – QB 
  7. Cool Runnings – David Garrard – QB  
  8. The Red Horseman – Minnesota – Def 
  9. The Rotoprofessor – Vernon Davis – TE  
  10. Cobra Laaaaaaaaaa – Fred Taylor – RB 

Wow, this is the most interesting round yet.  I commend El Guapo for grabbing Boldin at this point in the draft.  Maybe it is the constant talk about him wanting to be traded… or the presence of Larry Fitzgerald as his teammate… or the question marks surrounding the team’s starting QB…  Whatever the reason, he got a potentially stud WR in the seventh round.  By far the best pick in the round.

Minnesota defense?  Really?  I’m not sure that I need to say much more then that.

I am a big fan of Jay Cutler, I am, but this is way too early for him to be coming off the board, in my opinion.  Considering that Eli Manning, Brett Favre and Vince Young were all still on the board, it’s just not a good pick to me.  He has plenty of upside, but remember, this league requires 2 starting QB’s.  I’d much rather have him as a reserve then someone I’m going to have to depend on.  I think if you want to roll the dice on him, you’d be better suited to do it a few rounds later on.

So, we’ll be back soon with the next few rounds, but what is everyone’s opinions on these?

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One comment

  1. Ray says:

    I would like to defend my choice of Derek Anderson over McNabb and Big Ben. Anderson is going into his second year starting with a greater potential than the other two choices and in Edwards and Winslow has the 2 the best receiving weapons out of the 3 (not counting Westbrook who although he catches balls out of the backfied, is not a downfield threat). Yes Holmes is developing for Pitt, but I would take Edwards in a second over him. McNabb is getting older and also cannot seem to throw healthy. With the injury to Kevin Curtis (who only had once stellar game last year anyway) Deshan Jackson is now the number one receiver. Additionally, the Pitt offensive line has been offense the last 2 seasons, and that is with Alan Faneca who was lost this offseason. There is my logic on chosing Derek Anderson. We shall see how the season plays out.

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