Fourth & 1 Debate: Players to Stash

This week’s Fourth & 1 Debate was hosted by Bryce McRae of, who asked:

Which two players are you stashing for the second half? Why?

My response was:

One player I’m stashing, if possible, is the Kansas City Chiefs‘ Jamaal Charles. While Larry Johnson is coming off his best game of the season (averaging just 3.6 yards per carry), he has been virtually ineffective all season long. Injuries could also become a concern, having played in just 26 games the past three seasons. With the Chiefs already buried in the AFC West, it just makes sense that they begin to figure out what they have for future seasons. A third-round pick in 2008, Charles has the potential to be the running back of the future for the Chiefs, contributing in both the running and passing game. It’s only a matter of time, so if you have the space he’s worth stashing.

Another player I like is the Arizona Cardinals‘ Chris Wells, who we all know has to be given an opportunity sooner or later. Why would you draft a player in the first round if you are just going to bury him behind Tim Hightower, who has just 557 yards rushing in 21 games? Wells missed time in training camp with an ankle injury, certainly putting him behind the curve, but as the week’s pass by we should be getting closer and closer to him making an impact.

This week’s participants were:

Junkyard Jake of
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Paul Greco of
Bryce McRae of
Kurt Turner of
Eric Stashin of
Smitty of
Jacob of

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