Streaming Defenses – Week 1 (2014)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

It’s always tough in Week 1, especially since ownership percentages aren’t really set yet as drafts continue to rage on. For now, we are going to go with defenses that are generally ranked outside the Top 15 entering the season (though make sure to check your waiver wire):


New York Jets vs. Oakland
The Jets have been known as a defensive team the last few seasons, thanks to the presence of Rex Ryan. While there are definitely questions heading into the year, the problem is the secondary and not the front seven. Lucky for them (and fantasy owners), the Raiders’ passing game isn’t going to instill much fear, even with rookie Derek Carr getting the starting nod.

Does anyone think he could make a major impact in his first career start? With a 1-2 running back punch of Maurice Jones-Drew and Darren McFadden, something that this Jets’ front could easily contain, this is a favorable matchup for Gang Green.

That’s not to say that there isn’t some risk, but as far as risks worth taking it’s hard to knock the Jets at this point.


Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville
The Eagles could have a decent defense this season, and one that is a potentially streamer in any given week. Taking on the potentially inept Jacksonville Jaguars? Sounds like a good place to start.

They have questions up and down their offense, from quarterback (Chad Henne or Blake Bortles) to running back (Toby Gerhart) to a receiving corps that is likely anchored by a couple of rookies and the seemingly always inured Cecil Shorts. It could be another long year for the Jaguars.


What are your thoughts of these two defenses?  Who else are you considering streaming?

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  1. Randy says:

    Was thinking about the Lions, home MNF vs. a very lackluster offense (thus far). What do you think?

    • They are an option too, but I tend to like these two a little bit better for this week. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Rashad Jennings have a big game against the Lions, though time will tell.

      The Giants offense has looked bad, I can’t argue that, but they do have a little more upside than the other two on this list.

    • That said, I wouldn’t have an issue if anyone preferred them (and I haven’t finalized my defensive rankings yet)

  2. Pat says:

    Sorry for the unrelated question, but in a redraft non-PPR 12 teamer I’m rolling with Charles Clay as a starter. You prefer Ladarius Green or Travis Kelce as a high upside backup?

  3. Brian says:


    I waited until the last round to draft a defense because I knew I was going to play the stream game this year… defense are far too volatile for my liking. Even the top ones.

    That said, these were exactly the two streamer choices that caught my eye in my draft! Two questions:

    1) Which of these two did you actually have rated higher for this week? Both are available in my league. I’m actually an Eagles fan so I want to roll with Philly but I see the Jets D piling up sacks (and possible TO’s galore) against Carr in his first start.

    2) Draft Houston’s D with my last pick and still rostering them as a potential breakout D this year. Worth holding onto or how do you view them?

  4. Randy says:

    Thanks for your reply above. Also, what are your thoughts on handcuffs? For instance, in my 10-team standard league, I have Ball, Stacy, Jennings, T-Rich, and Pierce. Should I swap Pierce out for some T-Rich/Stacy insurance (Bradshaw/Cunningham) or just stand pat?

  5. Brian:
    1) I have the Jets ranked ahead of them, but they are back-to-back so I’d go with your gut
    2) I am a fan of Houston’s defense, so if you can I’d stash them

    Randy – There are times where handcuffing makes sense, and in those two cases it may. That said, Pierce holds more appeal than those other two in the short and long term. I’d probably have them ranked Pierce/Bradshaw/Cunningham, personally.

  6. Mark says:

    I currenty have the steelers defense and both the jets and eagles defense is available. Would you reccomend the jets defense over the the steelers vs cleveland for this week?

  7. tom says:

    i have SF defense but i think they have a super tough game against Dallas this week in there season/home opener….jets are on the waiver, i was thinking about picking them up. Thoughts

  8. Tim says:

    I have the Jets available in my league. Im currently carrying the Bucs and Rams D. Also considering grabbing the Vikes D. For week 1, which would be the best option? Thanks.

  9. Mark – If you can fit the Jets onto your roster, I do prefer them for this week

    Tom – I wouldn’t drop the 49ers, but they are a potential mess with the injuries/suspensions. Given the matchup, I’d 100% use the Jets over them

    Tim – I love the Rams defense for Week 1, so I would stand pat there for this week

  10. Dave says:

    I did my homework before the draft, and had ranked my defensive preferences. By the time it came to the point where I was ready to pick a D, my top choice remaining was Arizona. While most of the pundits aren’t high on Arizona, I think their D is going to be solid this year, and I think Peterson is going to be ridiculous.

    With all that said, I generally have an aversion to playing a D against SD.

    What are your thoughts, Role with SD, or stream? I have plenty of strong options, including your two streaming choices. Playing in a 10 team league with only two people drafting multiple defenses.

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