Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em (2014): Week 2: Zac Stacy, Cordarrelle Patterson, Tony Romo & More

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Trying to decide who you should start or sit this week? Let’s take a look at a few potential decisions owners have and try to sort through them:


Start – Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks – at San Diego
While the rushing attack could remain the focus, Wilson and the passing game showed a bit of upside themselves in Week 1. While he only picked up 191 yards, Wilson was efficient (19-for-28), threw 2 TD and also rushed the ball 7 times for 29 yards.  With a healthy Percy Harvin in the mix, Wilson has the potential to be more dynamic than ever before.  The matchup is promising, as the Chargers allowed 294 passing yards in Week 1 (9th most in the league) as well as 2 TD.

Sit – Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys – at Tennessee
There were numerous options who could’ve been included here, like Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III, however Romo gets the nod because he’s not necessarily as “obvious” of a choice.  Yes the upside is still there, but Romo and his receivers never appeared to get on the same page in Week 1.  You have to wonder if it was the injury to Romo or if he simply didn’t work enough with his receivers in the preseason (the Cowboys did ease him back in) or if he’s simply feeling the pressure, but whatever the reason he had 3 INT in Week 1.

On the flip side, the Titans themselves had 3 INT while also registering 4 sacks.  As we said, we can’t just count Romo out (especially with Dez Bryant at his disposal), but his struggles coupled with the Titans Week 1 performance and the depth at the position leaves him as an option to keep on your bench, if possible.


Running Backs
Start – Chris Johnson – New York Jets – at Green Bay
On the surface it appears like Johnson and Chris Ivory were even, though it’s deceiving as Ivory’s numbers were buoyed by a 71 yard touchdown run. You take that out of the mix and be had a pedestrian 9 carries for 31 yards. Johnson was consistent, with 68 yards on 13 carries while adding 5 catches for 23 yards and a touchdown. Considering that the Green Bay defense got torched for over 200 yards on the ground in Week 1, this seems like a good matchup. The Jets are a run first offense and Johnson should continue to get more opportunities than Ivory.

Start – Andre Ellington – Arizona Cardinals – at New York Giants
He is still injured, but he proved last week that he can play through it (80 total yards on 18 touches) and word is that he can’t make the injury worse by playing. Yes the Giants defense looked strong against the run last week, but Ellington is an explosive back even at less than 100%. At this point there’s no way to keep him on your bench.

Sit – Zac Stacy – St. Louis Rams – at Tampa Bay
OK, he’s not completely unusable but if you have other alternatives it makes sense to shift him to your bench. Stacy struggled in Week 1 against the Vikings, rushing the ball 11 times for 43 yards. The Rams offense in general is an absolute mess and the team could easily transition to Benny Cunningham (as has been rumored for a while now) to try and jump start things.

Sit – Justin Forsett – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Pittsburgh
This could be the last time he’s a recommended sit, but we have a lack of clarity in the running back rotation in Baltimore. He could easily claim the job, but that’s hardly a given. Play it safe and see how this develops before simply thrusting Forsett into your lineup.


Wide Receivers (Two-Receiver Formats)
Start – Cordarrelle Patterson – Minnesota Vikings – vs. New England
The Patriots played sides with their corner backs last week, which gives significantly more hope for Patterson as we shouldn’t expect him to be shadowed by Darrelle Revis. The Vikings showed that they would be creative getting the ball in his hands, as they should be, as he had 3 catches for 26 yards and 3 rushes for 102 yards and a touchdown. Without the fear of Revis completely eliminating him for the game plan, there is too much upside to leave on your bench.

Sit – Torrey Smith – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Pittsburgh
The Ravens threw the ball 62 times in Week 1, yet Smith managed 3 catches for 50 yards as Steve Smith outproduced him. Torrey Smith continues to be a boom or bust and with another viable receiver to throw the ball to, he could be more bust than boom. In shallower formats there’s too much risk.


Wide Receivers (Three-Receiver Formats)
Start – Brandin Cooks – New Orleans – at Cleveland
Cooks impressed in his first game and, while some may want to push him up into a must start in two-receiver formats, I wouldn’t get that hasty quite yet. The Saints still have a lot of other options, especially once Kenny Stills returns. That said, they looked like they wanted to get the ball in his hands as much as possible making him a very good play in deeper formats.

Sit – Ruben Randle – New York Giants – vs. Arizona
There was a lot of hope for Randle entering the season, but the Giants offense looks completely lost as Eli Manning is forced to check down to his tight end or running backs. If the offense is going to go, they need to get Randle and Victor Cruz the ball. The problem is, can they?


Tight Ends
Start – Zach Ertz – Philadelphia Eagles – at Indianapolis
Ertz was one of the most hyped tight ends entering the season and he flashed it in Week 1 (3 catches, 77 yards, 1 TD).  It’s clear that he’s going to be an integral part of the passing game, and after seeing Julius Thomas torch them in Week 1 (7 catches, 104 yards, 3 TD) you have to think that the Eagles took notice.  He could easily be the team’s top red zone threat and look for them to utilize him in a big way this week.

Sit – Dwayne Allen – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Philadelphia
He had a nice Week 1, but with all of the other weapons the team has can anyone say for certain that Allen is going to be a primary target this week?  The Eagles were far more susceptible to plays from wide receivers in Week 1, meaning the focus could easily be on Reggie Wayne, T.Y. Hilton and Hakeem Nicks.


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  1. Steve L says:

    Saints D or Dolphins D?

  2. shiv says:

    Drop justin hunter to get brandin cooks? PPR league btw

  3. Tyler says:

    Trying to figure out who to start at FLEX: Julian Edelman, Joique Bell, or Terrance West?

    • I think all three are close, but given Bell’s matchup with Carolina I’d lean towards West.

      If it’s a PPR league, though, the scale tips slightly to Edelman but it’s a complete tossup in that regard.

  4. Steve L says:

    Thank you. Trade prop. Do you think I could swing Garcon and Spiller for Leveon Bell or Arian Foster? Is it worth it?

  5. Jett says:

    Zach Stacy, Reggie Wayne, or mike Wallace for my flex? Non ppr league.

    • I want to say Stacy, but right now it’s impossible to trust him. If you didn’t have solid WR options I’d be less likely to say to sit him, but both of the guys on your bench are viable options.

      I would say. Wayne is the more dependable option, but Wallace may have a slightly higher upside. That said, I’d lean Wayne given the lack of a running game and chance for a shootout

  6. MikeC says:

    I am having some running back start/sit issues this week in 2 leagues….

    League 1 (PPR) for my RB2
    Justin Forsett, Zac Stacy, Chris Ivory, or Jeremy Hill

    League 2 (Std.) for my RB2
    Andre Ellington, Shonn Greene, Jonathan Dwyer


  7. Mike C says:

    Should I start Justin for set Zack Stacy Chris Ivory or Jeremy Hill?
    RB2 – PPR league

    Thanks for your input

    Mike C

  8. League 1 – Ugh. It’s Forsett or Stacy as I wouldn’t trust the other two at all. It really is a coinflip, but I’d lean Stacy

    League 2 -Ellington for sure

  9. Tim says:

    Darren McFadden or zac Stacie???

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